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Chapter 21 Ecology PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 21 Ecology

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Chapter 21 Ecology
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Chapter 21 Ecology

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    1. Lets Play Jeopardy

    3. Ecosystems 100 An ecosystem is includes both biotic and ___________ parts.

    4. Ecosystems 100 A What is an abiotic?

    5. Ecosystems 200 A place that has little rainfall, is cold at night and hot in the daytime.

    6. Ecosystems 200 A Answer What is desert?

    7. Ecosystems 300 Name a plant and an animal that might live in the desert. Give an adaptation each has.

    8. Ecosystems 300A Answers Will Vary Example: What is a cactus? Small spiked leaves, stores water Kangaroo rat: burrows underground in the daytime, hunts at night.

    9. Ecosystems 400 What adaptations does a salamander have to help it survive in the wetland?

    10. Ecosystems 400A Answers will vary. What are camouflage (green and black), lays eggs in water, breaths with gills during part of life?

    11. Ecosystems 500 Name at least three ecosystems.

    12. Ecosystems 500A What are mountain, wetland, ocean, grassland, prairie, forest, desert, taiga, tundra, pond, river?

    13. Energy Transfer 100 Most of Earths energy can be traced back to this celestial body.

    14. Energy Transfer 100A What is the Sun?

    15. Energy Transfer 200 An organism that makes its own food from minerals, water and sunlight is a ______________________.

    16. Energy Transfer 200A What is a producer.

    17. Energy Transfer 300 What is the relationship between a frog and a grasshopper?

    18. Energy Transfer 300 A What is predator-prey relationship?

    19. Energy Transfer 400 What is the niche of a mushroom?

    20. Energy Transfer 400A What is decomposer?

    21. Energy Transfer 500 Name a decomposer, a producer and a consumer.

    22. Energy Transfer 500 A Decomposers: fungi, mushroom, bacteria, microbes, vulture. Producers: green plants . AWV Consumer: dog, man, frog, deer, AWV

    23. Food Web 100 What is the producer in this food web?

    24. Food Web 100A What are plankton?

    25. Food Web 200 A simple model that shows how energy from food passes from one organism to another is a ____ _____.

    26. Food Web 200A What is a food chain

    27. Food Web 300 All matter on Earth is used over and over in the process known as ___________.

    28. Food Web 300A What is recycling?

    29. Food Web 400 Two chemicals plants need to make food are ________ and ________.

    30. Food Web 400A What are carbon dioxide, water, and minerals from soil. (nitrogen, phosphates)

    31. Food Web 500 Explain the term limiting factor and give an example.

    32. Food Web 500A A limiting factor is something that limits the size of a population. Examples: food, water, sunlight, space to live.

    33. Interactions and Relationships 100 The relationship that exists between a robin and a worm.

    34. Interactions and Relationships 100A What is predator prey relationship?

    35. Interactions and Relationships 200 What is the relationship between green algae and a fish?

    36. Interactions and Relationships 200A What is producer and consumer?

    37. Interactions and Relationships 300 Name a food you eat that would be considered a producer.

    38. Interactions and Relationships 300A Answers will vary. Plant foods.

    39. Interactions and Relationships 400 Name a food you eat that would be considered a consumer.

    40. Interactions and Relationships 400A Fish, beef, pork, chicken,duch, goose, deer.

    41. Interactions and Relationships 500 Give a possible limiting factor for an aquarium.

    42. Interactions and Relationships 500A What is oxygen, food, space, algae, light, heat, salt (for a salt water tank).

    43. Vocabulary All of the area on Earth where living things can inhabit.

    44. Vocabulary 100A What is the biosphere?

    45. Vocabulary 200 The role that an organism plays in the ecosystem.

    46. Vocabulary 200A What is a niche?

    47. Vocabulary 300 All of the individuals of one type that live in a place at the same time.

    48. Vocabulary 300A What is a population?

    49. Vocabulary 400 A place where an organism lives is its ______________.

    50. Vocabulary 400A What is habitat?

    51. Vocabulary 500 All of the populations that live in an area make up a _________.

    52. Vocabulary 500A What is a community?

    53. Scoreboard

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