2011 coaching education development report
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2011 Coaching Education & Development Report

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2011 Coaching Education & Development Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 Coaching Education & Development Report. Peter Niedre National Coaching Development and Education Director. 2011 ACTIVITIES HIGHLIGHTS. COACHES TECHNICAL COMMITTTEE. Chair: Marc Creamer Mike Robinson , HPC Rep Franck Gomez , DDC Rep Chad Brook, Officials Committee Rep

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2011 coaching education development report

2011 Coaching Education & Development Report

Peter Niedre

National Coaching Development and Education Director

coaches technical committtee

Chair: Marc Creamer

Mike Robinson, HPC Rep

Franck Gomez, DDC Rep

Chad Brook, Officials Committee Rep

Adam Oldershaw, Learning Facilitator Rep

Joanne Devlin-Morrison, Member-at-Large

Jeff Houser, Member-at Large

Sara Hopkins, Member at Large

2011 nccp coach education highlights
  • Continued increase in NCCP coach education since 2009
  • Introduction of new ELCC programs:
    • Dragonboat
      • 2 workshops
      • 11 learning facilitators trained
    • War Canoe
      • 2 workshops
      • 11 learning facilitators trained
  • Increase in learning facilitators and evaluators
2011 coach development projects
2011 Coach Development Projects
  • National Coaches Week – over 200 participants
  • New Projects / Initiatives:
    • National Team Camp Immersion
      • Sr. National Team
      • Jr. National Team
    • “Coach the Trials”
    • Online seminars
  • Development of Coach Resources:
    • Technical template
    • Training zone guidelines and terminology matched with LTAD stage and coaching context
    • LTAD windows of trainability document
organizational effectiveness and strengthen leadership

Organizational Effectiveness and Strengthen Leadership


A Partnership between CKC and Provinces

nccp business strategy for a healthy partnership
NCCP Business Strategy for a Healthy Partnership

Create a program…

  • that is sustainable for all partners (delivery organizations as well as curriculum development organization “CKC”
  • that entices coaches to participate and that is accessible
  • that produces quality coaches in existing and new markets
  • that is flexible and can easily integrate updated content to retain, re-train and recruit new coaches
  • That Reflects the model of the new NCCP and is aligned with LTAD
  • Where those who benefit from the program contribute to the reinvestment in the provinces and CKC
ckc sprint coach pathway spring 2011
Coaching programs in blue are in the development stage, being piloted, or to be submitted for conditional approval.CKC Sprint Coach Pathway(Spring 2011)

Competitive Stream

Community Stream

Competition High Performance Coach


with a








Ongoing Participation

Competition – Introduction



Canoe Coach




Programs /


Small Boats

Small Boats

War Canoe

War Canoe



2011 current delivery statistics
2011 Current Delivery Statistics
  • Community Sport Initiation / CanoeKids:
    • Minimum 10 courses per year totaling over 200 coaches
  • Competition Introduction / ELCC:
    • 7-9 small boats workshops per year, over 60 coaches
    • Projected increase in dragonboat and war canoe workshops
    • Over 20 certifications per year

Competition Development:

-10 – 20 trained per year

- 5 certified per year

canoekayak nccp sprint coach delivery
CanoeKayak NCCP Sprint Coach DELIVERY

Provinces establish rates

$20 Coach Development fee to CKC


Canoe Kids Workshop

Community Dragon Boat

Provincially Led & Delivered

Competition Introduction

ELCC – Small Boats

CKC Guidelines: fees, LF honorarium, length of workshops

ELCC – War Canoe

ELCC – Evaluation

ELCC – DragonBoat

ELCC – Advanced

Competition Development Training

Competition Development Evaluation

CKC and Partners National Delivery

Competition-High Performance

Advanced Coaching Diploma

opportunities for future investment
Opportunities for Future Investment
  • Reinvest into coaching development and education:
    • Nationally
    • Provincially (ability to set own fees)
  • Produce other NCCP coach education
  • Ongoing re-development and revisions (no NCCP funds)
  • coach technical videos/online tools / coaching resources
  • Invest in developing new learning facilitators
  • More Professional Development opportunities:
    • Mentorship programs and workshops
    • Apprenticeship, observation programs
    • Online seminars, workshops
contractual commitment
Contractual Commitment

Increase from 2009

head coach contracts
Head Coach Contracts

Increase from 2009

Strengthen the Technical Leadership in ClubsMaintain the Investment in Developing the Next Generation of High Performance Coaches
coach development
  • Through provincial partnerships, develop and pilot formal mentorship programs at all levels of coaching.
    • Technical
    • Teaching / learning
    • Performance planning
  • Continue to provide International Immersion, and National Team Immersion / observation opportunities for coaches
  • Continue “National Coaches WeekMONTH” in 2012
  • Continue to improve transfer of knowledge to club coaches, and create link to high performance
    • CKC Coaches Conference
    • Online seminars
    • Professional development opportunities
    • Online resources
strengthen the technical leadership in clubs
Strengthen the Technical Leadership in Clubs
  • Continue to foster the multi-sport approach in community level, and competition-introduction coaches
  • Increase value of the coach as the technical leader within the club, in the daily training environment
  • Increase number of clubs with a coach in daily training environment

NCCP Context Development and Delivery:

    • Continue implementation of ELCC dragon boat and war canoe
    • ELCC Advanced Gradation – Pilot spring 2012
    • Increase number of evaluators and learning facilitators
    • Begin development of Community Stream dragon boat
healthy club systems
Healthy Club Systems

Target development of sprint racing in First Nations communities

  • continued leadership development / coaching education within communities
  • Encourage coaches to take Aboriginal Coach Module

Maintain CKC's influence in Canadian sport and international canoe-kayak

  • 2013 PASO / Coach the Worlds project in Welland
organizational effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness

Enhance the profile of CanoeKayak

  • Continue to promote coaches for coaching awards
  • Continue to present at coaching conferences / workshops, and to submit abstracts / papers for presentations