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Social Studies Curriculum Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Studies Curriculum Overview

Social Studies Curriculum Overview

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Social Studies Curriculum Overview

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  1. Social Studies Curriculum Overview Curriculum Open House Night February 11, 2009

  2. Graduation Requirements • All Staples Students must complete a minimum of 3.5 credits in Social Studies • 1 Western Humanities • 1 United States History • ½ American Government • ½ Area Studies • ½ Elective Our Program

  3. Core Skills • Comprehensive grade 9 and 10 writing program • Coordination with Writing Consultant • Common assessments, rubrics • Graduation standards in effective writing, speaking, historical understanding • Consistency in skills and content through common assessments, exams, course-alike planning time Our Program

  4. Course Levels • Honors/AP courses promote : • Greater student independence, interpretation, higher-order thinking skills, self-reflection and regulation • Not more work, deeper understanding • More focused on research, using evidence, knowledge of course content to create arguments • Honors classes in 9th and 10th grades • AP Courses for juniors/seniors only Our Program

  5. Western Humanities • Essential Question:How does the role of the individual change over time? • Thematic history of the development of Western Civilization • Ideals, Individuals in society, Changes in social structure, Rise of nation-states • More historical content than middle school courses • Coverage of Ancient Greece through World Wars • Offered at Honors, A and B levels 9th Grade

  6. Which level is right for me? • “A” levelis appropriate for vast majority of students • Continue the development of skills mastered in middle school • Persuasive writing using supportive information • Individual and collaborative experiences • Using technology for research, demonstration of learning • Typically, 1/2 hour of homework to be prepared for next day’s class 9th Grade

  7. “B” level Designed to support struggling learners Below grade-level readers Students who struggle to work without constant adult help Content is cut down to concentrate on building basic skills Personal organization Note-taking, summarizing, identifying main point Goal is to prepare students for A-level in 10th grade Honors More historical content, research Longer primary documents Textbook is written at a high reading level Designed for students looking for an extra challenge Must be able to handle larger, long-term assignments Must be willing to be accountable to/collaborate with classmates Guidelines for “B” and Honors 9th Grade

  8. Summary of Levels 9th Grade

  9. Parallel Program w/English • Skill Connections • Critical Reading • Three-step reading process • Making notes/annotating text • Critical Writing • Development of a thesis • Use of relevant evidence • Critical Thinking • Three levels of questions • Periodic self-reflection 9th Grade

  10. Shared study of art throughout the year How does art reflect the society in which it originated? Learning how to “read” art critically Some opportunities to match historical content with literature Greece w/ Odyssey in 9H Renaissance w/ Chaucer, Shakespeare and Girl with the Pearl Earring or Girl in Hyacinth Blue Scientific Revolution w/ Frankenstein Rise of Dictators w/ Animal Farm, Maus Parallel Program w/English 9th Grade

  11. United States History • Offered as A level, Honors, and Honors Collaborative • All courses are thematic • Students must meet department writing standard in order to pass the course Honors • Open to all 10th grade students • History from the perspective of traditionally underrepresented groups Honors Collaborative • Concentration on one theme throughout the year • No division between what is English class and what is Social Studies class 10th Grade

  12. American Government • Students can take two courses to fulfill government requirement • American Government • Semester-long • Simulation-based study of three branches of government • Requires public speaking • AP United States Government & Politics • Full-year • Comprehensive college-level study of institutions of government and the political process • If a student does not meet goal on 10th grade CAPT Interdisciplinary Writing section, must do so through writing in their government class 11th & 12th Grades

  13. Semester courses Open to juniors and seniors Focus on Impact of geography Foundations of traditional society & religion Political and economic trends Contemporary issues Areas: Africa East Asia Latin America Middle East May also be taken for elective credit Area Studies 11th & 12th Grades

  14. Open to all juniors and seniors Electives: Current Issues Introduction to Economics Psychology Women in American History Anthropology Environmental Studies (w/Science Department) Advanced Placement courses AP Economics AP World History AP United States History AP United States Government and Politics Electives 11th & 12th Grades

  15. Still Have Questions? • If you have any questions, you can call: • Staples High School Guidance office at 341-1225 • James D’Amico, Social Studies Department Chair at 341-1399