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DAY 2. Quarterly Marketing Conference November 2010. The Internet, Your Website, and How to Make Money from Both. What Do You Want From Your Site?. What is your most wanted action from each visitor? A lead? A sale (appointment)? Information?. Types of Sites. Brochure website vs

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day 2

Quarterly Marketing Conference

November 2010

what do you want from your site
What Do You Want From Your Site?
  • What is your most wanted action from each visitor?
  • A lead?
  • A sale (appointment)?
  • Information?
types of sites
Types of Sites
  • Brochure website


  • Mini site (mission specific – usually one page only)


  • Blog
the right domain name
The Right Domain Name
  • Must be easy to spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Relevant in some way
critical components of a website
Critical Components of a Website
  • Who you are
  • Social proof – Get Those Testimonials!
  • What you have to offer
  • Why the patients need it (benefits)
  • How they can get it (phone number, offer for patient stimulator etc)
critical components of a website1
Critical Components of a Website
  • Opt-in, lead generators
  • How to contact you via email, phone, text etc.
  • Must be EASY
    • Easy to read
    • Easy to understand
    • Easy to contact you
    • NOTHING should be confusing
book the appointment immediately
Book the Appointment Immediately!
  • When you get an email inquiry, call or email IMMEDIATELY
  • The longer you wait, the lower your chances of booking the appointment
other important components
Other Important Components
  • 3 second rule
  • Intro video
  • Free ‘Diagnostic Consultation’ / Free CD, DVD or report
  • Newsletter
other important components1
Other Important Components
  • Free Downloads
  • Non-Intimidating picture of you. NOT necessarily your clinic. Smile and show us your teeth! Professional pictures NOT required
  • Autoresponders
what not to do
What NOT To Do
  • Don’t complicate the design – the easier, the better
  • Don’t list prices on your website
  • Don’t use excessive animations and fancy graphics
  • Don’t monopolise the site (all about you). It should be about your prospect and what you can do for THEM
  • Don’t post links to websites that take prospects away
  • Don’t give them several options to click around and get confused
site promotion
Site Promotion
  • Site must be SEO
    • Meta Tags
    • Content
  • Through your Newsletter/Blog
  • Manual Search Engine submission
  • Third Party Submission Service - $$
  • Third Party Software - $$
  • Google Ad Words / Yahoo - $$
  • Local Flyers
  • Through your current OFFLINE activities!
how local are you
How Local Are You?
  • Do you show up in google local search results?
bonus tips tricks
BONUS: Tips & Tricks
  • Youtube (example)
  • The Top Right – put something good
email marketing
Email Marketing
  • Low cost
  • One click away
  • Build loyalty (newsletter)
  • Know, like and trust factor
  • Fun, educational, and personality based
email marketing1
Email Marketing
    • Compelling subject line
    • 400-600 words (vs. short email)
    • Educate, entertain and make an offer
    • Exaggerate your personality
    • Write in your voice
your health practice blog
Your Health Practice Blog
  • Word Press platform – easy to edit and update
  • Come up high in search engines
  • Build a list of loyal subscribers
  • Build a loyal following
your health practice blog1
Your Health Practice Blog
  • Bond with your market
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Create a sense of loyalty
  • Build a feeling of reciprocity
bonus tips tricks the blog
BONUS: Tips & Tricks – The Blog
  • Why a blog
    • Free, or close to it
      • Blogger, WordPress
      • Easy User Interface / Live Writer
  • Everyone likes a Blog – a source of regularly updated content
  • Must be SEO – search engines love blogs
  • Points back to your clinic’s website
bonus tips tricks the blog1
BONUS: Tips & Tricks – The Blog
  • Can be used to generate revenue ( case study)
marketing with social media
Marketing With Social Media
  • Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin
    • Think of it as a social gathering
    • No obvious promotion
    • Run contests
    • Give recognition
    • Share fun blog posts, videos, articles etc
    • Referral, tagging, recognition
marketing with social media1
Marketing With Social Media
  • Paid Facebook Ads
    • Headline: Permanent Pain Relief
    • Image
    • Copy: Free report reveals the five ways to overcome pain permanently and how you can get rid of those aches and pains FOREVER
internet resources
Internet Resources

Is Adam right when he says Facebook is the single biggest waste of productive time known to modern man? Social Media Expert Deano Power reveals the truth at last!


$100,000,000 website

850,000 subscribers

2,500,000 monthly visitors


781 videos

18,500 subscribers




10 are my friends

social media starter packages
Social Media Starter Packages
  • 18 Social Media Profiles created and branded
  • Simple Content Framework for your brand
  • Highly leveraged and syndicated workflow
  • Tutorials and Coaching Materials
what is an ebook why should i have one and how can i get one written for me for free1
What is an EBook, why should I have one, and how can I get one written for me for free?
  • Just like a real book (often shorter and easier to read) but delivered online
  • Generally directed to a very specific niche market (inch wide, mile deep) – including specific health issues
  • Andrew and Daryl Grant teach people how to make money online by selling ebooks
  • Fast track program is full of their top performers who would like to have 12 ebooks in the next 12 months making money for them
joint venture opportunity with our internet secrets fast track members
Joint Venture Opportunity with Our Internet Secrets Fast Track Members
  • They interview you and turn the transcript into a book
  • Your provide any additional info that is necessary
  • They get their book done quickly and easily
benefits to you
Benefits to You
  • You get quoted in the text as the EXPERT
  • Your website gets quoted as the source for more information
  • This enhances your GOOGLE ranking and your organic searchability
  • Ideally, you get access to the LIST of buyers of the book
  • This allows you to create products to offer them further eg. Secondary info, workshops, webinars, coaching, phone consults
  • Attracts new consults to your clinic at a premium fee
topics requested so far
Topics Requested So Far
  • Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) – conventional and alternative approach to treatment
  • Osteoporosis - looking for people who are medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, exercise specialists (eg, physiotherapists, osteopaths, pilates instructors) etc. As well as looking at alternate (natural) ways to reverse osteoporosis, I want to give a clear picture of underlying causes/contributing factors, and how to reverse them so optimum health can be experienced
topics requested so far1
Topics Requested So Far
  • How to withdraw from opiates using natural remedies - an interview and any other information

NOTE: More than one expert may be required per book

Also Advanced Expert Recognition members will get first refusal.

how to leverage the internet to make passive income1
How to leverage the internet to make passive income
  • My conundrum since I started this business – how do I grow it without diluting the offering?
  • Only one of me, but so many practitioners!
  • Tried training coaches, but it takes a LOT of work to get them to a standard I’m happy with. Decided I want a small and select team of coaches around me (at the premium price point), not hoards of half trained people at a mid price point as with other coaching programs
how to leverage the internet to make passive income2
How to leverage the internet to make passive income
  • Recognised a large part of my market wanted more, but couldn’t afford the investment or were geographically too far away
  • Created two lower levels of access to me and my information, both of them replicable and not relying on my personal exertion


  • This is a once a week video coaching, backed up by worksheets and materials.
  • Lifestyle Practitioner Coaching 101 – Hidden Profits Marketing Kick Start over 6 months
  • Suitable for those who want more information but want to get their “toe in the water first”
1 health practice profits
1: Health Practice Profits



Best Results

Volume vs Value

Limiting Beliefs

Value Matrix

Business Planning

Defining Values

Fear & Goal Setting

Direct Response Marketing


Marketing Funnel

LVC Appreciation Formula


Reactivation Strategies

Tiered Pricing

Conversion Tips

Reactivation Letter Offer

Elevator Pitch



Intro Offer (funnel)

Free Report

Designing a Funnel

Book Writing

1 health practice profits1
1: Health Practice Profits


Intro Offer Design

High End Offer Design

Obstacles to High End


Passive Income

Personality Projection

What are You Worth

Personality Profile

Average $ Sale

Joint Venture

Calculate Your New Value

Implement New $ Value

Conquering Fear

Guarantee Design

Guarantee Critique


Ad Format

Ad Placement

Other’s Database

Offer Placement

Know Your Numbers

3 Phase Marketing

Ad Frequency

Business Card Design


Action Plan

2 lifestyle practitioner academy entry level membership
2: Lifestyle Practitioner Academy Entry Level Membership
  • Suitable for single practitioners just commencing practice, new graduates and non-mature practices
  • Includes tickets to first 2 days of 2 x Quarterly Marketing Conferences per year, plus full 12 month video driven curriculum and selected information products
3 lifestyle practitioner academy mastermind membership
3: Lifestyle Practitioner Academy Mastermind Membership
  • Suitable for “mature” practitioners and larger practices, includes full curriculum of events and products, PLUS extra coaching day each quarter PLUS monthly calls with Adam (most valuable part)
  • Suitable for practitioners who understand they require personal breakthroughs as well as proven business strategies to achieve their ideal lifestyle, and value personal support on both of these levels.
4 lifestyle practitioner academy mastermind plus
4: Lifestyle Practitioner Academy Mastermind Plus
  • Suitable for 6 – 7 figure practitioners who require on-site intensive training and support. Includes all of the above items plus regular on-site coaching to cover financials, succession planning, staff training and systemization. Adam’s one on one coaching supplemented by professionals trained in specific areas eg. Ex-Chief Financial Controller, Sales training specialist, systems implementation consultant.
4 lifestyle practitioner academy mastermind plus1
4: Lifestyle Practitioner Academy Mastermind Plus
  • Suitable for mature practices who wish to fast track their growth and/or succession planning and understand the best use of their own time.
5 advanced expert recognition program
5: Advanced Expert Recognition Program
  • Suitable for practitioners who have a replicable skill, service or modality and who are passionate about leveraging their knowledge into a 7 figure income business.
the membership site model and how to apply it in your practice
The membership site model and how to apply it in your practice
  • Creates leverage without diluting content as can happen with real staff
  • What I don’t suggest you do (at least in the short term) – try to create a pure online business
  • What I suggest you can do relatively easily and will enhance your current practice
  • Feed your current clients into it – don’t rely on web traffic
the membership site model and how to apply it in your practice1
The membership site model and how to apply it in your practice
  • Start with it for free, transition to paid
  • Sell membership site as your continuity program
  • Bonus item at first, then stand alone product
  • Incorporate into programs ie. Health coaching part/recipes/info is web delivered
  • This becomes a saleable asset, also replicable