cell change and development n.
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Cell Change and Development

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Cell Change and Development

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Cell Change and Development

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  1. Cell Change and Development Vocabulary: Cell specialization (specialized and unspecialized cells) Differentiated Cells Stem cell Got Defense? In this electron micrograph, a human white blood cell is trapping bacterial cells. This type of cell defends the body against pathogens by engulfing them, delivering them to the lysosome of the cells, and destroying them with the help of the lysosomal enzymes.

  2. Before taking notes on cell development and change, lets take a look at the following video clip to develop our background knowledge of cells.

  3. Stem cells and differentiation

  4. Stem Cells Unspecified cells capable of self renewal and differentiate into specialized cells. 

  5. Differentiate CELL DIFFERENTIATION A normal process in development in which cells become structurally and functionally different from one another — for example, nerve, muscle and blood cells.

  6. Cellular differentiation

  7. In biology, “specialized” is a term used to explain that a cell has developed into a specific or particular type of cell. Unspecialized cell, then, refers to cells which have not yet differentiated (changed) into a specific type of cell. Specialization

  8. Organization: Beginning to end. In the development of a multicellular organism, differentiated stem cells, multiply to become specialized types of cells multiplying to become tissues, organs, part of an organ system and finally an organism.

  9. What good is stem cell research? Stem cells leading to cures and/or improvement in the human condition.

  10. Lets take a look at a video clip on “Why study about Stem cells?” Do you really know what they are? Click on the hyperlink below and take a look. http://www.kqed.org/quest/television/view/326?gclid=CJ3Bus2Xv5cCFQ4NDQodMCSlSg

  11. Lets meet stem cell guy http://learn.genetics.utah.eduLearn.Genetics/