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Charitable Donations-Feel Good About Your Donation PowerPoint Presentation
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Charitable Donations-Feel Good About Your Donation

Charitable Donations-Feel Good About Your Donation

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Charitable Donations-Feel Good About Your Donation

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  1. Charitable Donations-Feel Good About Your Donation

  2. Anyone who can afford to should make charitable donations; charitable organizations depend on these donations to run efficiently and further their cause of helping others. Though different charitable organizations support different causes, one would hope that the overarching objective of any charity is to make the world a better place – and that by giving, your donation would contribute to it. Charitable donations are also helpful for the donors, in terms of tax deductions. There are many tax deductible charities that you can choose from when considering making a donation, but make sure that you check the credentials of the organization first.

  3. Verifying the Validity of Charitable Organizations Before making a charitable donation, you should look into how efficient the organization is, how much transparency the organization maintains, and accreditations it has received. It’s also good to find out: The success rate of the research programs it funds Its past track record Its standard operating procedures How much money it contributes towards the cause, as opposed to overhead

  4. You can do this a number of ways, including some great online resources such as Evaluating the charitable organization on these factors will certainly help in checking its credibility and will also ensure that the charitable donation you make is used efficiently in furthering the cause. Charity Navigator named the Arthritis National Research Foundation its “Charity to Watch,” and awarded the organization four out of four stars; this organization was recognized for its outstanding service record and dedication to research, in addition to its accountability and transparency to donors. Learn More about charitable donation.

  5. Once you have verified that the charitable organization you want to donate to is legitimate, you can feel good about putting money toward a cause you believe in. Doing your research only takes a moment, and it’s worth it.