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    2. PHILIP PROWSE • Philip Prowse began his ELT career as a British Council Officer for eleven years, working in Egypt, Portugal, Greece and Poland mainly in teacher education. On returning to the UK he was Director of Studies and then Principal of Bell College, Saffron Walden. Since 1993 he has been a full-time writer and freelance trainer, directing a wide range of teachers courses overseas and in Cambridge where he lives. He has been a plenary speaker at key EFL conferences in many countries including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. He has written a dozen highly successful guided readers and co-authored a number of coursebooks. He is Series Editor on the best-selling short course Accelerate and of Skilful, a newly-published skills series (both for Macmillan).Carti publicate: Bristol Murder, Death of a Soldier, Death of a Soldier, Rich Man-Poor Man, L. A. Detective, L. A. Movie, L. A. Raid, L. A. Winners, Shine, The Sign of Four, Dracula, The Speckled Band & Other Stories, The Woman who Disappeared, This is London, This is London, This is New York

    3. THE PEOPLE IN THIS HISTORY • NAME: Peter Jones • AGE: 22 • ADRES: 103 Mil road , Bridgwater • DESCRIPTION: Tall, thin, dark hair, brown eyes • LIFE: Peter Jones was fifteen when his father died. Peter’s mother was very very poor and needed money, so Peter got a job. Peter gave all the money he earned to his his mother to help pay for the house where they lived. Their house was very small and old but it was cheap. When he was seventeen, Peter changed his job and started to work for company called Universal Transport Limited. This company had a lot of lorries. As soon as he was old enough, Peter learnt to drive. When he was twenty-one , he passed a driving test which allowed him to drive big lorries on his own. Now he drives lorries with goods in them from Bridgwater to Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

    4. NAME: John Stevens • AGE:16 • ADRESS:24 Devonshire Road, Bristol • DESCRIPTION:Medium height, thin, brown hair, brown eyes. • LIFE.John Stevens’ mother and father are dead. He lives with his uncle. His uncle, Robert Stevens, is a school teacher. John is still at school but he doesn’t enjoy it and he wants to leave. • NAME.:Jeff Beck • AGE: 24 • ADRESS: Cabaret Club, 12 Victoria Street, Manchester • DESCRIPTION: Medium height, quite fat, long dark hair,blue eyes. • LIFE: Jeff Beck left school at fifteen. He was soon in trouble with the police. When he was eighteen, he was sent to prison for three months for stealing cars. After he left prison, he continued stealing and caught again. He is now twenty-four and has been in prison three times. He is the owner of a night club.

    5. NAME: Bob Steel • AGE: 42 • ADRESS:12 river Street, Bristol • DESCRIPTION: short, average weight, red hair, small red beard, green eyes. • LIFE: Nothing is known about his childhood. He has no job. He sells information to the police about robberies and people who steal. • NAME:Tommy Logan • he was about sixteen with dark hair and thin face, wearing a a leather jacket and he has got a motorbike. He seemed nervous and his eyes were moving all the time. • NAME: Mr. Robert Stevens • Mr. Stevens is John’s uncle. He lives with John. He is a teacher and an authoritarian man. He is always angry and Mr. Stevents hits his pupils.

    6. SUMMARY Story is about an event that Peter Johnes, who is a lorry driver, experience. Peter Jones, as always, goes to Universal Transport Ltd. where he works in order to get the adress to which he will transport the load. This time his jop is to transport load of biscuits to Brigwater Mancester. After taking the adress and load, he setts off. England is cold and rainy since there is nobody outside Brigwater is very silent when Peter reaches to Bristol from Brigwater the rain gets heavy. While he is driving very difficultly, he comes across a child who is hitch-hiking. It is difficult to seem the rain but the body is about sixteen and he is wearing a red jersey and jeans. He seems frightened and nervous. Peter gets him in the lorry and go on their journey together. After a few minutes, they start to chat Child’s name is John. Since his mother and father has died, he lives with his uncle . But he has some problems with his uncle. Therefore, he has fought with his uncle and run away from home. Now, he doesn’t know where to go Peter stops at the cafe to drink tea and have a rest. While the child taking the teas, Peter gets a newspaper and start to read. While reading a newspaper, he sees an interesting title; “MAN FOUND DEAD” “The body of Mr. Robert Stevens, 44, was found in his home at 24 Devanshine Rod, Bristol last night. There must have been a fight because a lot of the furniture was broken. Nothing has been stolen” Now the most important sentence comes. “police are looking for Mr. Stevens’ nephew, John Stevens, aged 16, who lived with him.” Peter gets very suprised but he doesn’t say anything to the child. After drinking their teas they go on their journey. It has stopped raining and the sun is shining. Peter sends John in to the back of the lorry in order for him to sleep. He thinks that if John is a murderer or not . At this time he sees a police car

    7. in his way and his stops. The car with fear.the police tell him briefly about Brigwater murder and say that they look for child, called John Stevens. Peter believes that everything has finished. They will find the child and arrest him, too, because of hiding a murderer. While Peter is thinking about them nervously. The policeman says that he was finished the search so he can go in this way. Peter gets very suprised gets on the lorry and after driving for some time he stops it. And looks for John at the back of the lorry. John is sleeping under on old coart. It is very difficult to see him. Peter thinks that it is chance for John and he wakes John up. When he wakes up, he is unaware.of everthing. Peter tells him everthing and wants him tell only the truth. He says that he has fought with his uncle and he has beaten him. But he swears that he hasn’t killed him. Peter believes John and thinks that they should find the murderer who kills his uncle in order to solve this problem. They don’t talk until they arrive Manchester. John says to peter that he has to go, but Peter doesn’t give permission to him. Peter promises him to find the real murderer and save him. This time, it is turn for John to get suprised. Peter tells him that when he was young, he used to steal cars for fun with his friends and after driving for some time they left it to its place Peter stops this job when he grows up. But his friends go on doing this and become a criminal billionaire.and he decides to get help from them. When they arrive the place where they will cede. The load, Peter wants to wonder and during this time Peter will visit his friends and try to get information. After ceting the load, Peter goes to visit his old friend, Jeff. Jeff has just got out of prison and has his own night club. Peter tells the event to Jeff and Jeff gives him the name of a man called Bob Shell.

    8. bob has more information about every event in Brigwater than the police. Peter gets the adress of Bob and says goodbye to his old friend. Now, it is time for them to turn back to Bringham. On the way, Peter tells John about Bob Stell. He says that only Bob can help them. All the way, they only talk about Bob. When they reach Bringham. They go to the house of Bob Stell. He gives in an old house near a river. When you look at the house, it seems nobody lives there. Bob is waiting for John and Peter on an untidy bed. Peter tells the event to Bob Stell, but he says to them that only if they give money, he will help them Neverhless, neither Peter no John has enough money to give. Bob therefore, Bob gives them a little information John gets angry and cleims that Bob doesn’t know anything Bob tells them to find the money and come to the rain station. After, arranging a time to meet, Peter and John leave. While Peter tries to find the money, John waits for the time they will meet when Bob understands that they have gone, he calls the police and denounces John when the meeting time comes neither Bob no Peter arrives the train station. John starts to get nervous. Then he sees that two men is coming towords him. John thinks that they are police John is arrested and taken to the police station when Peter comes to the station, he sees John in the police car Peter can’t understand what is happening. Only he and Bob know where John has been. He goes to the house of Bob but he isn’t there. He decides to wait in a cafe near his house. It starts to get dark but Bob hasn’t reached yet. Suddenly he sees that a man who look like Bob is taking to a boy. When he looks carefully he understands that it is Bob and he starts to chase them. They enter a deserted street and starts to talk very excitedly.

    9. Peter difficulty understands what they talk. When he hears the words “station”, “police” and “ John”, he understands that they are talking about this event. When Bob and the boy notice Peter, they start to run away. Peter chases them and catches Bob. Then they go to Bob’s house. Peter asks him why he has denounced John and who the real murderer is. Bob doesn’t talk, he only tells him to go to the school in order to get information. Peter ties him to the chair and goes to Fohn’s school. At the same time John’s uncle is a teacher at the school. When Peter arrives school, there is nobody . Only the claner is there. He asks the cleaner questions about John and his uncle. But he can’t find anything useful. Cleaner gives him the name of the cafe where the students usually go. Peter goes these with the hope that he can find sth. there.. He speaks to John’s friends. They tell him that there is a boy called Tommy at school and he has some problems with John’s uncle. Peter wants to talk to Tommy but he doesn’t want. Then he realizes that Tommy is the boy who Bob has talked. Tommy goes away with motorbike and Peter understands where he goes. So he also goes to the hause of Bob Stell. When Peter arrives there, he finds them while talking. Then they see Peter. And they start to run away. Their running stops when the police arrest them. They go to police station all together. Firsti Bob stell testifies. He tells that the murder of Mr. Steven2s is not John but Tommy Logan. After this, Tommy starts to explain everything. The reason for him to go to Mr. Steven’s house is to say that the punished Stevens has given to him is unjust. He finds him lying on the floor. As Mr. Steven’s has already been angry, they start to quarrel immediately.

    10. Tommy can’t help beating Mr.stevens with the chair and he is dead. Now everything has been discovered. The real murder of Mr. Stevens is Tommy Logan . John and Peter is free now. They get on the lorry and set off to go Peter’s house. On the way they see a boy who is hitch-hiking. Peter stops the lorry and asks the child where he goes. He says that he has ran away from his house and doesn’t know where to go. Peter and John look at the each other and start to laugh.

    11. GLOSSARY IN BOOK • 1 Pass a driving test (page 4) :to succeed in a test which allows you to drive a car or a lorry on the road .In England a person cannot drive a lorry until he /she is twenty-one • 2 goods (page 4) : things that are being carried from one place to another place. • 3 load (page 8): the goods which the lorry is carrying • 4 load (page 8) : to put the goods onto a lorry , car or train before it leaves • 5 weather forecast (page 9) : this tells you what the weather will be – if it is going to rain or if the sun is going to shine • 6 make a living (page 21): the way someone makes money • 7 make yourself at home (page 30): to feel comfortable and happy in a new place • 8 interval (page 31) :during along film at the cinema there is an interval.the film stops and the lights in cinema are switched on .the people in the cinema have about ten minutes to talk off again and fşlm continues. • 9 mind your own business (page 35):to keep away from someone’s private matters • 10 change your mind (page 37): to think you will do something and later decide not to do it , • 11 under arrest (page 43): if a policeman asks you to go with him , you can refuse.But if the policeman puts you under arrest , you must go with him • 12 jump for your life (page 62): to jump or move in very quick and suprised way

    12. VOCABULARY • CHAPTER 1 • Cheerfully (adv) :happy and snowing this by your behaviour (neseyle) • Instructions (noun) :information or advice that tells you how to do or use something (talimat) • Forecast (v) :to tell about something before it happens (tahmin etmek) • Hitch-hiking (v) : to travel by asking for free rides in other people’s car (otostop çekmek) • Inqure (v) :formal to ask someone for information (araştırmak) • CHAPTER 2 • Interrupt (v) : to stop someone while they are speaking or doing something by suddenly saying or doing sth yourself (sözünü kesmek) • Nod (v) :to move your head up down , especially to say yes or to show that you understand something (başını sallamak) • Encourage (v) :to make someone feel confident and hopeful (cesaret vermek ) • Hesitate (v) :to pause for a moment before doing or saying something (tereddüt etmek) • CHAPTER 5 • Squeeze (v) :to press something firmly (sıkmak)

    13. CHAPTER 6 • Grin (v) :to smile with a very wide smile (tebessüm etmek) • Meanwhile (adv) :during this time (bu arada) • Interual (adv) : ara • Bump (v) :to knock something (çarpışmak) • Whisper (v) :to speak very softly (fısıldamak) • Sheet (noun) :a board piece of cloth for a bed (çarsaf) • Wrist (noun) :the part of your arm at the joint between hand forearm (bilek) • Liar (noun):a person who tells lies (yalancı) • CHAPTER 10 • Rough (adj) :not smooth (kaba) roughly : (adv) using to much violence (kabaca) • Bang (v) :to make a loud noise , especially by hitting something aganist something hard ( çarpmak) • CHAPTER 11 • Pretend (v) :to behave as if something is true when you know it is not (rol yapmak) • Twist (v) :to bend or turn something into a particular shape , often it does not go in naturally , to be bent in this way (burkmak)

    14. CHAPTER 12 • Bit (noun) : slightly , a little /small piece , amount or part of sth (kirinti) • Ignore (v) : to pay no attention to sb/sth (görmemezlikten gelmek) • Tie (v) :to fasten sb/sth or fix sb/ sth in possition with rabe , string , etc:to make a knoct in sth • Rope (noun) :very thick , strong string that is used for bying or lifting heavy things , climbing up (halat) • Lean (v) : to move the top part of your body and head forwards , backwards or to the side • CHAPTER 13 • Temper (noun) : the way you are feeling at a particular time (keyif) • Pupil (noun) : a child in school (ögrenci) • Carebaker (noun) : a person whose job is to look after a large building (hademe) • CHAPTER 14 • Shake (v) : to move from side to side or up and town with short , quick movements (çalkalamak) • Roar (v) : to make a loud , deep sound (kükremek) • Gap (noun) : an empty space in sth or between two things (aralık) • Delay (v) : to make sb /sth slow or late (aksatmak) • Immediately(adv) :once; without delay (hemen)

    15. CHAPTER 15 • Immediately(adv) :once; without delay (hemen) • Sergeant (noun):an officer with a middle position in the police force (komiser muavini) • Waste (v) :to use on spend sth in a careless way or for that is not necessaary (çarçur etmek)