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A chair as a distructor of Continuous Health Condition and as a PowerPoint Presentation
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A chair as a distructor of Continuous Health Condition and as a

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A chair as a distructor of Continuous Health Condition and as a
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A chair as a distructor of Continuous Health Condition and as a

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  1. A chair as a distructor of Continuous Health Condition and as a tool for its renovation simultaneously. Will you agree with me that your organism is adapted to the Earth and is not adapted to either Jupiter or Venus?

  2. Then answer the following question: what can a Homo Sapiens be freely sitting on in nature? You’ll probably answer: ‘On a stone, on grass, on soil or on a fallen tree... Then we should admit the fact that all motional and coordinating processes supporting such act of our life as Sitting, as well as such acts as seating and rising, maintaining the balance of our body, are adapted to such natural “chairs”.

  3. The most interesting in Sitting is the fact that keeping in mind the necessity for a woman to sit as much as possible during pregnancy and child-care...

  4. The Creator of Homo Sapiens’s organism invented a “pillow” for her, i.e. soft and big buttocks

  5. On the contrary, keeping in mind a function of a true Man (literally – to hunt a mammoth), i.e. to walk, run, obtain and bring, simultaneously caring for security of children and family… The Creator of Homo Sapiens’s organism deprived man’s body of such convenience as soft sitting and made gluteus hard and pointed his pelvis … (otherwise a Man will always be sitting – that’s what the Creator thought while creating a man)

  6. Man's and woman's pelvis


  8. There is a Strategic program of ensuring balance in the state of vertical mobility – as a state of continuous sanity and continuous health. There is also a “Tactical” program which ensures balance during sitting as well as during rising and seating... But as your replied this Program of sitting balance exists only to be applied when you use natural “chairs”, which I listed (grass, stone, fallen tree and earth). Taking this Tactical program into consideration human’s organism implements it by analysis of information about buttocks’ contact either with rounded objects (a stone or a tree) or through full contact of buttocks with the Planet’s surface (grass or earth).

  9. For the organism as an organizer of your safety (to prevent you from falling down), Your intention to sit on a chair is actually always a signal about mortal danger! Reason? Because the contact surface of your buttocks, touching the plane of the chair’s seat, send a signal to the organism that you aren’t located on a usual roundness for sitting, i.e. tree trunk or roughness of a stone … But are sitting… on the earth!

  10. But this is where the tragedy of the situation is!!!For the Organism’s control systems, which ensure balance and your vertical position, when you’re sitting on a chair… you’re almost hanging… flying on the chair! Hung in the air a sitting person in flight! A wonderful illustration of sensphysiology of sitting as a flight are statues of ancient Egypt!

  11. As an illustration to the phenomenon that you’re investigating (Flight-sitting) pay special attention to a point, which I marked on the scheme of Energy meridian of the bladder – this point is called in Chinese medicine: “The point of support bearing”. When you feel this point while sitting (a scheme is unilateral) and this is possible when you are sitting on natural “chairs”, your organism will preserve calmness, vertical position of your body and you, for you not to fall down. By the way (for those who are hunched or bent), it is very easy to straighten your body. Just feel that you are sitting with all your weight on this point. The point of support bearing

  12. Once I had a cognition of significance and pronunciation of hieroglyphs of names of different points on energy meridians and cognition of the meaning hidden in their names: «A nose of a calf», «Harvesting of bamboo», «A Sieve for rice», «A strike against the Moon», «Clean hands», «Big gushing source», etc I used to treat one patient – Mr. Rishard – and despite several sessions of Su Jock therapy, which was always effective, I couldn’t treat his dislocation of vertebras quickly. Then I decided to use the knowledge that I obtained about hieroglyphs. I made Mr. Rishard sit on his points of “Support bearing” on a wooden billet, which I noticed through the window…

  13. And he was cured! My question to you is: Who prevents you from sitting from time to time on a bottle of water or on a small wooden beam, or on a spray can? Let these points work for the renovation of your spine work and your vertical sanity. (You can even treat the left and the right in turn. This will be an indication of comprehension of not only technology of spine renovation, but also a comprehension of a reason why this point was created by the Creator when creating the organism of Homo Sapiens. Tools for spine healing

  14. Let’s continue investigating sitting as a process that can liquidate a Condition of continuous Health, but at the same time be a tool for its renovation. …At the same time when you’re sitting on a chair (or an arm-chair, or a sofa) your organism (the mother and father of your safety) doesn’t perceive it as if you were sitting on a stone or a tree (i.e. on the “Point of support bearing”; neither it perceives you sitting on the surface of the earth (that you can feel with a skin of buttocks, bearing your weight), but it perceives you hanging above the earth … Imagine the stress that your organism experiences at this moment: it is constantly waiting that you’ll fall down - “land". You should accept that the process of sitting is not just about sitting, THIS IS CONSTANT AND STRAINED EXPECTATION OF A TRAUMA! (this is what the organism feels) A statue of a pharaoh shows “A flight on a chair”

  15. It is you who thinks that the legs of a chair or a stool (arm-chair or sofa) are strong. But the organism that is constantly works based on the principle: “what if” (and in each case “if” means a break of the chair’s leg) SITTING IS ALWAYS AN EXTREME SITUATION! A MONUMENT TO A BROKEN CHAIR IN WASHINGTON

  16. But people “seeking convenience” and fighting with everything natural have gone even further! They invented a back for a stool … I wish it was at least more or less straight as in the situation with thrones of kings. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THOSE WHO CREATED THRONES FOR KINGS KNEW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE ORGANISM IN THE PROCESS OF SITTING-FLYING, THUS THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE THRONE GUARDED THE PEACE OF RULERS.


  18. A tilt of the chair’s or arm-chair’s back is already a signal of a danger for Homo Sapiens’s organism: «You’re falling flat on your back and hitting the back of your head!». Poor organism! You perfectly know that occipital lobes and the cerebellum are the most protected (by a thick layer of the skull’s bones) part of Homo Sapiens’s organism. Reason? The statue of a pharaoh shows the allegory of this protection and importance of this zone of the organism for the flight of a person in the space!!! The picture also shows the influence of this zone on the acuity of vision. You agreed before that you’re not a bird. And this is true! A bird can only fly... and you can perform EVERYTHING in flight!

  19. Consider that even bald people have hair on the back of their heads! Для Why?! The answer of sensphysiology is simple – in order to protect something that is very valuable and very important for Homo Sapiens. This collage is not a joke. This is my picture to illustrate one of many systems of analogies that comprise the form and physiology of Homo Sapiens’s organism! The picture is presented to comprehend not only the importance of the back of the head, but also “simultaneously” to comprehend what was before – the influence of a mammary gland mammilla on both the SAKHASRARA Chakra and vertical mobility of a person.

  20. What are these (occipital) structures of the brain important for? You know it from school that the visual signal from an the goes to the OPPOSITE occipital zone of the brain, where the signal is converted into a visual object. Any malfunction of the cerebellum is always associated with a loss of verticality feeling by a person (i.e. interaction of the OPPOSITE parts of body and liquidation of their coherence during such processes as walking, standing up from a bed or chair, etc

  21. But you’ll agree with me that even in order to solve the “Chair problem” (prevent our organism from the fear of hitting the back of the head and die) people cannot eliminate chairs and sit on stones, trees and grass?! ... ? ! Though, one could use throne-type chairs, i.e. with a straight back. Throne-type chair This type of chairs reduce “dependence of the body from a chair” due to the effect of mirror imposition of information, i.e. imposition of aura of straight back of the chair on information structures of the spine and the brain of Homo Sapiens, according to the Law of Reflection of Information signal in the science of sensphysiology. As you see, this type of chair “makes” you sit with your back straight and your body, when you sit on a throne-type chair, reacts and makes you pose as a King or Queen!

  22. Rp: пані ВАСИЛИНІПрофесор Олександр Харченко But you have what you have, i.e. chairs and arm-chairs with a tilted back. How can you – the Person of Consciousness – use these “colleagues” to restore your health, spoiled by unnatural standing, sitting and rising?! Sensphysiology offers you a perfect solution! THESE ARE THE RECIPES OF SENSPHYSIOLOGICAL SITTING, I created them for you taking into consideration that the modern person needs to sit for a long time. The recipes are easy and do not require that you run to the pharmacy. They just require your wish and willingness to eliminate the fear of your organism. And though they are a bit “anecdotal”, e.g. a recipe of a model of sensphysiological sitting for women, they are the following: Rp: to Mrs. Vasilina From Alexandr Kharchenko, professor Always sit like a Queen ( like a hen on eggs!)


  24. Rp:to Mr. Vasiliy From A. Kharchenko, professor Always ready to start! (always under strain!) And this is the recipe of motivation for the organism to restore health by sensphysiological sitting for men : A RECIPE FOR MEN MOTIVATES THE THE ORGANISM TO RESTORE HEALTH BY SITTING. I created the recipes of models of sensphysiological sitting in order to reduce stress for your organism. But first of all, while elaborating this skill of physiological culture like sensphysiological sitting, you need to understand the main thing: This is a very difficult and delicate work of nerves, bones, muscles of legs and of the whole organism (i.e. all the systems that secure balance), TO KEEP YOU ON THE CHAIR!

  25. What kind of sensphysiology is used when creating and effective implementation of sensphysiological sitting by my patients.. Since the Creator prohibited sitting for men... We will start learning the technology of recipes from men. Their organism with a specific body structure (like a balloon) “is allowed" only to crouch! And this is allowed just for a short moment. A real man should be standing while sitting and at the same time control himself in order to relocate the weight of the body onto the toes and not on the buttocks! The idea of the Creator here is very simple. A man should be able to stand up quickly and help those under his wardship (women and children). Then your organism – if you’re a man and like “comfort” that kills manliness will be deceived by you! And this is exactly so! Because, when you’re sitting you’re like about to stand up from a woman-like position (on the pelvis)! Or you’re about to reach the aim … I warn you that in the beginning of learning how to sit this way (standing sitting) you can feel pain in your knees and legs (for want of habit!) – because they have just started working in a man-like manner. Then just increase this pain! Your organism will eliminate it, since this type of sitting (standing sitting) in inherent for the organism of a man, i.e. it is in the program of the man’s function.

  26. I assure you that based on patients’ experience after continuous implementation of the recipe of sensphysiological sitting all your man qualities, including sexual, will always be accentuated and in tonus (including continuous health of a prostate!). But be cautious! This condition will last only until you forget about man’s function (to protect and support) will again sit, like a “hen on the eggs”, i.e. relocating your full weight onto the buttocks. Stop accusing somebody in impotence and prostatitis. Their roots are on the back of your chair or arm-chair. THE ROOTS OF IMPOTENCE AND MODERN EPIDEMIS OF PROSTATITIS ARE ON THE BACK OF YOUR CHAIR OR ARM-CHAIR.

  27. Sensphysiology, which emerged during the transfer of mankind to the new epoch – the epoch of Homo Sensus – to implement and realize the knowledge of vertical mobility renovation technology and transfer to SENSPHYSIOLOGICAL THINKING (a state of continuous health) offers also gymnastics for men and women (except recipes of healthy sitting) … in the process of sitting. But I’d like to stress again!!! You need to comprehend it with your logics. This is very precise, difficult and responsible job for the organism and its systems of balance support: TO TAKE A SIT, TO SIT (AND NOT TO FALL DOWN) AND TO STAND UP. This picture is called: The Balance

  28. The sitting gymnastics for men to renovate man’s organism lies in the fact that when you take a sit (on a chair or an arm-chair) you should feel it with the skin of your legs (not buttocks!!!). Stay in this position! You’ll be like simultaneously sitting, standing and rising! Trust the Creator of man’s organism. This type of “as if sitting” is very PHYSIOLOGICAL for your organism since it corresponds to the program of its construction. Pay attention that you’ll be able to sit like this for several hours in the office, in front of a computer or TV … Got tired of sitting this way? Do you want to lean against the back? Don’t do this! This is not tiredness, this is a signal from your organism to you that you’re sitting like a woman (on the pelvis), i.e. your weight is relocated on the buttocks! Stand up! Apologize to your man’s essence for tortures and sit down like a man, that is until you touch the edge of a chair by that place on the legs, where a point known as “The point of Blooming” from Chinese medicine is located.

  29. The point of Blooming

  30. “The point of blooming” will immediately inform your organism and your intuitional intellect that you’re increasing the “Area of information catch”, i.e. the zone of man’s activeness – like a flower, which becomes a rose or a lilly from a small bud. AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOUR DECISION.

  31. Attention! During AS-IF-SITTING on the Point of Blooming you’re not only increasing your physical areal, like a coming out flower, you’re also obtaining a feeling of a scent of the air. (for men this is a feeling of continuous sanity).

  32. The technology and methodology of renovation of Continuous health by sitting on a chair is different for women. (Sensphysiological gymnastics for women) According to the idea of the Creator, when he was creating a person, according to the laws of nature and data of sensphysiology the organism of an ideal woman is always in the state of CONTINUOUS PREGNANCY!

  33. Sensphysiology also proved the fact that, when a woman moves (goes, sits down, rises from a chair, lies down on a bed, stands up from it, etc) in order not to disturb a child that is developing in the uterus (even if a child is vistual); when a woman holds her hands so much relaxed in order not to disturb a child that she’s breast-feeding; when a woman always acts and speaks quietly and calmly in order not to wake up a child that is sleeping – SHE IS ALWAYS HEALTHY! FOR EVER!

  34. It was during Soviet times, when one of the correspondents installed his camera in front of a chair in a crowded street and invited women to take a sit. His idea was to show a picture of Soviet women. Since I started investigating sensphysiology as a technology to achieve a state of continuous health and POSSIBILITIES OF PHYSIOLOGICAL CULTURE by means of learning the “secrets of the organism”, secrets of religions, cultures, ancient civilizations, other (sometimes accidental) information signs, I noticed that almost every woman was looking at the chair before taking a sit… Moreover! They didn’t look into the camera until they made sure of the durability of the chair, by moving their buttocks!!! REASON? The answer that I found is very easy: This is how the organism of a woman ensured CONTINUOUS VISUAL CONTROL OVER THE CHAIR TO SAFE LIFE OF A VIRTUAL CHILD! Because sub-consciously each woman that was invited to sit down – especially in front of the TV-audience (invisible, but imaginable supervisor) switched on and took from the layers of social and personal habits The program of Woman’s mission.

  35. A mission of each woman is to CONTINUE LIFE OF MANKIND, Since men are deprived of such physiological possibility (I do not review self-cloning as an intellectual and technological possibility, since the mankind is not developed enough. And to repeat the Lord’s “mistake”, when Adam who had no consciousness at that time “broke into”Internal with an “apple” is impossible!) WISH FOR LIFE WISH FOR LIFE WISH FOR LIFE

  36. These specific body motions, when a woman was taking a sit, and intuitional control of presence of the chair and its durability («What if somebody will take this chair in the last moment and I will fall down?», «What if one of the chair’s legs is broken and I’ll fall down?», «What if the chair/arm-chair/sofa will break apart under my weight and I’ll fall down?»)… was carried out according to the same program: Protection of an ideal child development by a woman! That’s why each true woman is always in a state of continuous preventive pregnancy, and she always feels any “threats to a child»… …It is important not to fall down on the chair, but slowly and tenderly sit down with the full weight on the buttocks in order not to injure a New Life …

  37. I’d like to stress again and based on this I created perfect and effective sensphysiological gymnastics for women to renovate the work of the spine, spinal cord and hormonal systems …it is only after such intuitive control, when each of those women made sure that the chair was durable and safe, locating her buttocks like a “hen, sitting on eggs”, they were able to convert their INTERNAL GLANCE from the chair and looked into the camera! When men are taking a sit, they do not look at a chair! They do not need it, since they are anyway standing, if they are true men and not “hens on eggs”.

  38. When I continued investigating the Factor of continuous virtual pregnency of EACH woman I made another significant discovery: When a woman was SURE THAT THE CHAIR WAS DURABLE (that is when she was sitting like a “hen on eggs”) A smile immediately (!!!) appeared on her face. People have been trying to decipher this smile for several centuries. THIS IS A SMILE OF GIOKONDA! Later as I continued investigating phenomenon of Giokonda’s smile, I found that her smile is a result of specific contraction of muscles of … Buttocks (I’ll explain later) when a woman is sure that she’s really sitting! The discovery of Giokonda’s smile is not just my discovery, but also that of my female patients and now you know it: Giokonda’s smile lies in internal confidence of always (though virtually) pregnant woman! And this happens not only when she’s confidently sitting on a chair, but also when she lives in a complete confidence in herself.

  39. For your information, appearance of specific condition of lips (Giokonda’s smile) lies in the LAW OF AXIS! It is created by the motion of the coccygeal bone and muscles of the pelvis (see figure) as an opposite of lips according to the Law of axis... Consider that the majority of women excluding those that are always wearing trousers a “drawing” an 8 with buttocks, when they sit down. When you take a closer look the drawings given below and examine one of the pelvic muscles of a women, then the answer to the question, why she sits down like this becomes obvious! This is how she “trains” the feeling of a seat by the skin of buttocks as well as adjusts the balance of the body in order not to fall down... Chromosome The sign of infinity in Sensphysiology

  40. But even with this intuitive movement a woman exercises this muscle, which is very important for the birth of a child and, as you can see from pictures, she exercises lips and quality of chromosomes – i.e. the quality of eternal life that is created! By the way, don’t you have an important and reasonable question: “Should I apply lip make-up for this test of infinity quality? - What for?” …With this smile that appears automatically during confident sitting, a specific posture also appears: «A Queen on the throne» and such a wonderful position of palms, when one covers the other…

  41. Attention! This SIMULTANEOUS motion of both hands is not an accident! This is pre-programmed movement of woman’s hands that comes out when she’s COMPLETELY HEALTHY ON THE LEVEL OF HORMONES. Why this way? You who are learning basic laws of sensphysiology already know about such a fundamental law of Universe as the Law of Correspondence as well as about existence of a simple, effective and completely safe Su Jock therapy by professor Pack Je Vu. When you take a closer look at the scheme of correspondence of a hand to an organism you’ll notice that with this folding of hands of a woman that is confident in the safety of virtual child, a zone of the uterus overlaps a zone of a waist! A reply to the question of those attentive: why Leonardo da Vinci relocated Giokonda’s palm “from the norm”, I’ll explain, but in another book.

  42. This is what the organism of a woman required! – to create comfort and warmth for the uterus (and, correspondingly to a child) by means of information exchange between the uterus and its zone of correspondence on the palm,as well as between waist and its zone of correspondence on the rear part of the hand. With this situation, when one hand covers the other and with a contact of theze zones of correspondence it gets warm in the uterus! Correspondingly, it is also warm for a child that is inside (for a virtual child as well!). You should accept that children are like water-melons: they perfectly grow and develop where it is warm. But pay attention! It also gets warm for the waist as well! -

  43. Women, please, pay special attention! This is the most important message of sensphysiology!If you experience a wish to move your body or relocate your legs or correct the position of your shoulders when you’re sitting on a chair, in an arm-chair or on a sofa, don’t do this! This is a signal of your organism to you about the fact that a child that is inside you experiences cold. By the way, it is also cold to the ovum in your ovary! This is a signal about the fact that you’re not sitting on the buttocks now – though it seems as if you do – but a hanging in the air and there is a cold layer under you! “Doesn’t your mother feel how life stops exactly like mine in the cold?!”

  44. Your wish to adjust your body or relocate your legs emerges because your organism is tired of flying on a chair! Please recall a message of Supreme intellect (Folk fairy tails) – what do they say about those who are flying on a broom. Pay attention to how your neck is strained! Your woman-type breathing (with chest) is blocked! It is not your wish to relocate legs. This is a wish of tired systems of balance that constantly have to prevent you from falling! It is not you who relocates legs, adjusts shoulders (though it seems like this). These are your balanced systems constrained by the spasm that are “relocating” legs, cross your legs... This wish of a woman is a cry of muscles and nerves of the organism: «Check the durability of the thing you’re sitting on!» «Adjust your buttocks on a seat!» «Check if it is warm to the “Egg of life” under you!» I repeat (since it is important) This is a signal about the fact that you’re sitting incorrectly, you’re not putting your weight on something soft, created for you by the Creator so that you could “sit” a child.

  45. Check if you’re really sitting? Or maybe you’re hanging in the air? How can you check it? Very easy! If you’re breathing with your chest, then you’re sitting. If you’re breathing with your abdomen, then you’re hanging! Adjust your buttocks more conveniently!!! Do it, because your organism asks you to do!Adjust them as if painting an “8”, but do not do anything with legs, shoulders and body.With this specific movement you’ll restore a feeling of safety when you’re sitting. Attention! If you cannot do this or there is still a wish to adjust legs, shoulders, body or to cross your legs (it will be more precise to say to put a leg (and this is 15-20 kgа это 15-20килограмм)on the uterus) – this is another signal that you’re not feeling your feminity and this so important part of your organism. Then in order to learn how to feel buttocks … Put a ping-pong ball under yourself and adjust its position, sitting on it like a hen putting the weight of each cell of your organism onto it And then you’ll quickly become smiling Giokonda, a Queen and a constantly healthy woman!

  46. …And to be a constantly healthy woman is a state, when there is no wish to relocate or adjust any part of the body...except for the tool that the Creator gave you for sitting (this is a sensphysiological test on feminity and hormonal health). Today women become patients mainly because of the following major reason – They do not seat like a woman should and they are not sitting like a woman should... They do not even watch what they are sitting down onthat’s why they just “throw” their full weight on a chair, in an arm-chair or a sofa, thus injuring not only pelvic organs, but also the brain! Since the muscles of women’s necks are weak, the brain hafts on the spine like a hammer on a handle! In order to protect itself the organism creates protective hardening in the neck’s zone. When women FALL DOWN ON A CHAIR, they injure their brain and sometimes they can even destroy a new life. PROTECT IT FROM EXTERNAL!

  47. That is why, based on sensphysiological analysis mentioned above, I offer both to my female patients and to you a “SENSPHYSIOLOGICAL GYMNASTICS FOR WOMEN” To train your spinal cord, spine and all “woman-related” systems of the organism, including hormonal systems. Approaching a chair (an arm-chair, a stool or a sofa) a woman that practices sensphysiological gymnastics to renovate her health (and this gymnastics should become one of the skills of physiological culture of each woman and girl) turns her head to a side and investigates “IS THERE A CHAIR?!” (though she’s seen before that there is a chair!) Afterwards, KEEPING HER HEAD IN THE SAME POSITION (HALF-TURNED), she sits down. And as you’ve already guessed, she tests durability of a chair with her buttocks … Then she stands up and repeats above mentioned steps, but with the head turned to the other side to renovate axial interactions in the organism! Admit, that it is difficult to find something easier than this to restore ideal verticality and left/right, fore/aft etc. harmony simultaneously rotating all vertebras naturally! Attention! If you continue to experience health problems while using sensphysiological gymnastics this means that you do not practice (at least once a day) this miraculous gymnastics!

  48. The rise from a chair (arm-chair, etc.) is also a very important moment for your organism and its aim (maintain balance in the state of vertical mobility). Don’t forget that there are always four of you! You # 1 it’s you in particular as an initiator of changes, including initiator of diseases and even your death even though You # 2 as a system of interactions of internal with external to realize the aim and the mission of you – Homo Sapiens. Then goes You # 3, i.e. you as a system of information gathering from outside to further transferit to the systems of physiological reactions. And You # 4 (your last body) – it is you as an executor-worker and at the same time room for the previous three of you. That is based on the hierarchy of interactions between all of you, your body as an executor-worker cannot disobey those on the top (you as Homo Sapiens, programs of the organism and information for reactions from subconsciousness!) If it doesn’t obey the “orders of managers” it can be fired … And the place for living (your body) cannot be in a mess!

  49. If the body doesn’t want to obey or doesn’t obey then the axis of interactions in the systems as a technology of consistency of life breaks down THAT’S WHY! The reason for such subnormal situation is an element of human culture called “worship of body”. It is nothing else but substitution of concepts. This is like you put more emphasis on the sound of the bicycle’s bell than on the bell itself, which protects from disasters, or the bicycle itself, which is a means of reaching the aim! THINK OF THIS! As for significance, I’d like to announce: “Without whiskers I’m not a cat”! Think what it means?

  50. But everything is not that desperately bad! Your body is a very obedient executor: you want to go to a grocery shop – it delivers you there; you want to go to a theatre – it takes you to the theatre, but not to a grocery shop! Because the body as a moving facility for the organism, for subconsciousness, for Homo Sapiens is a wonderful pyramid of interactions, where the top is a specific aim of you as a person “for this last moment”. And your specific aim “for this last moment” is in its turn a step of your mission on the planet! For you to understand “persistence” of your body and, correspondingly of you in it, the Creator invented the following:If any of the bricks of the pyramid is misshaped, the total weight of the pyramid’s elements compensates stability.