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and as a Health Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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and as a Health Professional

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and as a Health Professional
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and as a Health Professional

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  1. and as a Health Professional

  2. 1.23 billion FB monthly active users as of December, 2013 757 million FB daily active users on average as of December 2013 255 million Twitter monthly active users worldwide 500 million Tweets a day which means about 5,700 Tweets a second Most followers = Katy Perry: 53,656,910

  3. Pros and cons In groups of 5 think about the possible pros and cons of using social media, personally and/or professionally

  4. @WeNursesis run by Teresa Chinn who is a registered nurse. Teresa was an agency nurse who found herself professionally isolated and reached out to social media to connect with other nurses. It was Teresa who first brought the concept of Twitter chats to nursing in the UK Stephen’s Story

  5. The BBC reported on nurse who has been suspended from nursing for six months after foul-mouthed outbursts on Facebook.The article states: “The NMC said her offensive posts on the social networking site were likely to reflect badly on the profession.” Care home assistants suspended for mocking elderly residents by gurning and posing with zimmer frames

  6. We all have a digital footprint...

  7. Thing 1: Map your digital footprint

  8. Image from

  9. Thing 2: Check your Facebook profile (

  10. Thing 3: Google Yourself

  11. “ to promote the dignity of all students and staff at the University by eliminating all forms of offensive behaviour, and to establish a working and learning environment free from harassment and aggression” SU Dignity at Work and Study Policy

  12. Thing 4 Read the CHHS Social Media Guidelines (on Blackboard)

  13. Thing 5: Using Twitter

  14. Keep up-to-date. If you are new to Twitter follow @wenurses who hold regular tweet chats on different nursing topics using the #wenurses or use the class hashtag#CHHSM14 • Follow your College and lecturers on twitter eg: @Bartontd or @hywel_t or @humanandhealth • Follow your nursing organisation in twitter eg: @theRCN Don’t want to sign up? You can still lurk! Why should you use twitter?

  15. Thing 6: Blogging

  16. Blogs are web logs (like an online diary) • Useful for keeping up-to-date, knowledge sharing and networking. • For example What are blogs?

  17. “[don’t] say anything you wouldn’t attach your name to, even if anonymous. Every comic little anecdote you might share about work could be another person’s tragedy. Be mindful.” From the Guardian online chat: “How are Social Workers using Social Media”, comment by “Civil Servant” Always be sensible!

  18. Thing 7: Using the web

  19. • • Which of the three sites would you use for information and why?

  20. Check: • Who wrote the information? • Do they have relevant qualifications? • Have they written other material on the subject? • Do they have a bias? • When was the information published? • Is it current enough for your needs? • Why was the page put on the web? • Is it selling or promoting something? • Is it biased? Where is it from? • Clues in the URL Evaluating Web Resources

  21. Health in Wales – • • Dept. of Health – • • Evidence Search - • • Welsh Government –

  22. Need help? Handouts in BB module Library Support for Health Sciences / How to... Speak to us via Twitter - @Benfelen, @trinahall101, @lsstorsm, @clareboucher @IzzySDP or @swanuni_iss Library on Facebook at Images by Ezioman, iChris, Spielbrick Films, Paolo Brande, JD Hancock & Oversocialized on Flickr reused under Creative Commons licence.