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Is your web presence a Business Whizz? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is your web presence a Business Whizz?

Is your web presence a Business Whizz?

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Is your web presence a Business Whizz?

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Power-up a Business Whizz Using the web to create real business success requires more than simply creating brochures This presentation will outline the basic steps to making your online presence an online success story.

  2. If you have a web presence that is a part of your business strategy you have to unchain its true potential.

  3. A brochure type presence on the web might give visitors lots of content, including text, images, audio, even videos ...

  4. ...but it does not provide the tools to actively attract andconvert those visitors to loyal customers.

  5. A brochure approach is based on the old school adage that says:

  6. “if you build it they will come”

  7. You just need to hope enough people stick around to make a profit.

  8. What does an online business whizz look like?

  9. The business whizz wants to achieve three key objectives:

  10. Traffic,

  11. Brand Loyalty,

  12. and Repeat Business.

  13. An online business whizz is going to give you five critical componentsthat work together to give you a return on investment.

  14. Sticky Content,

  15. Effective Conversations,

  16. An Active Community,

  17. Irresistible Conversions,

  18. and Growth.

  19. Sticky Content is content worth coming back to on a regular basis.

  20. The best sticky content keep visitors stuck on a site for hours, days, months, even decades.

  21. The more someone is stuck to your online content the more opportunity you have of creating brand loyalty.

  22. Loyal fans of your content become loyal customers.

  23. Effective Conversations are those where people talk enthusiastically about your product to their friends, colleagues and followers.

  24. This word-of-mouth marketing is more likely to be acted upon because it carries a personal endorsement…

  25. … and it has the potential for exponential growth.

  26. An Active Community is where people get together to share information, collaborate and partake in activities…

  27. …right there in your own backyard.

  28. If they are in your backyard you can find out who they are, what they are doing and what their preferences are.

  29. Then you can give them what they want, create loyal fans and open the door…

  30. … to sell your products and services to them.

  31. With a captured audience you have the opportunity to create Irresistible Conversions….

  32. …turning visitors into loyal consumers.

  33. An online presence as a business whizz puts all the toolsin place to make the transition from Attention..

  34. …to Interest,

  35. …to Desire,

  36. … and finally to Action as effective and easy as possible.

  37. Growth is about customer care and nurturing

  38. Once you’ve converted someone into a customer you need the tools to learn everything there is to know about them:

  39. What do they want?

  40. What do they need?

  41. When are they likely to need it?

  42. What do they expect?

  43. How do I best fulfil those needs?

  44. Now let's put all this together:

  45. 1. Create sticky content that will generate effective conversations:infographics, presentations, video, branded entertainment, etc.

  46. 2. Distribute this content across blogs, portals and social media sitesand start the conversations.

  47. 3. The conversations attract more visitors to your sticky content.

  48. 4. The more engaging someone finds the conversation, the more likely they are to join your active community.

  49. 5. All this activity needs to happen in your backyard:LinkedIn Group, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Website