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Airport Operations

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Airport Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Airport Operations. Overview. Airline Representation Passenger Services Ground Services. Flight Operations. About Aviation Advantage . 1. Airline Representation. Contract negotiation and administration. Supervision and evaluation of contract compliance. Inventory management.

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Airport Operations

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Airline Representation

Passenger Services

Ground Services.

Flight Operations.

About Aviation Advantage.

1 airline representation

1. Airline Representation

Contract negotiation and administration.

Supervision and evaluation of contract compliance.

Inventory management.

Financial responsibility.

airline representation contract negotiation and administration
Airline Representation:Contract negotiation and administration.
  • Airport use agreements.
    • Ticket counters.
    • Common use facilities and services.
    • Gate and jet-way use.
    • Incentives and fee waivers.
  • Bulk purchase programs.
    • Passenger services
    • Catering supplies.
    • Bag tags.
    • Ramp services.
    • Into-plane fueling.
  • Bundled services.
    • Outsourcing above and below wing services.
airline representation contract compliance
Airline Representation:Contract Compliance
  • Station Manuals.
    • Preparation and maintenance of Stations Operations Manuals implementing customer standards and requirements.
    • Training of all airport contract personnel.
  • Performance standards and daily monitoring.
    • Ground handlers.
    • Passenger services.
  • Quality control.
    • Periodic check rides to verify performance of vendors.
  • Financial compliance
    • Auditing of services and invoices.
    • Budgetary controls.
airline representation inventory management
Airline Representation:Inventory Management
  • Inventory controls, budgeting, purchasing and warehousing:
    • Boarding passes.
    • Bag tags.
    • Lost and damaged baggage claim forms.
    • Catering and toiletry supplies.
    • Alcoholic beverage controlled storage.
    • Cabin supplies.
    • In-flight magazines and related items.
    • Portable equipment (laptops, printers, etc.).
airline representation financial responsibility
Airline Representation:Financial responsibility.
  • Pre-payments and deposits.
    • Budget and cash flow forecasting.
  • Reconciliation of vendor invoices.
    • Audit and verify ramp services invoiced per turn/flight.
    • Audit and verify fuel uplifts and into-plane fees.
    • Verify catering costs and services per enplaned passenger.
    • Customer financial reporting for operational management decisions and fiscal planning.
    • Auditing of passenger fees, airport fees, & taxes.
  • Escrow accounting services.
    • Account reconciliation by flight.
2 passenger services

2. Passenger Services

Airline branding and visibility.

Airport staffing

Delay Amenities.

International flights.


Customer service.

passenger services airline branding visibility
Passenger Services:Airline Branding & Visibility
  • Airport signage.
    • Arrival directional signage.
    • Ticket Counter.
    • Gate
  • Airline attire for contract employees
    • Provide attire with airline logo or other identification.
  • FIDS
    • Provide graphics for flight information data system for airport operations.
passenger services airport staffing
Passenger Services:Airport staffing
  • Passenger check in/ticket counter.
    • Reservation system compatible equipment.
    • Boarding passes.
    • Baggage – tags and excess baggage collections.
    • Manifest reconciliation (show, no-show, go-show).
    • Upgrade sales and add-collects as required.
    • Operator-participant agreement compliance (charter requirement).
  • Gate personnel.
    • Boarding procedures and announcements.
    • Passenger manifest reporting.
passenger services coordination
Passenger Services:Coordination
  • Delay amenities.
    • Policy and procedure implementation.
      • Meal vouchers.
      • Hotel and transfer vouchers.
      • Shuttle buses.
      • Re-accommodation on other airlines.
  • International flights.
    • International departure/arrival procedures.
    • Security compliance.
passenger services catering
Passenger Services:Catering
  • Catering
    • Budget and cost of goods by flight.
    • Menu and vendor selection.
    • Supplies and inventory control.
      • Snacks and meals.
      • Beverages.
      • Alcohol sales.
      • Flight by flight reconciliation.
    • Arrange for crew meals as required.
    • USDA regulatory conformance for international flights.
passenger services customer service
Passenger Services:Customer Service
  • Baggage service.
    • Customer care for lost and damaged bag claims via toll free number and e-mail.
    • Coordination and delivery of misplaced bags.
  • Reservations.
    • On-line (web bookings).
    • Call center operations.
    • Software customized to customer requirements for yield, loads, manifests, accounting and management.
3 ground services

3. Ground Services

Aircraft ramp services.


Push back and towing.

Ground support equipment.

Into-plane fueling.



International flights.

ground services aircraft ramp services
Ground Services:Aircraft Ramp Services
  • Baggage.
    • Loading and unloading of baggage into or from the aircraft.
    • Baggage handling and transfers.
    • Assist in weight and balance issues.
  • Aircraft push back and towing.
    • Tugs and tow bars for customer aircraft.
    • Aircraft marshalling.
    • Aircraft parking: hard stand and RON.
ground services aircraft ramp services cont d
Ground Services:Aircraft Ramp Services, cont’d.
  • Ground support equipment.
    • Air conditioning
    • Air-start
    • Ground power unit (GPU).
  • Into-plane fueling.
    • Fuel release coordination.
    • Tracking/auditing of uplift receipts.
    • Price monitoring for competitive cost.
  • De-icing.
ground services aircraft ramp services cont d17
Ground Services:Aircraft Ramp Services, cont’d
  • Cleaning
    • Cabin cleaning.
    • Lavatory servicing.
  • International flights.
    • Arrival/departure gates.
    • Waste management.
4 flight operations

4. Flight Operations

Flight Tracking


Support Services

Load Control

flight operations flight tracking
Flight Operations:Flight Tracking
  • Customer aircraft.
    • Monitor all customer aircraft by satellite and station reporting to determine down line decisions, delay tactics and sub-service, if needed.
  • Related aircraft
    • Monitor aircraft of other airlines who are on the “call list” for sub-service to determine best options quickly in the event of a mechanical.
flight operations communications
Flight Operations:Communications
  • Airline and station messaging.
    • Establish procedures via SITA, e-mail, fax, phone and radio.
  • Regulatory agency reporting.
    • APIS.
    • Passenger manifest.
  • Schedules
    • Issue airline operational schedule to ground handlers, passenger services contractor and airport officials.
  • FLIFO.
    • Update flight information for reservation center and down-line stations.
flight operations support services
Flight Operations:Support Services
  • Landing Rights.
    • Arrange and coordinate international landing rights and approvals foreign governmental agencies, US Customs, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).
  • Route Planning.
    • Assist airline dispatch with most cost effective options considering crews, fuel, customs, etc.
  • Crew Service.
    • Crew accommodations and airport transportation.
flight operations load control
Flight Operations:Load Control
  • Weight and balance.
    • Participate in and/or make decisions regarding weight and balance issues on flights.
    • Arrange for transport and delivery of any passenger baggage removed due to operational reasons.
  • Aviation Advantage has existing relationships in:
    • 75+ domestic airports.
    • Caribbean and Central America airports.
      • Aruba
      • Costa Rica
      • Dominican Republic.
      • Puerto Rico.
      • Bahamas.
      • Virgin Island (British/US).
      • Martinique.
      • Cayman Islands.
      • Mexico
      • Belize.