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University Advancement Policy Charitable Donations/Gifts

University Advancement Policy Charitable Donations/Gifts. September 25, 2013. Purpose of the Policy. To ensure that donations/gifts are deposited, tracked and acknowledged in accordance with University Advancement (UA) policies.

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University Advancement Policy Charitable Donations/Gifts

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  1. University AdvancementPolicy Charitable Donations/Gifts September 25, 2013

  2. Purpose of the Policy • To ensure that donations/gifts are deposited, tracked • and acknowledged in accordance with University • Advancement (UA) policies. • University Advancement is the reporting agent from the Chancellor’s Office to the President’s Office for all charitable donations • Applicable to: • All departments at UMB Office of University Advancement Page 2.

  3. Policy Policy • UA is the designated office on campus to receive charitable donations. Therefore, all charitable donations to UMass Boston must be forwarded to UA the same day they are received. • UA will receipt, deposit, track and do tax reporting. Office of University Advancement Page 3.

  4. Policy Charitable Donations • Charitable donations to UMass Boston are in the form of cash, check, credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express), stocks and in some instances, gifts-in-kind, and deferred gifts (e.g. life insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trust, etc.) • All charitable donations must be mailed to: University Advancement University of Massachusetts Boston 100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston, MA 02125 -3393 • Also, UMass Boston employees are eligible to make charitable donations to the University via payroll deductions http://www.umb.edu/giving/donors/giving_faculty_staff_donation • Annual Fund donations are distributed to department accounts on a monthly basis for gifts received in the prior month. Office of University Advancement Page 4.

  5. UA works closely with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) on the issue of gifts vs. grants • Please forward all donations to UA. If you have previously forwarded donations to ORSP for deposit send them to UA and we will record the donation on our ADVANCE Contributor Relations System and forward them to ORSP for deposit. Office of University Advancement Page 5.

  6. Definitions • Charitable Donation: is the irrevocable transfer of property or money to a qualified organization and has no donor – imposed conditions or control other than the use the donation should be applied to. It must be voluntary, made without receiving or expecting to receive, anything of equal value. In other words, a charitable donation is a gift of an asset owned by the donor. • To qualify as a charitable donation the following conditions must be met: • T he transfer of cash or other assets must be unconditional, other than the use to which the donation may be applied to. • The transfer must be in furtherance of UMass Boston’s charitable mission; and • The transfer must be non-reciprocal, which means there must be no implicit or explicit statement of exchange, purchase of services, or provision of exclusive information to the donor in exchange for his or her gift. Office of University Advancement Page 6.

  7. Charitable donations are NOT: • Payment for a raffle ticket • Payment earmarked for an individual • Volunteer time • Gift conditional on a future event (i.e. give stock but retain voting rights for the rest of the year, or give artwork but retain control of its location). • The use of property (office space, condo/time share) • Where the donor receives goods or services in exchange for the gift (“quid pro quo”) with a fair market value equal to, or exceeding that of the gift. • In exchange for UMass Boston endorsing a product or service. • Expenditures made for the purpose of influencing legislation. Office of University Advancement Page 7.

  8. Stewardship • Proper oversight and reporting that assures donors that their charitable donations will be used for the purposes for which they are given, and that their charitable donation information is handled with respect and confidentiality. • Web address: www.umb.edu/giving Page 8. Office of University Advancement

  9. Thank you! Any questions?

  10. Purchase of Goods Policy Update: September 25, 2013 Contracts and Compliance

  11. Policy Highlights UMass BuyWays Procurement System • Mandatory use of the Showcased Vendor Punch-out Catalogs • The University Procurement Card (ProCard) may not be used to purchase goods that are available from Showcased Vendor Punch-out Catalogs.

  12. Policy Highlights • Workflow for Punch-out Catalog Requisitions only: • Department approval is not required for non-grant funded requisitions <$2,500.00. • Department quality assurance post audit review for purchase requisitions that do not require Department approval. • Procurement approval: • Punch-out Catalog Requisitions ≥$10,000.00 • Non-Catalog Requisitions ≥$5,000.00

  13. Training Finance Training To access the finance system, you must first complete the appropriate training. Obtain the access forms and register for training through the link below: http://training.umb.edu

  14. Workers’ Compensation Policy Thank you to the Work Group Ana Torres Linda O’Brien Anne Marie McLaughlin Darryl Mayers Donald Baynard Kathleen Yorkis Richard Arnold Peter Schneider Richard Graham Jean MacDonald KrisAnn O’Herron Maggie Pinkham- Peterson

  15. Workers’ Compensation Policy Thank you to the Pilot Departments Facilities One Stop Gerontology

  16. Workers’ Compensation Policy • Clarified the Purpose • Safety is a top priority at UMass Boston • Safety is a share responsibility • Many departments are involved: • HR, Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, Customer Service, University Health Services, and the Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity.

  17. Workers’ Compensation Policy • Reorganized the policy • Updated the Forms • Procedures: • Supervisor’s and Employee’s Guides • Clarified process • Created procedural charts for training

  18. Workers’ Compensation Policy Training October and November Questions?

  19. HR Hiring Process • HR Decision Process is Completed • Job Descriptions will be reviewed in 10 business days • Position Recruitment Form and Search and Posting Form has been consolidated • VRC will only review exceptions to the policy • Search Committee guidance has been documented

  20. HR Hiring Process • HR Decision Process is Completed • Interview Exchange will be available at posting for non-unit and faculty positions. • Interview Exchange will be available at closing for CSU and PSU positions • Hiring manager will make the initial offer to successful candidate. • HR will send the Official Offer Letter

  21. HR Hiring Process • HR Decision Process is Completed • Offer Letter is returned to HR 2 weeks prior to start date: • HR begins the background check • HR notifies non-selected applicants

  22. HR Hiring Process • HR Decision Process is Completed • Pre-employment Paperwork is returned to the department Recruitment Coordinator 2 weeks prior to state date: • Department completes and submits the PA and pre-employment paperwork to HR • Department completes and submits the Employee Entrance Form 2 weeks prior to start date.

  23. HR Hiring Process • HR Decision Process is Completed • I-9 Process will be done by departments unless departments have questions, then HR will handle. • I-9 Form can be completed after the position has been accepted and on or within the first 3 days of employment • Contact HR for all non-resident aliens • HR will cover the visa fees

  24. HR Hiring Process Still targeting January 1, 2014 Implementation Next Steps • Work with Office of Diversity and Inclusion to finalize decisions. • Bring draft document to October 23rd Meeting • Finalize Policy in Nov/Dec • Train departments

  25. Signature Authorization &Finance/BuyWays System User Review Due: October 23, 2013 Presented By: Nancy Chincholi Controller’s Office

  26. Controller’s Office Cloudywith a chance of …Nuggets ( Inspired by “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” by Judy Barrett )

  27. Controller’s Office Show Me The Numbers … Signature Authorization 554 Unique Department IDs ( including al sub-departments and cost centers ) • Finance / BuyWays System • 538 System Users

  28. Controller’s Office Nugget #1 … Signature Authorization Finance/BuyWays System Access

  29. Controller’s Office Nugget #1 (cont’d) Brought to you by the Letter (V is for Venn) Online Approvers Must be Authorized Signatories

  30. Controller’s Office Nugget #2 … Signature Authorization: A Delegation of Signature Who is a Department Manager ? Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Dean, Director, Chairperson …

  31. Controller’s Office Keep a copy for your files ! Nugget #2 (cont’d)

  32. Controller’s Office Nugget #3 … Finance / BuyWays Security is … Department-based ( e.g. B004800000, B008302000 …) not … Fund-based ( GOF, ESS, Gifts, etc.) Herein lies the rub … Exception: FAIR / SUMMIT Only Reporting (Grant signatories can have access to their respective grant funds)

  33. Controller’s Office Nugget #3 (cont’d…) System users with College/Area level reporting access will not be shown on this report (reviewed by the Controller’s Office) • Users have ability to charge purchases to • any department • Department Approvals are not requiredfor catalog items < $2,500 for non-grant fund purchases • Department-based approvals • Approval is not sent to individual approvers -- all department approvers have access to view & approve the purchase / expense

  34. Controller’s Office • Let’s Review … Nugget #1 Signature Authorization does not equal Finance/BuyWays System Access Nugget #2 Signature Authorization is simply a delegation of signature Nugget #3 System Security is Department-based not fund-based

  35. Controller’s Office What’s Next ? (1 of 2 activities) #1 - Complete Signature Authorization Forms - collect signatures - verify Dean or Provost / Vice Chancellor has approved each form Return to: Academic Areas – send to Provost Office (Alison Nieto) Non-Academic Areas – send to Controller’s (Nancy Chincholi)

  36. Controller’s Office What’s Next ? (2 of 2 activities) • #2 – Finance / BuyWays Security User Review • - Review System User Review forms • - Note any changes/updates directly on the • forms provided • Write “No Changes Required” if the access displayed on the System User Access form is correct • Verify Department Manager/Chairperson has • approved the form in ‘Approved By’ section

  37. Controller’s Office Signature Authorization & Finance / BuyWays System User Access All Forms Due: October 23, 2013

  38. Controller’s Office Still Cloudy …Got Questions ? Nancy Chincholi / nancy.chincholi@umb.edu / x 7-5134

  39. Controller’s Office Thank Youfor your attention to this important authorization process and system security review !

  40. PROCARD REALLOCATIONFY2013 Dee McNamee – University Advancement Alison Nieto – Provost’s Office

  41. University Advancement FY2013 Procard Activity • 9 Procard Users across 6 chartfields • # of Procard Transactions 273 • # of Procard Transactions reallocated to correct ps account code 270 • Total amount Processed on Procard - $59,738.43 Information from Peoplesoft transaction query

  42. Summary - Advancement • 99% of Procard expenses in FY13 were reallocated to correct ps account. • Reallocating Procard expenditures to the proper expense code allows us to see where are dollars are being spent. It also helps us with expense forecasting.

  43. Provost’s Office • FY2013 Procard Activity: • 4 procard users across 2 chartfields • 60 total procard transactions • $5,370.17 in total procard spending • FY2013 Procard Reallocations: • 1 individual assigned to reallocate all transactions to appropriate accounts • 53 procard transactions reallocated (88%) • Total spending of $4,988.29 reallocated (91%; as shown below)

  44. Summary – Provost’s Office • 7 procard transactions occurred after 6/17/13 and were not reallocated • In future, if deadline for online procard reallocation has passed, can submit journal to Controller’s Office to reallocate expenses

  45. Final Thoughts • Are other departments reallocating procard expenditures? • What is your experience (positive/negative)? • If you are not reallocating, what are the reasons for not doing so? • Have you thought about designating one individual to reallocate all procard expenses for your unit/department? • Any questions?

  46. Construction and Transportation Update—A&F

  47. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTONBudget & Financial PlanningMulti-year PlanningCapital, Revenue & ExpenseSep 2013 Sue Wolfe Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget & Financial Planning

  48. Capital master plan 857,583,000 $433,871 51% financing (borrowing) $216,572 25% Commonwealth of MA $156,000 18% auxiliaries $ 29,991 3% reserves $ 21,150 2% other external funds

  49. Capital master plan 857,583,000 $137,011 UCRR $112,000 Residence hall $106,624 GAB1 $100,000 GAB2 $95,699 ISC $45,000 Parking garage $38,500 Tri-gen, utility upgrades

  50. Debt service ratio principal + interest paymentsoperating expense FY14 5.0% 17.6 million FY15 7.8% 29.7 million FY16 7.8% 32.1 million FY17 8.0% 34.3 million FY18 7.8% 34.7 million

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