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SAA 2004 / 2005 update. PowerPoint Presentation
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SAA 2004 / 2005 update.

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SAA 2004 / 2005 update. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAA 2004 / 2005 update. What have we been up to?. What has the SAA been up to in 2004? Launched Extended Range Nitrox Diver Gas Blender Course approval Updating our Training program to match CMAS and CEN regulations CMAS and access to certificates Rebreather policy.

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SAA 2004 / 2005 update.

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what have we been up to
What have we been up to?
  • What has the SAA been up to in 2004?
  • Launched Extended Range Nitrox Diver
  • Gas Blender Course approval
  • Updating our Training program to match CMAS and CEN regulations
  • CMAS and access to certificates
  • Rebreather policy.
extended range nitrox diver
Extended Range Nitrox Diver
  • Instructor’s Course Pack No.1
  • SAA Bühlmann Extended Range EAD / CNS% Tables
  • SAA Bühlmann Extended Range Air Tables – 60m
  • Instructor’s Course Pack No. 2
  • The CD-ROM - Instructor’s Pack
  • The candidate’s written examination - Questions
  • The SAA Extended Range Nitrox Diver (including accelerated decompression) Course Notes
  • The candidate’s written examination – Answers
cmas course approval
CMAS Course Approval
  • The SAA Gas Blending course received CMAS approval this year.
  • The Extended Range Nitrox Diver Course is also about to receive approval.
  • Allows SAA to issue CMAS cards and allows cross over and recognition of certificates within CMAS federations around the world.
training programme

Training Programme

Revised to match with

BS EN 14153 parts 1-3

training programme6
Training Programme
  • The European Standards relating to recreational diving services have been prepared by CEN/TC 329/WG 3 "Recreational Diving Services", with the aim of establishing a series of specifications for safe practice and the provision of a standardised service across Europe.
  • Therefore these standards specify:

- necessary levels of experience and competency of scuba divers and scuba instructors,

- safety practices and requirements for recreational scuba diving service providers appropriate to the different diving levels.

  • In any case, they cannot substitute for nor impose upon legal requirements, the alteration of which is outside the competence of the CEN/CENELEC members. Therefore if the member countries standards are higher than the CEN standards they will apply. No member country can have a standard below the CEN standard.
  • The Sub-Aqua Association has been involved in the development of the standards from the beginning and supports the aims of the CEN Standard. The SAA training standards exceed the CEN requirements both in the UK and world-wide through its membership to CMAS. The SAA also recommends following the HSE diving at Work Regulations 1997, which also exceed the European Standard.
training programme7
Training Programme
  • We need standards of excellence to which we should aspire,

not levels of badness to which we must not sink below.

cen standards
CEN Standards
  • Level 1
    • Diver under supervision
    • Pool trained – starting out in open water
    • MUST be accompanied by an Instructor or Dive Leader
    • Max Depth 12m
cen standards9
CEN Standards
  • Level 2
  • Self sufficient diver (Autonomous)
  • Open water certified
  • Can dive with other level 2 divers
  • Max Depth 20m
cen standards10
CEN Standards
  • Level 3
    • Dive Leader
    • Can NOT Instruct unless qualified as an Instructor also
    • Minimum level for Instructor
    • Needs First Aid, Oxygen Admin and Diver Rescue Skills
training programme11
Training Programme
  • We are re-shuffling some of the areas of our programme to more closely follow the norm mainly because the Manual was due for a re-write and it made sense to do it now.
  • However we will not be removing any of our training which is in excess of the standards
  • We will be providing the manual in an electronic format to all clubs with PowerPoint presentations for all lectures, Instructor notes and handouts where necessary. So that all Instructors have an up to date standard to follow.
cmas certificates
CMAS Certificates
  • CMAS have agreed with the SAA that all diving organisations within the UK that meet the CMAS standards can access CMAS brevets (C Cards) via the SAA in the same way that BSAC does at present. This should work well especially with the present good working relationship that have been built up between all the Diving Agencies.
cmas certificates13
CMAS Certificates



  • It is intended that, no matter where in the world a diver receives training, he or she will be able to visit other areas and be accepted as a diver with competence and experience equal to that indicated by the qualification held.
  • The CMAS International Diver Certificates are evidence that the holder has received training up to the minimum level defined for each grade of certificate. They should then be allowed to participate in diving activities to the extent that a holder of the equivalent national certificate would be. No need to be accompanied.
  • It is not the aim of the system that the holder of a CMAS International Diver Certificate should be given the equivalent national certificate. However, they should be accepted for training to the next higher level.
  • CMAS levels are used by the HSE in all the ACOP's for Diving as a cross reference between the organisations.
cmas certificates14
CMAS Certificates
  • 1*- 4* Diver Grades
  • 1*- 3* Instructor
  • Speciality cards including Nitrox, Gas Blending, ERND etc.
  • What does it cost?

The price of the card which is agreed with the agency.

rebreather policy
Rebreather Policy
  • We are looking at updating our rebreather policy. We are not looking at a course at this point as we already have a trimix course in the pipeline.
  • Part of the present guideline is:

Diving with a buddy who is open circuit, and not qualified on the type of rebreather in use can only be covered if they are fully conversant with the equipment and any emergency procedures required and can prove it. This is for the protection of the OC diver. In the extreme scenario where the CCR diver was to be fatally injured on the dive, how could the OC diver prove that they had done everything possible to prevent this, if they cannot prove, in a court of law, that they are competent in the system being used.

rebreather policy16
Rebreather Policy
  • Who decides when someone is FULLY CONVERSANT with a rebreather?
  • The person may know how to use a rebreather but does that qualify them to instruct an OC diver in their use?
  • What are the rescue procedures for mixed diving?
  • What is the way forward?
  • There aren’t many rebreather divers compared to OC divers but unless rebreathers are in the water they are a very noisy bunch.
  • We have a project team looking at a workable policy which will protect both the OC and Rebreather diver.
  • The policy will hopeful be ready for the middle of this year.