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Precision Thermometers, Temperature Calibration Equipment, P

Welcome to AccuMac Corporation. We design and manufacture Precision thermometers, digital thermometer readouts, platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), Temperature calibration equipment and thermal imaging devices.

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Precision Thermometers, Temperature Calibration Equipment, P

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  1. Get The ultimate destination to purchase Temperature calibration equipment Are you in search of a company or store that offers a range of the finest metrological products? Are you in need of the Temperature calibration equipment for any purpose? Well, if your answer is a yes, then you have actually landed on the perfect platform! Yes, with our designs and production of these products, you are sure to avail with your purpose greatly. Moreover, our commitments and dedication is another approach towards receiving the best.

  2. They are a leading designing and manufacturing firm for the highest quality platinum resistance temperature probes, thermal imaging devices, digital thermometer readouts and thermocouple devices. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of metrology makes them the foremost choice of many customers. Moreover, our passionate team members make great products with the use of cutting-edge technological tools. With their products, you can complete many tasks because of their capability of having a range of applications and uses that includes industrial process control, laboratory metrology and quality assurance.

  3. Our Platinum Resistance Thermometerare very reasonable in price making it affordable for any person to purchase. They are mostly used as a reference pr standard thermometer in order to calibrate other such devices and measure temperature accurately in the primary and secondary laboratory as well. It features a very low drift rate. They are available as- AM1960/1950 SPRTs AM1760/1762 Secondary SPRT AM1860/1850 SPRTs

  4. Among their many Temperature calibration equipment, one major product named AM8060 Precision Thermometer has wide features to ease your works. The features include- High accuracy: up to ±0.008 °C at 0 °C 2.7 inch OLED display Data transfer to PC using a USB cable Full-size Touchpad for function control Two inputs for reading two different sensors simultaneously Data transfer to PC using a USB cable High resolution: 0.001 °C over the full range

  5. Therefore, visit their website any time to have better information about their outstanding products. In fact, other than Temperature Calibration, you can also purchase their quality accessories that are available as Thermocouple Connectors and Carrying Cases. If you are facing any issue with their services and products, you can contact our experts at 480-634-0603 who will serve you as per your requirements.

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