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Oral English week 4 李蕊 PowerPoint Presentation
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Oral English week 4 李蕊

Oral English week 4 李蕊

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Oral English week 4 李蕊

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  1. Oral English week 4 李蕊

  2. Topic extensions • If you invite a foreigner to dinner with you, what table manners should you pay more attention to?

  3. Warm—up • Eating is an important part of culture. People have developed many customs and taboos about table manners. Everyone is likely to host, or be invited to a dinner party. Therefore, some knowledge of the taboos at the table will help you feel at ease and avoid embarrassment at a dinner party.

  4. Task 1:topic discussion Table Manners 餐桌礼仪

  5. Topic question: • What’s the differences about the eating habits between Western people and Chinese people? The placement of food___________________ Table setting___________________________ Seating_______________________________

  6. Family dinner at home and broad Seating accordingly(the elderly people in the middle) Seating freely

  7. Traditional food Spicy food, Fried dishes, rice, soup, tea Sweet food, turkey, steak, wine, salad, pizza, dessert

  8. Table ware setting Chopsticks, spoon, bowl Knife, fork, napkin on the lap

  9. Gathering party Sitting around a table, rotating it Buffet, move around(chatting)

  10. How to order food in a western restaurant? If you work in a western restaurant, how to serve customers?

  11. handouts You and your friend are going to dinner in SIAS coffee. 3 people in one group, role play. Requirements: Invite, enter SIAS coffee, order food and drinks, checking out.

  12. Idiom part

  13. Idiom • it cost you an arm and a leg it was very expensive. • Example: • "Be careful with that phone. It cost me an arm and a leg."   make a brief dialogue with your partner using this idiom.

  14. Sounds part

  15. /ei/ /ai/

  16. /ei / today away May April ages train late waiting mistake 8:08 eighth station vacation changed

  17. /ei / 1.Today is the eighth of May. 2. it’s my neighbor’s birthday. 3. I baked her a cake. 4. Her plane leaves at eight. 5. what’s today’s date? 6. Have a great day! 7. Jack wants to go to Spain to see Jane. 8. This train is late! I’ve been waiting here for ages.

  18. /ai/ • Fine like time ice lie • Hi find Friday ride die • Light tonight high my why try • Idea shine island smile bright • Good night. ice skating . bike riding • I like flying a kite . I had a nice time.

  19. /ai/ Mike is flying a kite high in the sky by the river side. I’ll drive five miles on Friday night to see a fight that I like. I would buy my ties before the price begins to rise.

  20. Minimal pairs Pen pain Wet wait Test taste Pepper paper Letter later Sell sail • hat height • Back bike • Van vine • Cat kite • Sad side • had hide

  21. Bye!