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Role of Mass Media in Tourism, Bangladesh

Role of Mass Media for the Development of Tourism in the context of Bangladesh.

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Role of Mass Media in Tourism, Bangladesh

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  1. Role of Mass Media for the Development of Tourism in the Context of Bangladesh Md. ShafiulAzam Id No: 71208029

  2. Mass Media • Mass media are always important in the development of tourism. As a means of attracting tourists or to inform and entertain them after their arrival, high-quality products created by journalists, film producers, and artists can fill a great need.

  3. “Media’’ can Concentrate on Tourism Facilities • The expansion of the tourism through out the world has increased competition among the tourist destinations, because of the tourists want to know in advance about the attractions and the facilities of a particular destination. The tourist also wants to know other related information of his/her visit to make the same safe, secured and enjoyable.

  4. Media must Avoid to Publish our Incompetency on Tourism Facilities

  5. Promotional Activities of Mass- Media • Though promotion plays an important role in tourism marketing, the tourism marketing in Bangladesh is far behind from reaching this goal, which leads to incapacity to attract a significant number of tourists. This is mainly due to inadequate and ineffective promotional measures of the tourism sector of Bangladesh.

  6. The Natural Beauty which we have is Unforgettable

  7. Feel the Innocence of Life

  8. Heavenly Touch

  9. Positive Promotional Thinking • The promotional activities should also be directed in correcting the present image towards Bangladesh as tourists’ destination. By ensuring these measures Bangladesh tourism industry can emerge as one of the major contributors to the national economy of Bangladesh.

  10. Avoid Negative Approaches • The perceived negative image by the potential tourists due to a wrongful and negative reporting from international media adversely affect the tourism of Bangladesh

  11. Negative impact on Tourism when Media publish this sort of photo

  12. Dependency on Local Media is not Sufficient Enough • They only depend on the local media which is not sufficiently fruitful for an industry where the location of the target market is diversified and they are located at the different parts of the world.

  13. Mass Media can build the relationship between Public and Private Sector • Both the private and public tour operators of Bangladesh have the resource constraints and can not afford the sufficient budget for the promotional purpose. As a result, they can not conduct the promotional measures for the said industry by using international media which is essential for attracting the foreign tourists.

  14. Public and Private Sector need Strong Bondage for the Development of Tourism, Bangladesh

  15. Media People & Events has its Potentiality • Even the film makers represent Bangladesh and Bangladesh Tourism effectively in front the whole world. • Sports and other events attract tourists which boosted the infra-structure of Tourism sector in Bangladesh.

  16. Film Maker Represents Bangladesh, shows the positive shine on Tourism

  17. Mass Media can play a vital role to flourish Tourism, Bangladesh • Many countries are now dependent on this sector for foreign currency earnings. Every destination country is trying to achieve more gain by developing this industry. Tourism in Bangladesh is a slowly developing foreign currency earner. The country has much to attract international and domestic tourists.

  18. Mass Media can Reshape Bangladesh as Like the Picture

  19. Thank You

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