anrf funds arthritis research n.
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ANRF Funds Arthritis Research PowerPoint Presentation
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ANRF Funds Arthritis Research

ANRF Funds Arthritis Research

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ANRF Funds Arthritis Research

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  1. ANRF Funds Arthritis Research

  2. While the vast majority of charities are truly altruistic in their work, there is a small percentage that misappropriates the funds received from donors. Before making a charitable donation of any kind, it’s important to take the time to investigate the cause you are considering lending your support to. You want to be assured that the money you give is going straight to the cause the charity claims to support – not just to the organization’s overhead expenditures.

  3. Where ANRF Donations Go ANRF isone of a handful ofcharitable organizationsthat is devoted to funding arthritis research, which furthers the cause of finding relief and cures for those who suffer with arthritis. Over 90 percent of your donations to this non-profit will go directly into projects where research is being done to help both adults and children that suffer from various types of arthritis. Some arthritis charitable organizations spend less than 25 percent donations on actual research; at ANRF, more than 90 percent of donations are used to fund research and support for people with arthritis.

  4. There are some charity assessors that measure the effectiveness of the business operations of various charities. One of the leaders in this field is They just named ANRF as the number “Charity to Watch” – and, they awarded ANRF their maximum rating of 4 stars for the 5th successive year. Find More info about charitable organizations.

  5. What research is supported? ANRF supports a number of research projects across the country that concentrate on various types of arthritis. When you donate to ANRF, you can choose to donate to researching: Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Juvenile Arthritis Lupus It’s your choice, and it makes the act of giving more rewarding. To donate to ANRF or learn more, visit