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Contribute to Charitable Trust in India for Tax Deductible Donations

Tax deductible donations benefit the beneficiary and the donor. This is true in case of contributing to Akshaya Patra, a NGO in Surat.

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Contribute to Charitable Trust in India for Tax Deductible Donations

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  2. Tax deductible donations are a practical and constructive way to benefit a cause. Through donations a not-for-profit organisation can increase its reach to benefit more and more beneficiaries and tax deductions comes of aid to the donor during filing of income tax returns. There are many not-for-profit organisations that give the privilege of tax deductible donations. The AkshayaPatra Foundation, charitable trust in India began its service way back in 2000 and started to provide mid-day meal as an NGO in Surat and in other 23 locations. The Foundation has been granted the permission to make available tax benefits to its donors who donate Rs. 500 or more under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.

  3. Beginning with just one serving location as a charitable trust in India, AkshayaPatra witnessed the need and impact of the mid-day meal programme. Thus gradually and strategically it executed its expansion plans and during the 15 years of service it now is operational as aNon-governmental organization in Surat and 23 other locations. As a NGO in Surat, AkshayaPatra began its service in June 2012 and currently feeds a total of 165,057 children across 371 government schools in the region. Surat is one of the three locations where the Foundation is providing mid-day meal in Gujarat. Alike the other two locations in the state, Surat too operates a centralised kitchen unit to meet the mid-day meal requirement. In total, this not-for-profit serves 400,158 children in Gujarat by covering 1,653 government schools. Whether a donor contributes donation to a specific location or in general to the Foundation, the donor becomes eligible for tax exemption for a contribution of Rs. 500 and above. The Head Office of this charitable trust in India ensures that every donor receives a copy of donation receipt and wherever applicable it sends across tax exemption certificates too. This process also confirms the donor of his or her tax deductible donations. A sum of Rs. 750 can feed one child for one whole year; this amount also becomes eligible for tax exemption. This way the beneficiaries of mid-day meal get their share of nutritious meal every day and the donor too benefits from the clause of tax exemption during filing of income tax returns.

  4. Since the inception of the mid-day meal programme, the implementers – government and non- governmental organisations have witnessed the positive impact on children. The mid-day meal programme has acted like a supporting pillar for education schemes like SarvaShikshaAbhiyaan and Right to Education. The mid-day meal programme acts like an incentive – for the parents to send their children to school with the hope that they will receive at least one wholesome meal per day; and for the children to regularly attend school. This programme has also been instrumental in increasing enrolment and attendance along with positively impacting the health of children. As tax deductible donations benefit both receiver and donor, the charitable trust in Bangalore encourages more participation from the entire society. Join AkshayaPatra in eliminating classroom hunger through mid-day meal programme. Follows us @

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