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Beginning of the War PowerPoint Presentation
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Beginning of the War

Beginning of the War

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Beginning of the War

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  1. Texas War of Independence Beginning of the War

  2. The Texas National Guard first reared its head in the form of the volunteer companies and bands of fighting men from its own soil and other parts of the United States that united under the banner of just and honest government against the tyrannical and dominating forces of the Mexican Government, of which Texas was then a part.

  3. The people of Texas, Mexican and Anglo, had grown tired of the oppressive and corrupt government of Mexico. They banded together to form the Republic of Texas with its own army, navy and marine corps. The Battle at the Alamo was only part of a larger conflict which had been going on for several years.

  4. In early 1836, Mexican Army General Antonio López de Santa Anna marched a conscripted army across the Rio Grande river through inclement weather, including a rare snowstorm in mountain passes, to suppress the new Texas rebellion. San Antonio de Bexar (today known as San Antonio) was one of his intermediate objectives; his ultimate objective was to capture the Texas government and restore the rule of the central Mexican government over a rebellious territory, as he had over the State of Zacatecas the previous year.

  5. Later in the war, General Santa Anna's army was defeated by a Texan force in the Battle of San Jacinto, who used the now-famous battle cry, “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”

  6. Texan: 183 to 250 Texan and Tejano bodies were found at the Alamo after the battle, the number of Mexican casualties at approx. 200 dead and 400 wounded.

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