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Western Equipment Precision Services

Explore our cutting-edge precision agriculture services to optimize equipment accuracy and performance. Utilize GPS technology, RTK, SF1, and SF2 options for improved efficiency. Benefit from reduced planting errors, increased yields, and simplified operations.

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Western Equipment Precision Services

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  1. Western Equipment Precision Services

  2. Accuracy Options SF1 World Solution +/- 10 inches* RTK SF2 Ready +/- 4 inches* SF2 SF1 RTK Active 1 inch *Pass to Pass within 15 minutes, 95% of the time, measured at the receiver

  3. How StarFire Network Works GPS GPS Inmarsat Land Earth Station Uplink Differential Corrections StarFire Reference Stations Processing Hubs Raw GPS Raw GPS

  4. How RTK Works GPS Raw GPS Base Station Vehicle

  5. Feb 15 2011 GLONASS update on SF3000

  6. Integrated AutoTracTM Vehicle Kit AutoTracTM Universal Steering Kit

  7. iTEC Pro

  8. Swath Control Pro™ Spray boom sections are turned on/off automatically Reduced overlap of inputs Increased ease of operation

  9. Swath Control Pro™ andGS2 Rate Controllers

  10. Swath Control Pro™ for Planters • Turns sections of the planter ON and OFF based on GPS to reduce over-planting in headlands • Benefits: • Reduced Seed Costs • Increased Yields • Reduced Operator Fatigue • Less Risk of Planting Errors

  11. Swath Control Pro™ and GS2 Rate Controllers

  12. Documentation / Rate Control Desktop Software APEX Documentation Field Doc Harvest Doc Map Based Prescriptions Seeding Spraying Swath Control Self-propelled GS2 Rate Controller Raven/Hardi Swath Control Planters Pull-type sprayers

  13. Agronomic Solutions Yield Mapping Enables simple hybrid/variety comparisons Identify & quantify drainage problems Refine fertility recommendations Variable Rate Applications P, K, and lime Variable rate seeding and nitrogen Increased adoption of variable rate plant growth regulator and defoliant in cotton

  14. SST

  15. Maps Maps

  16. Harvest variety summary Reports

  17. Agriculture’s Report Card • Yield: The most valuable of all data. • Quantify and Compare • Within Fields • Across Fields • Across Regions • Basis for many decisions • Collected annually.

  18. Map Based Prescriptions

  19. Variable Rate Lime Martha, OK Feb 2010

  20. How JDLink™ Works Average Engine Load Machine Utilization Fuel Utilization AutoTrac on Time 2010 John Deere Aftermarket Expo| December, 2010

  21. How does Service ADVISOR™ Remote work? CommServices Server Server MTG Server Internet Internet 31 | 2011 John Deere National Training Program | AMS Masters

  22. Modular Telematics Gateway &Satellite Module‘if you can monitor it, you can improve it’ • What is JDLink? JDLink equipment management solution is our John Deere telematics system designed to remotely connect owners and managers to their equipment, providing  alerts and machine information including location, utilization, performance, and maintenance data to manage where and how equipment is being used. • Q: How does JDLink work? JDLink uses a communications controller, a GPS and cellular antenna, and harnesses installed in a machine to send machine data wirelessly to JDLink data server. This machine data is available to customer through JDLink’s website.

  23. With AgLogic operations management software, customers get the right resources to the right place at the right time. Combining GPS, cellular technology, and Web-based software, the AgLogic system helps agribusinesses manage and improve the productivity of their assets and fleet.  AgLogic™ System

  24. John Deere Launches FarmSight March 4, 2011 Machine Optimization Easily manage equipment maintenance and monitor vital machine data, such as fuel level, service needs and diagnostic codes. Logistics Optimization Lets you track your equipment from anywhere you have a wireless connection, even remote locations. Provides operators with maps and directions to save time. Agronomic Decision Support Helps you respond to changing conditions and manage risk with easily accessed, timely information about your operation.

  25. Questions

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