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Science Log Nine Debrief

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Science Log Nine Debrief. Clouds and Feeding Roles. Cirrus Clouds. *Cirrus clouds are made of ice . * They are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers . * Cirrus clouds are usually white and predict good weather .

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science log nine debrief

Science Log Nine Debrief

Clouds and Feeding Roles

cirrus clouds
Cirrus Clouds

*Cirrus clouds are made of ice.

*They are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers.

*Cirrus clouds are usually white and predict good weather.

*When you see cirrus clouds, it usually means that a change in the weather will happen in 24 hours.

cumulous clouds
Cumulous Clouds

*Cumulus clouds are white, puffy clouds that look like pieces of floating cotton.

*Cumulus clouds are often called "fair-weather clouds".

*These clouds grow upward and they can develop into giant cumulonimbus clouds, which are thunderstorm clouds.

cirrostratus clouds
Cirrostratus Clouds

*Milky, translucent cloud veil of ice crystals, which sometimes causes halo appearances around moon and sun.

*Made of ice crystals.

*Does not produce precipitation

*Precipitation in 8-24 hours.

stratus clouds
Stratus Clouds

*Stratus clouds are grayish clouds that usually cover the entire sky.

*They look like fog, but in the sky instead of the ground.

*Light mist or drizzle sometimes falls out of these clouds.





Jim canceled the picnic when he saw cirrus clouds in the sky

Cumulus clouds convinced the hikers that there could be no storm, and they should not bring rain gear.

Jill notices that the cirrostratus clouds she saw in the morning, have been replaced by cumulonimbus clouds in the afternoon. She decides to organize a neighborhood soccer game at Raynor Park.


Organisms in an ecosystem can be classified as producers, consumers or decomposers on the basis of how they get their food energy. Explain how organisms in each group obtain their food. Give an example of each type of organism.

Dead Stuff or Poop