future proof your house with the internet n.
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Future Proof Your House With The Internet of Tomorrow PowerPoint Presentation
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Future Proof Your House With The Internet of Tomorrow

Future Proof Your House With The Internet of Tomorrow

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Future Proof Your House With The Internet of Tomorrow

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  1. Future Proof your House  with the Internet of  Tomorrow  One of the major problems that we face nowadays is not having             enough power sockets for the numerous gadgets we keep buying,           the ones that apparently, we absolutely must-have. Now that           smart home technology has come into the spotlight, it has not only         changed our power socket needs but also our overall wiring needs.                                                  Someday, long-lasting batteries, we will not have to worry about wiring.    when   Wi-Fi   is   better   and   everything works on       Until then however, you can read this article about why you should             update the wiring of your house and how to set up a functional           smart home for better connectivity.                                Ethernet cables evolve. With each iteration, the goal is to make it         better in terms of reliability and speed.                    It is not simply enough to use a Cat8 cable to connect to your                 computer, if the wires that live in your walls are ancient. You need             to update those to match the ones you connect to your devices.                              You can do this process yourself or hire an electrician to do it.   If you choose to do this yourself, then here’s how             you can go about it:             ● Start with removing the old Ethernet cables in the walls.  1​​

  2. ● Get wall plates that have space for 2 or 4 ​keystone jacks​.   ● You will have to fix the Cat8 cables into each ​RJ45 Keystone jack​.  ● Once you fix that, place the dust covers on it and then plug it             into the wall plate.   ● Before closing everything up, make sure that the wiring is       proper and everything works. You can use a network tester       for this.   ● Establish a connection with your main internet inline into         your house.   ● Put everything back together and add finishing touches to       your wall if needed.  ● Plug in your new Cat8 Ethernet cables into all the ​RJ45 keystone jacks and into your modem and devices to enjoy         blazing fast internet!                                                                                                                                 I cannot stress the importance of better connectivity.  Now let’s dive into a smart home setup that can           make use of your new advance connectivity:             Start with a good mesh Wi-Fi setup. Wi-Fi dead zones are a big no             for a connected home. Start with a smart home hub that has a           decent screen. You can monitor and set up all the other devices           with it.                                                 Add a thermostat. You can save significantly on electricity with           one that can automatically set the optimal temperature for your           house. Another thing that will save you electricity is smart lights.           You can operate them from anywhere so you never have to think                                                         2​

  3. about whether you turned them off or not halfway on your road           trip.                  The main reasons to have a truly smart and connected home is             security, entertainment, energy saving, and convenience.              Now that we have covered the energy saving part, let’s move on to             the security aspect of it.                  - You get a smart doorbell that comes with a camera. The video             captured from this camera can stream in your smart home         hub and your phones as well if you want to keep a check on               things remotely.   - Additionally, you can put a camera in your living room to           monitor it, in case you have babysitters taking care of your             child. If you get parcels delivered to your house, then with           such doorbells, you can keep an eye on the parcel.                                                                            The scope of entertainment in a connected home is vast. You can             have music following you from room to room, wherever you go. A           digital assistant tends to have features like playing music, and           games as well as storytelling.                                        On the convenience side, a smart home is as if your whole house           comes to your aid in your everyday life. If you have digital assistant             speakers set up in every room, they work as an intercom so you             can broadcast when dinner is ready. With a Wi-Fi mesh system,           you can set the internet limits and restrict sites as well, making it             safer for your kids to be on the internet.                                                                          A smart home changes the way you take care of your home, and             therefore yourself. It reduces certain daily tasks with smart         routines and elevates your way of living.                            3​

  4. All of this is of course, next to impossible to do on a weak or spotty                 internet connection. To use the technology of the future, you need           the wiring of the future and that begins by having cat8 cables             running inside all your ​keystone jacks​.                                            This Blog is Originally posted here: ticles/future-proof-your-house-internet-tomorrow-1756544.html  4​