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English Project

CCC Hoh Fuk Tong Primary School. English Project. Games that Hong Kong Children played in 1960s. Class 4A _ Group 1 Leader : Chloe Member : Aoi, Anna, Ivy. Background – Life of the children in the 60s:.

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English Project

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  1. CCC Hoh Fuk Tong Primary School English Project

  2. Games that Hong Kong Children played in 1960s Class 4A _ Group 1 Leader : Chloe Member : Aoi, Anna, Ivy

  3. Background – Life of the children in the 60s: After WWII , most families in Hong Kong were poor. Most children had to help taking care of their families, or even go working, earning money to support their families. Many of the children did not have the chance to go to school. They still needed to look after their younger brothers or sisters when their parents went to work. Their homes were usually very small. There were not many playgrouds at that time. So children just played around on the streets.

  4. They did not have many toys. The games they played were simple and cost a little.

  5. The children in the picturesare playing marble games on the street.

  6. Games children liked in the 60s

  7. What time is it Mr. Fox?

  8. Eagle Chicken

  9. Eagle Chicken

  10. Eagle chicken

  11. hide – and - seek It can train up the body to be stronger because it needs to find the player in somewhere by their eyes and run to catch up the player by their legs.

  12. Hopscotch It needs to jump and stand stable on the floor that makes us have a good balance skill.

  13. Class Survey

  14. Class Report • We have interviewed 70 students. • 10 students like ‘What time is it, Mr. Fox?’. • 20 students like ‘Eagle chicken’. • 30 students like ‘Hide-and-seek’. • 10 students like ‘Hopscotch’.

  15. Most students like ‘Hide-and-seek’ because it is very funny and exciting. • They like toconceal themselves in the environment and the most interesting part is not to be found by the seekers.

  16. They like‘Eagle chicken’ because it is a group game that they can build up the cooperation skill.

  17. After doing this project, we have learned something : • Chloe : I learn a lot of games in the 1960s. • Aoi : I felt they were very clever because they could make and design the games for themselves. Also, the games were very creative and cost a little.

  18. Anna : I know a lot of about life in 1960s and I know many people were so poor. • Ivy : I know how to play the games in 1960s.

  19. PowerPoint by : Aoi • Information Searching : Aoi , Chloe , Anna & Ivy • Picture Searching : Aoi • Create & Idea : Aoi & Chloe • Survey : Aoi, Chloe, Anna & Ivy

  20. The End Thanks for your watching ^.^

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