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  1. Bristol By Alex Leakey and Zoe Coghlan

  2. History of Bristol Bristol is believed to be estimated around 60,000 years old.The city received country status in the 14th century. It is one of the biggest centers for culture, education and employment. One of Bristol’s most famous landmarks is the suspension bridge made by the Brunel, also one of Bristol’s most recognizable figures. It’s hard to visit Bristol and not see the suspension bridge in all its glory.

  3. Famous people from Bristol Russell Howard- The blonde cheery guy on the bottom right is a famous comedian in England from Bristol! He has his own TV show that has proven to be a hit with the viewers, Russell Howard’s Good News. Banksy- Probably one of the most internationally known figure from Bristol, although ironically nobody knows who he is! His graffiti work is shown all around the world.

  4. The Bristol Docks Bristol was the original port for the surrounding area, but as the cargo and boat size increased, it now not as used as often and the docks by Portbury and Avonmouth. Now it is a main hub for tourists with many shops and restaurants on the dock side including ZaZa Bazaar – one of the UK’s biggest restaurants!

  5. Shopping in Bristol Personally I think Bristol has one of the best shopping malls, including Cabot Circus, The Mall and The Galleries. The variety of shops suits every single style! Adding to the shops, Bristol has also got one of the most individual styles. When shopping in Bristol you will never get bored of the people because no matter where you go you will see something you have never seen before!

  6. The gorillas in Bristol For the Bristol Zoo’s 175th birthday, 60 life sized Gorillas were made with various painted patterns on them and they were placed over Bristol (one was placed in Birmingham). They were a success and brought a lot of publicity to Bristol.

  7. Sports In Bristol Bristol has a variety of sports teams. The most known teams are the two Football squads (The Bristol Rovers and Bristol City) and the Rugby team. We have also hosted the Indoor Cricket World Cup in 2007. Before the 2012 London Olympics, facilities around the city were used as training camps. There is an annual half marathon here too.

  8. ART WORK OF BRISTOL Notorious for it’s art work, Bristol’s main type of art style is graffiti, which is also one of the most popular. With it’s rough urban style graffiti is a great way for people to get there opinions across, although people count graffiti as vandalism.

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