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Coffee Klatsch

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Learn why a coffee klatsch is a postive break for employees

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coffee klatsch

Coffee Klatsch


For Happy Employees

why does your office need a coffee klatsch
Why Does Your Office Need a Coffee klatsch?

+Studies have repeatedly proven that increased employee retention rate is steeply dependent on generating a positive, personal, and enthusiastic office culture

+Studies have also proven that allowing employees breaks throughout their work day “recharges” them, enabling their productivity to achieve new levels

+A solid coffee klatsch is a means by which both breaks and employee culture are stimulated!

what happens at the klatsch
What Happens at “The Klatsch?”

+At a well-supplied, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging break room, employees will develop good friendships and a positive perceptionof their work environment

+A coffee klatsch is social gathering over coffee

+Employees will wish to stay at work longer, taking less breaks outside of the office, because they will <3 the coffee klatsch

*Most importantly, employees will feel less inclined to leave their job…they will want to stay!

coffee klatsch 101 a break room is just a room without
Coffee Klatsch101:A Break Room is Just a Room Without…
  • Break room supplies
    • Cabinet space
    • Countertop space
    • Appliances
      • Refrigerator & Freezer
      • Microwave
    • Coffee maker <3 <3
      • Keurig or Drip Coffee Maker
    • Toaster (Not necessary, but a nice perk!)
coffee klatsch 101 coffee supplies
Coffee Klatsch101: Coffee Supplies
  • Coffee
    • Keurig K-Cups
    • Ground coffee for drip coffee makers
  • Milk
    • Whole, Skim, or 2%
    • Soy and/or Lactose Intolerant Milk
  • Sugar, Artificial Sweetners, and honey
  • Stirrers (not 100% necessary, but a perk!)
coffee klatsch 101 tea supplies
Coffee Klatsch101:Tea Supplies

Keep these teas stocked up in your break room!

*Black/ English Breakfast



*Earl Grey



+It’s also nice to have honey and lemons on hand, in case your employees suffer from a bad throat cold!

+IMPORTANT: Make sure that there is a device available to heat up water. Microwaves will suffice, but there must be a micro-safe bowl, mug, or container in the break room to heat the water up in.

the coffe klatsch office morale
The CoffeKlatsch & Office Morale
  • A good break room gets people out of their chairs, which is extremely important for employees’ health
    • Studies show that remaining seated throughout the day is detrimental to employee health, morale, and overall perception of their career
  • A break room can be one of the contributing reasons that compel employees to stay at their job. It is important that employees want to stay at their job-- literally.
    • Employees who are itching to end their work day will most likely quit, thereby decreasing a company’s employee retention rate
  • Studies show that accommodating a social break rooms can increase employee productivity by 25%
    • A coffee klatsch enables employees to vent and chat with their coworkers
    • Develop a personal relationship with their work space
    • Recharge their mental energy to pursue new tasks more vigorously
provide comfortable seating
Provide Comfortable Seating
  • Again, the klatsch is about taking a “break” from the office.
    • Allowing employees to relax in comfortable office furniture gives them the ability to regain their strength to work harder when they reenter the office
    • Without comfy chairs, employees will most likely exit the office premises for their lunch break, but with comfy seating, employees will feel encouraged to stick around during their lunch break to socialize with the coworkers.
add d cor
Add Décor

+Adding décor to the break room distinguishes it from the rest of the office

    • Employees view it as a real “break” room – a break from the office space and enjoy the coffee klatsch!
    • Adding décor can help boost employees’ moods, relaxing them from the stress of the office
  • Bring in some potted plants
  • Hang pictures
  • Paint the walls with a pop of color
  • Tip: For seasonal holidays, use scissorsand office paperto cut out snowflakes, flowers, hearts, suns, etc. to hang on the walls
remember the klatsch break is not about the office
Remember: “The Klatsch” break is NOT about the office

Haven’t we emphasized that enough? The break room is not a room filled with office supplies and file cabinets. It’s there to help fortify office culture. Don’t bring work into the break room!

And ask employees about what changes they would like to see in their break room

Take out notebooksand list the things that your employees care about. Guaranteed, your employee retention rate will soar!