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English Project

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English Project
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English Project

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  1. English Project Idioms

  2. Please…don’t give up so early…we mustn’t take the election lying down~! I can’t…… She’s gained the upper hand~! What can I do now? She has gone over big already, but I…… I……

  3. Yes, yes, he will just fall by the wayside. Hahahaha I hold all the cards, how can Terry competitive with me?!

  4. Gain the upper hand • Go over big • Take something lying down • Hold all the cards • Fall by the wayside

  5. Gain the upper hand • [Usage]If somebody is at a better position, then you can say: He gains the upper hand • [Example]Japanese have long worried that they were falling behind the West, now even Koreans seem to have gained the upper hand.

  6. Go over big • [Usage]If somebody/something which is so welcome by others, then you can say: He/It goes over big. • [Example]Authentic Japanese cuisine, which is heavy on the tofu and cold turnips, would not go over big among Thais who are accustomed to some of the world's spiciest dishes.

  7. Take something lying down • [Usage]If something not good occurred on somebody, and you think that he won’t resist or complain, then you can say: He's going to take it lying down. • [Example]Will a killer asteroid hit the earth, eventually yes. But we don't have to take it lying down. Already astronomers are scanning the skies and preparing to defend the planet.

  8. Hold all the cards • [Usage]If somebody gain the upper hand at a special situation, then you can say: He holds all the cards. • [Example]And yet praise for the administration is entirely justified. After all, what should it have done? The Chinese government held all the cards. It had the crew and the plane.

  9. Fall by the wayside • [Usage]If something has not yet been done but somebody has already given up, the you can say: He has fallen by the wayside. • [Example]With analysts predicting that Aegis will fall by the wayside, attention has shifted to other elements of the shopping list.

  10. The next day, a war of words began Vote for me~! I have a whole plan of improving our city~! Terry will do nothing for you~! I don’t have any good points, but I will do my level best to deliver the goods.

  11. A war of words • One’s level best • Deliver the goods

  12. A war of words • [Usage]If two people or two groups of people are arguing because of different views, then you can say: The two have a war of words. • [Example]The two nations may be engaged in another war of words before long. U.S. officials worry that a meeting with Chinese officials scheduled for April 18 to discuss the collision will degenerate into a shouting match.

  13. One’s level best • [Usage]If you have done your best, then you can say: I have done my level best. • [Example]He did his level best. He may have fallen short on that day, but it wasn't criminal.

  14. Deliver the goods • [Usage]If somebody has done what you wanted, the you can say: He delivers the goods. • [Example]Japan's peacekeepers in Israel are well-trained, disciplined and prepared to deliver the goods.

  15. Hehe, you have just given Terry the cold shoulder. I run the show! I will be the next mayor ~! After the election.

  16. I can’t……I will surely lose just as what I have said before…Sanna has just picked me to pieces today~!!! Don’t be so unhappy, you have put teeth into this .

  17. Run the show • Give someone the cold shoulder • Pick someone to pieces • Put teeth into something

  18. Run the show • [Usage]If somebody has the power of decision, then you can say: He is running the show. • [Example]American officials fear that nard-liners have taken over in Beijing. But in the Chinese capital, officials believe that Washington's military hawks are now running the show.

  19. Give someone the cold shoulder • [Usage]If somebody ignores you, then you can say: He has been giving me the cold shoulder. • [Example]Appealing to a broader public may mean giving the cold shoulder to the some of the party's staunchest supporters.

  20. Pick someone to pieces • [Usage]If somebody points out your faults rudely, the you can say: He picks me to pieces. • [Example]My father is negative, sour, pessimistic and has always put me down in some way. I have begged him to stop picking me to pieces, but he can't seem to help himself.

  21. Put teeth into something • [Usage]If you have put all your effort on something, then you can say: I put my teeth into it. • [Example]The case gave the Bush Administration a welcome chance to put teeth into its proclaimed interest in human rights.

  22. Never in Terry’s wildest dream, he has become our next mayor! YEAH~!

  23. Never in one’s wildest dream • [Usage]If you have never thought of something, but it comes true. You can use this idiom. • [Example]An actor may say: I never in my wildest dreams thought I could become a movie star.

  24. Group Leader: Chan Pak Shu, Pazu (4) Members: Chiu On Ki, Connie (8) Chu Yik, Michael (11) Lee Heung Wing, Wilson (22) Lee Sanna (23) Poon Ling San, Peter (29) Ting Min, Terry (36) The End