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English Project
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  1. English Project This is a project of the secondary school classes 1Af and 1Ar of Hittnau. Stories of school class 1Af Stories of school class 1Ar

  2. Fred is 30 and Tanya is 28 years old. They are from London and they spend 2 weeks abroad. Fred and Tanya enjoy their holidays in Tunis at the Buntines Hotel ****. During the day they swim in the sea, play tennis on the tennis courts and they also visit the town called Tunis. In the evening after dinner they also go to the disco. After a wonderful day at the beach, Fred and Tanya decide to do something very special and dangerous in the evening… Rilana, Andrina, Alina Ladina, Marielle, Luc, Joël Sarah, Marlen, Svenja Pascal, Reto, Julian Yannik, Nadine, Rachel

  3. Fred is 30 and Tanya is 28 years old. They are from London and they spend 2 weeks abroad. Fred and Tanya enjoy their holidays in Tunis at the Buntines Hotel ****. During the day they swim in the sea, play tennis on the tennis courts and they also visit the town called Tunis. In the evening after dinner they also go to the disco. After a wonderful day at the beach, Fred and Tanya decide to do something very special and dangerous in the evening… Sarah, Seraina, Manuela Sascha, Jonas, Yannick, Matthias Miriel, Deborah, Ariena, Katrin Nerissa, Linda, Romina Rahel, Philipp, Dominique

  4. Fred and Tanja are very,very drunk because they were on a party in a bar. Then Tanja has got an idea. She says: „Come, we go to a very, very high cliff and jump from there down. „Fred‘s answer is:„Yes that is a very good idea. Fine. Come we go.“ They load many beers into their car. It isn‘t a long way to the very high cliff but Fred is very drunk and he drives very unsafely. He drives almost into a house or into a tree but they come after a long time to the end of the street. Here they must walk. It is very steep, on each side it goes down and Fred and Tanja can‘t barely walk because they are from minute to minute more drunk. It is remarkable that they can walk so drunk as they are. The way goes first into the forest and then over the hill. When they arrive they have a short break and then they jump hand in hand from the cilff. They fly during a long time. Fred drinks and speaks in the air. But not forgetten it is very latte in the evening and it is very very dark. They don‘t find the car and they land in the water. The sea there is 10°, it is very cold. When they notice that they landed in a sea they are so happy and have a lot of fuun and begin to sing. Still whit the beer in the hand they swim in the sea and are so happy but they don‘t know what is in the sea. Happy End Sad End

  5. They are tired but then, they find a piece of a boat. Fred and Tanja sit on it and sleep there.Now it‘s mornig they are very hungry. They see something green. It‘s on the horizon, a island. Now Fred and Tanja swim very fast to the island but they don‘t see any people. They find food and eat this. Now they are happy....! But they become worried because they are so alone. „Fred, se you what I see?“ there is the Titanic...! They go to the ship... but they die on board of the Titanic... smile... No that was just a joke.... No, no they live on the island happyly whit three children.

  6. They are tired and then they see a shadow. Tanja feels a big fish on her foot. „it‘s a scutlefish“ screams Fred and they become very worried....! Suddenly, the scutlefish pulls Tanja into the deep sea....! Ferd cries very laudly ..! Now, he is alone. And Tanja is dead. Now he falls asleep and dies too!! Tanja and Fred are now in heaven...!

  7. They steal a motorboat and drive to the sea. Oh, they haven‘t got petrol. Tanya and Fred are alone. Tanya is in panic and crys. Fred wants to calm her and falls into the water. Tanya faints pass out. When Tanya is back to herself, Fred is away. Tanya is looking for him and when she can‘t find him, she loses consciousnes. In this time Tom is floating in he waves and is getting weaker. A couple of sharks slowly swims to Tom. He begins to scream. Tanya comes back to herself and hears Fred screaming at a distance. She wants to start the motor but the boat hasn‘t got petrol. She takes a life jacket and jumps into the water. She just realizes. But now ist too late. Tanya swims to Fred and gives him a life jacket. A shark wants to attack Tanya but Fred pulls him with the arm and dives with it under the water. The sharks are very confused. Before the sharks realise it, Fred and Tanya are in the boat. Fred speaks relieved to Tanya: „We had much chance.“Tanya nods, she stands under shock. When they get well again they put away their life jackets. Happy End Sad End

  8. They swim in direction of the shore. Suddenly, they see a light. It comes closer. It is a floodlight of a boat. „ We are save!“ „The boat stops near them“ Fred and Tanya go on to the boat. The boat brings them back to the beach. Now, they are very tired. Fred says:“Swimming makes you tired!“ And they fall asleep.

  9. Fred and Tanya begin to swim. But, they‘re moving away from the shore. They are coming in a current. The current drifts them out to the open sea. Tanya and Fred hear a motor boat near them. They scream loudly: „Help! Help! We are here!“ But the man on the boat doesn‘t hear them. He passes. Now they haven‘t got new courage and cry. The funny sounds alarmed the sharks and they come again and the sharks are so angry...! A short time later: The sharks go satisfied back home with a full stomach.

  10. Tanja and Fred want to go diving, but they do not have money to rent a boat. Tanja asks Fred:‘‘What want we do now?‘‘ Fred answers with a bad laughter:‘‘We steal one!‘ Tanja finds that this is a good idea and gives him a kiss. Afterwards the two run down to the port and see an enormous red rubber boat and besides a giant yacht. But Tanya and Fred are very stupid and they see only the red rubber boat. They throw the diving equipement into the boat and start paddeling. After some time Tanja and Fred throw the anchor, but they forget that it is a rubber boat and they sink into the depth. Fred and Tanja can save themselves in the very last second. But they are far, far away from the country and it is dark. But there comes suddenly another boat; the coast guard. They fish Fred andTanja out of the water and take them to the prison because they‘ve stolen a boat and it sinks. Happy End Sad End

  11. And the police brings them to the policehouse and they tell what happened. The policeofficer belives this story and says:‘‘You are free!‘‘. Tanja and Fred go back to the Hotel and sleep.

  12. And the police brings them into the policehouse and there the officer takes them into prison. There must pay a lot of money to get free, but they haven‘t got much money. They work in a restaurant for the end of their life.

  13. They would like to swim with dolphins, because they love these animals. The dolphins have fun with them. The dolphins swim with them the whole day long. Tanya has a lot of fun with the dolphins. Fred swims with the dolphins just because of Tanya. But there comes a shark. The Shark is big and has big big dents. Around its big mount is a lot of blood. The shark is very blue and very grey. Fred and Tanya don‘t expect that a shark comes. The shark swims around them. The shark does observe them and observes Fred and Tanya. The shark bites Tanya into the foot. Tanya screams “Ahhh” Her foot bleeds. Tanya’s foot hurts.Fred has got a fight with the shark. It’s very dangerous to fight with the shark. Tanya is half unconscious. “Shit”, thinks Fred.” Tanya is in danger.” The shark swims very close to Tanya. Tanya is very very afraid. Fred swims so fast as he can to save Tanya’s life. He swims and swims with Tanya in his arm . The shark swims behind them. Fred swims and swims faster.As fast as he can. Tanya comes to herself and the shark gives up. They swim back to the beach and they are very very relieved. Happy End Sad End

  14. They arrive at the beach without power. They are very glad that they are rescued. Tanya must go to a psychiatrist, because she is in a state of shock. After two weeks they think what they would like to do. Fred and Tanya would like to repeat the holidays. They find a hotel with a special pool with dolphins inside it. They think that is great fun and they go to this hotel in Great Britain.

  15. They are so glad, that they are rescued. But now they must primarily go to the hospital, because Tanya has got a snap on her foot... But the doctor says her „It‘s not so bad. I make you a bandage and in two weeks you can again walk very well!“ But she doesn't feel well and she has got high fever... She goes to the doctor again but he just says her, that se has got a stomach flu. But it goes from bad to worse... She must go again to the hospital. The doctors do examine her and they find out, that Tanya has got a blood contamination... She knows, that she dies, because she can not any longer recover. After ten days she’s dead. Fred is now very angry because of the shark but he’s also sad... This holidays will he never forgotten!

  16. They decided to jump off the cliff into the sea so, they look for a suitable cliff. After some time they find a good cliff.The cliff is very high and the sea is deep. He jumps and cries: „Dear, I love you forever !“ She looks down and cries: „I love you too!“ but then he doesn‘t repeat anymore. She looks down and waits. She is waiting and waiting but nothing happens. Then she cries: „ My darling, wehere are you?“ She is waiting but it‘s silent! She phones the police. The police looks for him. And they look for him during the whole day. He wakes up on a lonely island. He looks around. And he sees a palmtree, so much sand and...a monkey. The monkey comes closer. It is very big and bown. „Is this really a monkey?“ Fred asks himself. „Or is this only a fantasy? The monkey is blurred. And I have a headache.“ He runs more into the wood. And he sees a house, the house is empty, he goes inside it. He finds a banana and eats it. Then he falls a sleep until the next mornig! Happy End Sad End

  17. He builds himself a hut, with palm leaves! On the next day, he sees something on the beach. He goes quickly down to the beach and finds Tanya! They are very happy! And they live forever on the little island!

  18. In the next morning, he stands up and goes to a palm. He would like to eat a coconut. While he climbs on the palm and a coconut falls on his head. And he dies! Tanya goes home and she‘s very sad! She finds a new boyfriend!

  19. They go to the volcano and they feel that the volcano will erupt. They scream and run very fast to the people who live there. The people don‘t believe them. After four days the Lava comes out. All people are dead. Just Fred and Tanja are alive.Tanya and Fred are the only one who run away into the sea. There‘s a big white shark in the sea. But they can swim away. They swim to a lonely place. They search a place to sleep and then they sleep. At night they hear a mysterious music. They wake up and see many people around a fire. They look around and see that they sit in a pot with vegetables. The people sing the song of death. They scream: „ Wait, wait! We are good people! Please don‘t eat us.“ The people don‘t understand Enlish and take their dictionaries. Now the people understand and answer:“If you come into our group we don‘t eat you!“ Happy End Sad End

  20. Tanya an Fred are searching for a solution but they don‘t find anything in their head. They decide to say: „ No not in 100 years!“ „Ok, then we eat you“, the people say. Tanya and Fred are afraid. The pot gets warmer and warmer and the people are coming with their knifes and forks. Tanya and Fred close their eyes and when they open their eyes they go to hell.

  21. „Ok, if it must be, we come to you“, Fredsays. „That is great“, the people answer. It‘s evening and Fred and Tanya go to sleep. But they can‘t sleep because they don‘t want to be for ever in this group. But now they hear steps near their tent and suddenly Tanya‘s brother stands in front of them. He puts them on his muscular sholders and takes them away. Tanya and Fred decide: „We never go again to this place!“ Tanya‘s Brother

  22. In the evenings, they go down to the beach and rent a boat, because they would like to dive in the sea and be alone. Then they go on to the sea. The beautiful sky begins to become dark and it begins an awful night. It begins to wind. Tanya is afraid of the wind and the waves and she begins to cry. And she is very cold. Fred comforts her. Then they see a big wave. They jump from the boat into the water. Fred says „ Tanya, attention there are big fins.“ Tanja begins to yell. Fred tells her that she must be quiet and they go back into the boat. The shark makes a hole into the boat and the boat begins to sink. They wake up and see a palm tree. Sad End Happy End

  23. Fred and Tanya wake up at an island under the palms. Fred says to Tanya: „ I am hungry.“ And Tanya says: „I am hungry, too.“ They go and search anything to eat and to drink. They find bananas and coconuts. They eat tha bananas and then, they see people. Under the people is Fred‘s brother John. John invites them to eat the dinner. Fred and Tanya are very happy. John says that he brings them back home by boat.

  24. On the island it is very hot and Fred and Tanya sweat too much. They haven‘t anything to drink or to eat. They find a hole and in the hole is anything to eat or to drink. They go on searching for food. Then they meet a young girl. Fred says to her :„ We are so hungry, have you got anything to eat?“ And she says: „Yes I have.“ And they go to a small house. The young girl looks for food. She has only a pizza and they can‘t return to the island. 20 days later... they die.

  25. They go to eat to the restaurant. During eating they speak about the evening. Tanya says as a joke: „Come we jump of the bridge.“Fred says:“Yes,of course hahahaha.“ She says:“Come we go back to the hotel and have a drink.“They take a taxi and go back to the hotel. At the hotel-bar they drink 3 glasses of whisky. After the drinks they go to the disco in the town.They dance,speak,drink and drink and drink...... Tanya speaks with another girl. The girl comes from Italy.Her name‘s Alessia. She‘s 23 asTanya and speaks 6 languages. Italian,English,German, French, Spanish, Russian. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She‘s very short and small. She spends her holidays at the Buntines hotel, too. Fred plays billard with many people. At 11 o‘ clock Fred Tanya and their new friends go to a shisha-bar. There, they smoke a shisha. They are very drunk and high. At one o‘clock Tanya has an idea:“We can go to the bridge and jump down.“Fred means:“Yes, we can. Come we take a taxi to the forest next the town. There‘s a big bridge.“ Alessia and the billard-friends from Fred come with them. The way is to plashy, the taxi can‘t to drive on. Then they walk to the bridge. How ever the flashlight goes out. They walk now in the dark to the bridge. There they jump from the bridge........ Happy End Sad End

  26. The water is very cold and strong. The people are very afraid. Tanya cries: „Fred, Fred, I can‘t swim! Help me, my darling!“ Fred cries to her: „Tanya, I can‘t help you, because the river is too strong, good bye my darling, I see you in heaven!“ The people fall down the waterfall. They are dead.

  27. The water in the river is very strong and wild and they can‘t swim against the water. The people are very,very afraid. A branch saves them. They can hold it and it takes them to a river bank. So they are on land again. Therethey fall asleep.A forster findes them and brings them back to the hotel.

  28. After the disco, they go into the city. The City is in the night very dangerous, because it has many gangsters. They go to a bar for something to drink. They drink a little too much. They reported at a base jump competition. The competition will take place next evening. The next morning they no longer knew what had happened the night before. In the morning at 10 o‘clock the phone rings. Tanya and Fred are invited by 12 o‘clock at the airport of Tunis for the theory course. They had no chance to ask what it is. That‘s why they went 12 o‘clock to the airport. Happy End Sad End

  29. Fred and Tanya have got a 6 at the test. That‘s why they can take the first air craft. They are very afraid. They don‘t know what happens. The pilot smiles and says: „That‘s a very god joke. You‘re funny.“ The pilot says: „So, we are 4000 meters over the sea. Your jumping in five minutes.“ Fred and Tanya are very nervous. The door is open. Tanya crys. They are afraid. Fred and Tanya look out of the door into the depth. They are suddenly jostled from behind. They plunge into the depth and make a summersault after another. The ground appears under them. They can open their panachute and land safely . At the end, Fred and Tanya know that this was a base jump competition. So they win the first prize.

  30. Fred and Tanya have got a 6 at the test. That‘s why they can take the first aircraft. At 400 meter the motor doesn‘t work anymore, because it hasn‘t sprit. That‘s why the aircraft crashes into the sea. Fred and Tanya die.

  31. ...Tanya likes to dive in the sea and Fred, too. They go diving in the sea. Then they see a salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family. They look like kangaroos with scales and have got very, very long ears. The mother takes a small package with salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family-chewinggums. All salt-water-long-ear-kangaroos of this family take a chewinggum. Tanya and Fred are surprised about this animals. Tanya says: „This animals are wonderful! „Then they swim further and Fred and Tanya would like to have a salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family chewinggum too, but they haven‘t got a salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family-chewinggum. So Tanya proposes: „Come Fred we go to the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family and ask them if we can have a salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family-chewingum too. But Fred says: „No we can‘t go to the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family and ask them if we can have a salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family-chewinggum.“ Tanya says: „ Why not?“ Fred: „I am afraid of them!“ But Tanya says: „ Sad End Happy End

  32. ...: „Come we go, and ask the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family from where this, chewinggums are.“ The next day begins. Fred and Tanya dive again in the sea and look for the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family. They find them, and ask them: „Where are this chewinggums from?“ The salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family replys: „We have got them from the under-water kangaroo-fish-shop.“ Tanya and Fred go to the shop and buy one hundred packages of this chewinggums. On the next day they go to the streets and sell this blue with yellow points chewinggums. They have a black-berry-orange taste. Because they are very good... Fred and Tanya become millionaires...

  33. ... „Hower come we go.“ Then they go to the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family and ask them: „Can we have a salt-water-long-earkangaroo-family-chewing-gum please?“ The Kangaroo-family can‘t unterstant Fred and Tanya, so they must speak with hand and foot. The Kangaroo-family says: „We haven‘t got more chewinggums. But we cha buy more. You can come tomorow to us and then we hav got more salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family-chewinggums,and we can all eat a lost of them.“ They have a wonderfu talk. And speak for hours... hours. Fred and Tanya go sleeping in a hotel. The next day begins and Fred and Tanya go to the salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family. The family is happy when they can see Fred and Tanya. And then, they eat the chewing-gums. The chewing-gums are blue with yellow points. They have a vlack-berry-orangetaste Fred and Tanya like this taste. So they go and buy more salt-water-long-ear-kangaroo-family chweing-gums in the under-water-kangaroo-fish-shop. They go out, of the shop, then comes a shark and kills Fred and Tanya.