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Exploring the Middle East PowerPoint Presentation
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Exploring the Middle East

Exploring the Middle East

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Exploring the Middle East

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  1. Exploring the Middle East The Arabian Peninsula and  the Fertile Crescent

  2. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  This is the third and final  stop on Mrs. Brecht's tour.   Mrs. Brecht is visiting  Jerusalem and the Galilee  area in the north of Israel. 

  3. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Your Assignment The assignment in this slide show work somewhat differently than the previous ones.  Rather than answering several small questions throughout the slideshow, your job is to work on one larger project, and to use the resources in this slideshow to help you accomplish this project.  Using Publisher (Mrs. Whalen can help you) you are to create a newspaper "front page."  You are a time traveler reporter in the Holy Land and your newspaper should reflect this.  Your first page should include at least two articles, two pictures, and at least one scripture verse. 

  4. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Mrs. Brecht goes to Jerusalem on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. While in Jerusalem, Mrs. Brecht will visit the Old City, the Wailing Wall, the Mount of Olives, and the Garden of Gethsemane. She will walk the Via Dolorosa (the path of the Stations of the Cross) and visit Jesus' tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  She will then travel to the Galilee region, the area in which Jesus ministered.  There, Mrs. Brecht will stay on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, walk to Capernaum, and visit the Mount of Olives.  The following slides give you information about these places and the biblical stories associated with them. To complete your assignment for today, you will need to access these websites. 

  5. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Sites in Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre Mount of Olives & Garden of Gethsemane The Western Wall Via Dolorosa

  6. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Biblical Verses for Jerusalem  This website tells you where in the bible certain events (for example, the Agony in the Garden or the Last Supper) appear. Use this website to find where you need to look in the bible.  Biblical Passages Associated with Jesus in Jerusalem Use the following website to search for these passages so you can read them.  Bible Gateway

  7. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Old City, Jerusalem

  8. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Sites in the Galilee Region

  9. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Biblical Verses for the Galilee Region Biblical Passages on Jesus' Early Ministry in Galilee Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7 You might also search the bible to find passages about particular towns or stories (miracles, sermons, healings, etc.) of Jesus' ministry. Use the next slide to see a map of the Galilee region to help you think of places.   Bible Gateway

  10. Jerusalem and Galilee, Israel  Your "Front Page" Newspaper Articles (1) Use the previous slides to choose some place, action, miracle, or event that was significiant in Jesus' life.  In your article give such details as to where this took place, what happened, who was there,  and how eyewitnesses responded to the event (make up an eyewitness). (2) A second article should report on the same place.  This time write about what this place is today.  For instance, if you report on Jesus' sermon on the mount, then your second article should be an article reporting on this place in present day: what it looks like, who visits it and why, and so on.   Remember to write using your own words.  Be creative!