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Cat Got Your Tongue?

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Cat Got Your Tongue?. By Lily A. Stottlemyer February 11, 2013. Table of Contents. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Kitty Korner Mini story Smell Sight Hearing Taste Touch Chapter 3: Meow Meow Purr Food Shots Chapter 4: Good Mews. Left, right, left, left… DARN!!!.

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cat got your tongue

Cat Got Your Tongue?

By Lily A. Stottlemyer

February 11, 2013

table of contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Kitty Korner

Mini story






Chapter 3: Meow Meow Purr



Chapter 4: Good Mews

Left, right, left, left… DARN!!!


It’s okay, don’t worry. (This is a little background of the title, not the book.) The idiom, “Cat got your tongue” means that you are speechless. It does not mean a real cat grabbed your tongue and ate it. No one knows where this saying comes from. I assume that someone just decided to make a saying that meant “Why aren’t you talking to me?” and then it caught on. Besides, you can’t talk without your tongue… right? Hello? Hello? Ugh, did a cat get your tongue??

Inside this book, you will find everything you need to know about cats, including fun facts, pictures, and MORE!!!!

A Look Inside The Book


kitty korner
Kitty Korner:

The Chapter on the senses of cats.


mini story
Mini Story

Sniff. Sniff . The queen (a female cat) detects the mouse a few inches away. She crouches and stalks (walking slowly, about to do something sneaky ) toward the mouse, who is now nibbling on a large walnut. The queen pounces, hooking the mouse with a sharp claw. Nipping ( biting quickly ) it in the spine to kill it, the queen carries the still-warm dead mouse back to her hungry kits (another word for kitten) , who are mewling in a nearby tree trunk.


A queen cat hunting for her kits.


Like in the story, a cat uses it’s senses for hunting (and in a queen’s case, guarding her kits). Cats might see in black and white, but they can see your every move. Makes you want to think twice before petting that cat in the alley. Most cats, however, won’t scratch and bite. Instead, they will walk up to you and rub against your legs. This leaves scents that no human can smell, only cats. That’s because cats have amazing senses (smell, sight, taste, hearing, touch).

It’s like this cat is like, “Am I cute, or what?”




Smell is a cats breathing-or sucking in and puffing out air-in scents.

Cats can smell a mouse a mile away!! That’s at least 20-40 times more than us humans!! Cats can also tell when a storm is coming. We can NOT do that. 


Even though cats see in black and white, they see everything that happens. You move an inch. THE CAT SEE’S IT. Make’s you think twice before going in an attic full of angry cats. I really don’t know why someone would do that in the first place.





Cats have an amazing sense of hearing. Ok, so you might hear a car horn next door. A cat can hear a footstep 3 doors down!! Now THAT’S cool. The bad thing? High noises. A noise so high that we can’t hear it? A cat torture machine for the ears.


Mmmmmm! Mom’s special meatloaf for dinner! Not typically what a cat wants for breakfast, eh? Nope. Not at all. Cats that live indoors usually like cat food, wet or dry. ( Cats like wet better, but feed it to them in moderation, or once in a while.) Cats that live outdoors and hunt for themselves usually like eating voles, mice, and certain birds. WARNING: DO NOT FEED YOUR CAT STRAIGHT FROM YOUR MEAL!! Our food (especially cheese) can make a cat extremely sick.




Cats rarely use their paws, or animal hands and feet. While we’re out here, writing and reading cats mostly use their mouths. When a cat bites something and picks it up in it’s teeth, you will never see a human doing that (unless that person is crazy). Cats only use their paws when holding something down or batting something else around playfully. Yet, either way, watch out for those claws!

2 cats playing in a meadow. 7

meow meow purr
Meow Meow Purr

How to take care of your Cat.

God? I want a Pony, a cat toy, some Polly pockets, and… are you writing this down?

Mittens, god might not answer you.


meow meow purr1
Meow Meow Purr

So… thinking about getting a feline (another word for cat)friend? Cats are very good pets, if you like lying down and snuggling an animal that has fuzzy fur. If you like exercising and running around everyday, put this book down and get a book on dogs. Cats are not the thing for you. However, if cats are the thing for you, keep reading to find out what you need to know.




Cats are sort of stupid.(Not by much) They will eat just about any kind of food. Even if it makes them extremely sick. Want to learn what to feed a cat? 2 lists will help here. Here’s how to keep a cat healthy:


-Dry cat food -Milk

-Wet cat food -Bread

-Fresh water -Chicken

-Fish juice -Cheese

(once in a while) (cheese especially)

Jack must be hungry.



Kitty getting her shots.


AAAAAAAH!!!!! A big needle, pushed into your skin. Same thing for a cat. Cats hate shots, too. Hate it as they might, if you don’t want your queen to have kits, you need to get your cats sprayed (the removing of a certain body part for she-animals). If you DO want little kittens, take my advice and forget everything I just told you. 

“No, really. Now can we go home?



Well then, that’s the end of my book. For me, cats are pretty awesome animals. At least that’s what Ithink. Now, after reading this book, do you want a cat? If you do, I suggest getting a kitten. It will make you so happy… Good Bye!!



  • Breathing: Sucking in and puffing out air.
  • Feline: Another word for cat.
  • Kits: Kittens, baby cats.
  • Nipping: To bite quickly.
  • Paws: Animal hands and feet.
  • Queen: She cat.
  • Sprayed: The removing of a certain body part for animals.



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