you re checklist while booking luxury airport n.
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You’re Checklist While Booking Luxury Airport Limousine PowerPoint Presentation
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You’re Checklist While Booking Luxury Airport Limousine

You’re Checklist While Booking Luxury Airport Limousine

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You’re Checklist While Booking Luxury Airport Limousine

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  1. You're CHECKLIST WHILE Booking Luxury Airport Limousine in California

  2. It is always a good idea to book the luxury airport limousine while traveling to and from the airport. These vehicles are equipped with all the amenities providing you leisure travel time. Moreover, they are always on time so you can never miss your flight or an important meeting after leaving the airport. • While booking a luxury airport limousine, you need to follow this checklist as this will ensure that there is no mistake on your part and you don’t end up in any kind of unfavorable situation:

  3. 1 Always Provide A Cell Number • When booking a limousine, always give your cell phone number to the company. This will make it easier for them to contact you if the driver is going to be late for some reason or if he misses the terminal. This will also create an ease for both you and the driver to find each other.

  4. 2 Carry the Confirmation Number • You must have your confirmation number and the contact information of the limousine service at all times. If the chauffeur doesn’t show up or if any other problem arises, you would need to notify the company.

  5. 3 Leave Early For International Departures • If you are taking the luxury airport limousine on your way to an international flight, you need to make sure that you give a time way before the actual flight time. This is because a lot of time goes into boarding and custom checking. Thus, you need to make sure that you don’t miss the flight because you reached the airport late and got caught up in the boarding procedure.

  6. 4 Confirm Your Flight • Always confirm your flight before leaving for the airport as this will notify you of the possible delays. By checking on time, you can also inform the limousine services and let them know about the new timings of the flight. This will save you from unnecessary waiting.

  7. 5 Never Switch Off Your Cell Phone • Your cell phone will be the most convenient way for you to contact the limousine service so it must be switched on at all times. 

  8. 6 Get A Meet and Greet • This is one of the most beneficial services to avail and can add a lot of value to your trip. If you are arriving, a greeter will meet you at the gate and will take you to the baggage claim area. After retrieving the bags, that person will call the chauffeur of the limousine to pick you at the curb. If you are departing, the greeter will meet you at the curb and will be carrying the boarding passes and the baggage tags with him. He will then take you to the front of the security line and will accompany you to the gate.

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