the peak english project n.
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The peak English Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The peak English Project

The peak English Project

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The peak English Project

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  1. The peak English Project

  2. Give outline information about the Peak The Victoria Peak the famous place in Hong Kong. The Peak Tram,price is HK$30 2 floor have Hong Kong's Historical Adventure) 3 floor RiPley's Believe it or not Odditorium 4 floor Peak Explorer Motion Simulator Next

  3. Tell how to get there ? The Peak Tram runs every day, including Sundays and public holidays, between 7:00 am and 12:00 midnight.To the Victoria Peak the famous place in Hong Kong should by thePeak Tramway or 15b bus yesterday we by the Peak Tramway to the peak .When we arrive ,we stay in the Peak Tower the third floor . Next

  4. Tell what things to do there ? Introduce some special sites on the peak ? When you arrive the peak you can visit ,The Peak Tram Hong Kong's Historical Adventure), RiPley's Believe it or not Odditorium or Peak Explorer Motion Simulator, come face to face with the famous.The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420. 1 Peak Explorer Motion Simulator 2 Hong Kong's Historical Adventure 3 Peak Tower 4 Ripley's Believe It or Not!R Next

  5. Talk about feeling of doing the project When I arrive the Peak Tramway the first feel is the price is so expensive! But that place is very beautiful ,can look the mountain chatter garden and the sea. We go to interview the other place tourist .Should I go to interview their .I error four price. But we result in the is very different to find the interviewer.So we walk to the garden. We result one luckily road when go that we usually can found the interviewer .That bring our feel very funny .When I interview the tourists .Although some tourist would not accept the feeling but if you can give the smiling face can bring the interview should might smooth going.

  6. Information form that Internet l http://www.madame