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Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS)

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Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guest Presentation for UST 610. Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS). Jim Wyles , GISP College Lecturer in GIS ( ).

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Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS)

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    1. Guest Presentation for UST 610 Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) Jim Wyles, GISP College Lecturer in GIS (

    2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computerized systems designed for the storage, retrieval and analysis of geographically referenced data • GIS uses advanced analytical tools to explore at a scientific level the spatial relationships, patterns, and processes of cultural, biological, demographic, economic, geographic, and physical phenomena What is GIS?

    3. A GIS Journey National Geographic Video (by ESRI): 10 min. URL: Some other interesting GIS videos: GIS Definition Video Clip (by ESRI) (by Penn State University)

    4. Why does GIS matter?

    5. Why does GIS matter? • 80% of local government activities estimated to be geographically based • a significant portion of state government has a geographical component • businessesuse GIS for a very wide array of applications • military and defense • scientific research employs GIS

    6. Urban Planning, Management & Policy Zoning, subdivision planning Land acquisition Economic development Code enforcement Housing renovation programs Emergency response Crime analysis Tax assessment Environmental Sciences Monitoring environmental risk Modeling stormwater runoff Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers Environmental Impact Analysis Hazardous or toxic facility siting Groundwater modeling and contamination tracking Political Science Redistricting Analysis of election results Predictive modeling Civil Engineering/Utility Locating underground facilities Designing alignment for freeways, transit Coordination of infrastructure maintenance Business Demographic Analysis Market Penetration/ Share Analysis Site Selection Education Administration Attendance Area Maintenance Enrollment Projections School Bus Routing Real Estate Neighborhood land prices Traffic Impact Analysis Determination of Highest and Best Use Health Care Epidemiology Needs Analysis Service Inventory Examples of Applied GIS

    7. “Almost everything that happens, happens somewhere. Knowing whereand when something happens is critically important.” Longley et al. (2001), Geographic Information Systems and Science, John Wiley & Sons, p.2.

    8. What kinds of people live in the 10th Congressional District? Where should I open my next clothing outlet store? Where should I dig up the road to gain access to the gas main? How can my authority best respond to the needs of those single parent families with low income and poor housing? How can I find a famous Italian restaurant in this city and which route would be the fastest way? Geographic (Geospatial) Problems

    9. Maps and GIS Mapping does not always mean doing GIS! However, a map can be transformed to either spatial information or spatial knowledge depending on how you use GIS.

    10. Maps and projects using GIS from Northern Ohio Data & Information Service (NODIS) NODIS GIS maps

    11. Geographic Problems • Location…Where is it? • Where are my competitors? • Proximity…What is near? • What banks are within 2 miles of my home? • Patterns…How is it distributed? • Public facilities, population (age specific), land use… • Modeling…What if…? • A chemical tanker truck spills toxic chemical into storm sewer. Where will the chemical travel within one hour?

    12. How can we solve geographic problems? Data (spatial/non-spatial) Spatial queries and reasoning Visualization

    13. GIS supports all the problem solving processes through: • Spatial data integration • Spatial data analysis (tools) • Spatial information/knowledge visualization

    14. The Power of GIS: Data Integration • Link basemap with: • Residential data • Agency data • Scanned documents, images or videos • Global positioning system data • Backdrop with: • Digital aerial imagery or • Satellite imagery

    15. Real-World Examples

    16. October 10, 2007 CSX Train Derailment (Painesville, OH)

    17. Incident Action Plan Map Source: Lake County GIS Department

    18. Impacted Property Ownership Data Provided Source: Lake County GIS Department

    19. Floodplain houses - FEMA maps with needed structure info.

    20. Emergency Preparation Source: Lake County GIS Department

    21. Hazardous materials teams can have toxic plumes and at-risk populations mapped Source: Lake County GIS Department

    22. Park Service Areas 3 mile 1/4 mile 1 mile 1/2 mile 2 mile Parks Source: Leah J. Pesek (GIS Capstone Project, 2009)

    23. GIS project examples The following are links to a sampling of my projects: Water Distribution Infrastructure- City of Cleveland, Water Division Water Utility Service Dispute- GIS Expert Witness: City of Zanesville, OH Bioindicators Project- Ohio EPA Locate "Mega" Retail and Grocery Store using demographics- Kramer & Associates Ohio Redistricting Competition Workshop using ArcGIS districting software- Ohio Secretary of State Market Penetration of Chemical Coating Facilities- Sherwin-Williams Co. Locate Additional Children's Activity Center- Horizon Activities Center

    24. UST 610-486/586 coordination • Use NEOCANDO to see list of possible 2010 Census variables

    25. More information about GIS? • If you want to know more about GIS or GIS Certificate Program of Levin College, contact me: • Email: • Phone: (216) 687-2221 • Office: UR 123