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Health and Safety Abroad

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Health and Safety Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health and Safety Abroad. Medical and Crime Prevention tips. Produced by Bill Clabby, UCSD Opportunities Abroad Coordinator. Health. But I’ve never had any health problems… Why should I worry about this abroad? It’s YOUR responsibility, who else’s?. Medical tips. Don’t hide it...

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health and safety abroad

Health and Safety Abroad



Crime Prevention tips

Produced by Bill Clabby, UCSD Opportunities Abroad Coordinator


But I’ve never had any health problems…

Why should I worry about this abroad?

It’s YOUR responsibility, who else’s?

medical tips
Medical tips
  • Don’t hide it...
  • When you do get sick...
  • Feed your bod
  • Medical culture
  • What about insurance?

Health Sites

medical tips insurance
Medical tips: Insurance
  • Copy of policy in English
  • Policy must be valid during the entire school year or term of study
  • Deductible no more that $100 per injury or illness
  • Co-payments not to exceed 25%
  • Repatriation benefit of $7,500 minimum
  • Medical evacuation benefit of $10,000 minimum
  • Policy funded in the United States
  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000
  • Pregnancy covered the same as any other condition

Insurance Sites

insurance questions
Insurance Questions
  • Medical Evacuation, Repatriation benefits and Travel Assistance Services.
  • What is the maximum benefit of the policy? Are there limitations on surgery, physician visit, Rx drugs?
  • Annual deductible or a per occurrence deductible?
  • What are the exclusions? Are sports injuries covered?
  • Be aware of the pre-existing conditions limitations.
  • It’s your responsibility

Insurance Sites

more medical tips
More Medical tips
  • Prescriptions: bring enough, list ingredients
  • Can you read this?...Bring lens prescription!
  • AIDS: needles, protection (men and women)
  • Is that tattoo needle sterile? Body piercing?
  • I’m sick of these new germs!
  • Foot and Mouth Disease?
foot and mouth disease
Foot and Mouth Disease
  • 1518 confirmed cases in GB - 7 new cases in the period 19:00 Sunday 29 April to 19:00 Monday 30 April across 32 counties in Great Britain.MAFF are advising that only essential visits to farms should be permitted and visitors should have no contact with stock, nor cross grazing land unnecessarily. Although main highways remain open, some local travel restrictions may apply. For further information please consult the MAFF website.
  • Foot and Mouth Disease is a highly contagious animal virus which is not believed to be dangerous for humans. However, humans may act as carriers of the virus if they have been in contact with an infected animal.
  • Due to the rapid spread of this disease, a number of countries have introduced measures to restrict the disease from spreading further. Measures may include the disinfection of people and vehicles arriving from Britain. For details on restrictions in the country of your destination please contact the relevant diplomatic representatives the US.
more medical websites for comparison
More Medical WebsitesFor comparison:
  • Canada:
  • Great Britain:
  • Australia:
health and safety
Health…and Safety
  • What about Alcohol?
    • Increased by stress, loneliness, peer pressure
    • Just like Culture Shock!
  • What about drugs?
    • 1/3 of 2500 US Citizens arrested last year, arrested on drug charges

State Dept

Drug Advice


safety crime culture
Safety: Crime & Culture
  • Perspective
  • Street smarts, Cultural notes
  • It’s their country and their law
  • But I’m a US Citizen!
  • What if YOU are guilty? Napoleonic Law
  • Register with the Consulate
  • The 6 D’s:
  • Doctors, Documents, Dough
  • Disaster, Detention, Death
  • Keep copies of Passport, Plane ticket, credit cards, etc. in separate place



For your parents

(202) 647-5225

safety tips
Safety tips
  • The Important papers
  • It’s REAL money!
  • It’s a Riot!
  • Know the neighborhood
  • What’s ‘911’ in French?
  • ‘Faut se dégager!!

Safety Abroad


safety tips high risk activities
Safety tips:High risk activities
  • Snowboarding, skydiving, scuba, bungee jumping, Mountain climbing, White water rafting, hang gliding, contact sports.
  • You Assess risk:
    • Are the activity leaders trained in CPR, First Aid?
    • How many students are they supervising?

Safety Abroad


  • The BEST experience of your life…
  • Ask anyone who has gone abroad!
the programs abroad office pao
The Programs Abroad Office(PAO)