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Website Marketing & SEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Website Marketing & SEO

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Website marketing seo l.jpg

Website Marketing & SEO

Presented by

Arnie Kuenn (@ArnieK)



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Questions for me?

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

A few quick questions know your audience l.jpg
A Few Quick Questions(Know your audience)

  • How many of you search Google and wonder where your website is?

  • How many of you have tried to get your site ranked in the search engines?

  • How many of you know what SEO stands for?

  • How many of you consider yourself pretty good at SEO?

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

My background know your presenter l.jpg
My Background(Know your presenter)

  • Doing Internet marketing for about 12 years

  • Formed Vertical Measures about 5 years ago

  • Primarily an Internet marketing company

  • We have 80+ clients from all around the world

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

What is seo l.jpg
What is SEO?

  • SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization"

  • Basically you want to be ranked highly in the natural search results, especially Google, since they have 70-80% of the search market

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Search engine results page l.jpg
Search Engine Results Page

Indented Listing

Local Listing

Why care about search l.jpg
Why Care About Search?

  • The #1 position will get clicked 43% of the time!

  • Natural search results receive many more clicks than paid search

  • Your customers are looking for you online (directions, phone #, products, services, etc.)

  • Teeth whitening, eye doctor, massage, plumbing, Sedona hotels, HDMI cable…

Source: Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools.

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Search marketing reality l.jpg
Search Marketing Reality

  • Organic search traffic can be so valuable, it can sustain an entire business, even locally.

  • Organic search rankings are something you can work to influence, but ultimately you do not control them. The search engine algorithms make that call.

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

How does it work today l.jpg
How Does it Work Today?

Bot or Spider

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What Does It Look For?

Title tag


H1 tag



Meta Description

Award winning SEO Link Building Services. Vertical Measures is a reputable, USA Internet marketing company helping businesses get more website traffic thru higher search engine rankings, link building, social media, local search, and search engine optimization.

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Search engine results l.jpg
Search Engine Results

Indented Listing

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Biggest factor is links to you l.jpg
Biggest Factor is Links to You!

  • The best links:

    • Are from trusted sites

    • Determined editorially

    • Have keywords in their link

    • Are from many different websites

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Where do you get links l.jpg
Where Do You Get Links?

  • Internal links (from content)

  • Friends & family

  • Associations (donations)

  • Social Profiles

    • Twitter, LinkedIn, Naymz, Google,

    • 123People, Businessweek, etc.

  • Clients & Suppliers

  • Business Directories

  • Blogs or Articles

  • Press Releases

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

It all starts with great content l.jpg
It All Starts With Great Content

  • Buyers need content that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable. Businesses that provide that content will win.

  • Build content around your keywords

  • Add real value to the reader

    • Unique

    • Informative

    • Entertaining

  • Who do you link to from the content?

    • Good neighbors

    • It’s your reputation

    • Get links back!

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

You are now a publisher l.jpg
You Are Now a Publisher!

  • Organizations are just now beginning to understand that, along with the products and services, one of their core products is information.

    • If you have a website, understand that you are now a publisher.

    • Provide relevant content that gives solutions to some of the toughest problems your customers are facing.

    • Customers start relying on you for your expertise as you become the trusted solution in your industry.

  • Today’s marketing is now about online content & publishing

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Some content ideas l.jpg
Some Content Ideas

  • A Blog

  • White Paper Series

  • eBooks    

  • Case Studies

  • Interviews

  • Infographics

  • Online Quizzes

  • Contests

  • eNewsletters

  • Community Forums

  • Podcasts

  • Videos 

  • Webcasts/Webinars

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Infographic example l.jpg
Infographic Example

Courtesy of Dream Systems Inc.

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Must have a blog l.jpg
Must Have a Blog

  • 25% of our page views come from our blog posts

  • We make 2-3 new posts per week

  • Gives us a vehicle to post new link worthy content

  • Keeps the search engines coming back

  • Internal linking

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

And what about social media l.jpg
And What About Social Media?

  • Understand who your customer is and where they are online.

  • Develop consistent, relevant content in multiple channels.

  • Let go of all control. Let your ideas spread.

  • People share your ideas, link to your content.

  • Content is found through social media and search engines (YouTube, Twitter & Facebook)

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Create great content for your website visitors

  • Best Place to market your website is Google & Local resources (Google Local, Yelp, MerchantCircle, etc.)

  • Get involved in Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

  • Go to local events to learn more and network with good people (AZIMA, AMA, SMAZ, SEMPOAZ)

Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Good resources l.jpg
Good Resources….

  • SEO Guide


  • SEO Educational Videos:


  • Online Marketing & Related Webinars:


Twitter: @[email protected] @LocalFirstAZ#LocalFirstAZ

Questions it s link exchange time l.jpg
Questions?It’s Link Exchange Time!