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  1. MURDER MANSION Choose Your Own Adventure

  2. Your best friend invites you to come to a Halloween party with her, you reluctantly agree. When her mom arrives, you hop in the car and she drops you off at the doorstep of a freaky looking mansion.(a) go in. (b) turn back and hail a taxi

  3. The taxi driver turns around and bares his fangs at you. He is a vampire(a) Scream and jump out of the taxi (b) Stay calm

  4. You wind up at a pumpkin patch. You feel hungry and thirsty.(a) Drink from a nearby stream.(b) Eat a pumpkin.

  5. You run back the 20 meters you traveled and change your mind and go into the mansion. But, your friend disappeared. You need to go find her.(a) You go through the only door that is painted a horrible color of black.

  6. There are two doors.(a) Go in the orange door(b) Go in the white door

  7. You end up in a Snow Paradise! An  Evil Witch comes out(a) Hide behind a tree (b) Bravely step out and follow him

  8. Uh oh, the pumpkin contained poison...

  9. Suddenly the taxi driver turns into your teacher from school and tortures you to endless homework.FAIL!!!

  10. While drinking, you see a scary reflection at the other side of the stream. Look up Pretend not to see and continue drinking.

  11. The reflection passes away, you sneak a glance up and find an evil looking person slinking away.

  12. You are forced to eat pumpkins for the rest of your life.(a) Eat the biggest fattest pumpkin

  13. You turn into a fairy with a pink tutu and end up dancing ballet for the rest of you life in front of your whole school UH OH!!!

  14. You turn into a boy that is a rich brat. (a) Go into the golden door(b) Go into the brown door

  15. After trailing him for days, you finally wind up at a mossy hill. You’re very tired and think of abandoning him and going back to the Pumpkin Patch. Continue Following Him You Decide to sit at the moss hill and rest

  16. You are so tired that you fall asleep, when you wake up, you find yourself in your bed, that was just a dream!!!

  17. When you follow him, he leads you to you friend. You are United Forever!!!!!

  18. Once she passes, you follow her to her palace where you sneak past guards. Suddenly, you find guards surrounding you. Give up and let them capture you Stay Where you are

  19. You stay still and then suddenly surprise them with your karate moves, you tie them up and find your friend locked up, you let her free and together you go home!!!!!!

  20. It is your worst enemy aka the bully of the school dressed up but he has magical powers and he zaps you and you turn into the opposite gender.(a) You are a girl right now(b) You are a boy right now

  21. It turns out they thought you were an enemy, you remind them that you are good and they let you go, outside your friend is waiting for you!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!

  22. Credits • Pictures: • Google • Animation & Scenes: • Madison Frye