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Access eCommerce Planning Your Web Presence

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Access eCommerce Planning Your Web Presence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Access eCommerce Planning Your Web Presence Planning Your Website Topics Options and costs for a web presence Website development options Domain names Accessibility Podcasts Development & diagnostic tools Website hosting options Getting a Web Presence Auction Site Niche Malls or Coops

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Presentation Transcript
planning your website topics
Planning Your Website Topics
  • Options and costs for a web presence
  • Website development options
  • Domain names
  • Accessibility
  • Podcasts
  • Development & diagnostic tools
  • Website hosting options
getting a web presence
Getting a Web Presence
  • Auction Site
  • Niche Malls or Coops
  • Online Storefront
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Traditional Dot Com Website
ebay stores
eBay Stores

Bright Ranch Cowhide Creations

ebay pricing
eBay Pricing

Depends on:

  • Starting price
  • Reserve price
  • Selling price
  • Buy it now option
  • # of pictures and options
  • Listing upgrades

Fees are described at

  • PayPal lets you accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards from customers on your website or auction
  • No monthly, startup, or cancellation fees
  • PayPal’s commission is 2.9% + $0.30.
ebay pricing examples
+ .20 insertion fee

+ .00 for 1 picture

+ .00 No upgrades

+1.05 5.25% of sell price

=$1.25 Total eBay fees

+1.08 PayPal fees (2.9% of sell price)

= $2.33 Total

eBay Pricing Examples

2 examples of an item with a starting price of $.01 and selling price of $20.00

+ .20 insertion fee

+ .30 for 3 pictures

+1.00 Bold listing

+1.05 5.25% of sell price

=$2.55 Total eBay fees

+ 1.08 PayPal fees

(2.9% of sell price)

= $3.63 Total

ebay seller tools
eBay Seller Tools


niche malls or coops
Niche Malls or Coops

online storefronts
Online Storefronts


yahoo online storefront
Yahoo! Online Storefront

hands on 10 minutes explore niche malls
Hands-On (10 minutes): Explore niche malls

hands on 10 minutes collaborative websites wiki
Hands-On (10 minutes):Collaborative Websites: Wiki
  • Websites that allow ANYONE to create and edit web pages with quick editing tools
  • Look at the Encyclopedia
  • Make a free wiki at
website development stages
Website Development Stages
  • Determine budget
  • Create a paper plan
  • Select web designer
  • Select web host
  • Register domain name(s)
  • Create a dynamic site
get a domain name
Get a Domain Name
  • What is a domain name?
  • Why do you need one?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do you find a domain name?

hands on 10 minutes choose a domain name
Hands-On (10 minutes): Choose a domain name

.com .org .net .biz .info

website development options
Website Development Options
  • Website Templates
  • Hire a web developer
  • Do it yourself
consider hiring a website developer
Consider Hiring a Website Developer

Give your business a professional appearance. To find a developer:

  • Interview customers
  • Evaluate web sites
  • Compare services
  • Ask about site maintenance services
website templates
Website Templates


hands on 10 minutes website templates
Hands-On (10 minutes): Website Templates

Templates and hosting:

  • Yahoo Site Builder

Template kits only (no hosting):

how much does a website cost an example
How Much Does a Website Cost? An Example.

Setup Costs:

$300 Home page

+ $100 Each additional page

+ $400-800 for e-commerce solutions (PayPal or Miva Merchant)

Ongoing Costs:

+ $20/year Domain name

+$120/year Site hosting

+ $50/hour Site maintenance

ecommerce transactions
eCommerce Transactions

Merchant Accounts

  • monthly fee: $15-50 / month
  • discount rate: 2-5% of amount
  • transaction fee: 15-.30 / transaction

PayPal or Other Third Party Merchants

  • No monthly fee
  • Transaction fee: 2.9% + .30 /transaction
mixing the old and the new
Mixing the Old and the New

Uses the Internet to market pastry

add maps
Add Maps
hands on 10 minutes explore mashups
Hands-On (10 minutes)Explore Mashups

Create your own at:

check for accessibility section 508 is common sense
Check for Accessibility: Section 508 is common sense
  • Use text equivalents for images, audio, video
  • Use clear navigation schemes
  • Avoid use of color to convey information
  • Avoid screen flicker
  • Provide a text only page when necessary

Test a website for accessibility at

  • WebAIM

Use any of the free accessibility tools.

  • Audio (or video) blog
  • People can subscribe to them and download them automatically with software such as iTunes
  • Anyone can create them with free software, a computer, and a microphone
hands on 10 minutes search for podcasts
Hands-On (10 minutes):Search for Podcasts
create a podcast
Create a Podcast
  • Buy a monthly service such as
  • Create your own using your computer and microphone and free software tools. Instructions at:
  • Edit your video blog online at
  • Get help uploading videos to YouTube at
hands on 5 minutes check your site for errors
Hands-On (5 minutes): Check Your Site for Errors

Page errors:

Load speed: (Click on Cool Tools lower left)

diy website development tools learn about html
DIY Website Development Tools: Learn About HTML
  • Free HTML Tutorials

  • Authoring Software

(e.g: Dreamweaver, FrontPage)

diy website development tools graphics clip art
DIY Website Development Tools: Graphics Clip Art

Create a banner, logo or button with free or fee online graphics generators

how to find a web host
How to Find a Web Host
  • Local internet service providers
  • Domain name providers
  • Global hosts
tips for finding a web host
Tips for Finding a Web Host
  • Be realistic
  • Consider the source
  • Ask around
  • Beware bogus claims
  • Talk to the company
  • Start out slow
  • Get assurances
  • Have a backup plan
hands on 5 minutes where is the web host located
Hands-On (5 minutes):Where is the Web Host Located?

Enter any website address to see what country the web server is located in:

  • Decide if you really need a website
  • Explore web hosts, online malls, auctions for features and costs
  • Decide which services are right for your business to meet your customer needs