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NFC & Smart Posters

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NFC & Smart Posters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A presentation by Glue4 Technologies 4. Strategy… 4. Software… 4. Systems… 4. Solutions NFC & Smart Posters Dr Neil Garner, MD Glue4 Glue4: About Us… Software & Solutions Creating innovative services linking people and brands Head Office: Norwich, UK Privately Owned.

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nfc smart posters

A presentation by Glue4 Technologies





NFC & Smart Posters

Dr Neil Garner, MD Glue4

glue4 about us
Glue4: About Us…
  • Software & Solutions
    • Creating innovative services linking people and brands
    • Head Office: Norwich, UK
    • Privately Owned.
  • Gluing consumer technologies
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Interactive TV
    • Smartcards
  • Across sectors:
    • Retailers
    • Financial services
    • Telecommunications
    • Media
what is nfc
What is NFC?
  • Near field Communications (NFC) is the name given to a short range wireless communication protocol covering a distance of 2-5cm
  • NFC chips in devices enable data to be exchanged (e.g. contact details) by bringing the devices within range, or touching them together
  • NFC is compatible with, and incorporates a range of existing RFID standards providing interoperability with contactless payments and ticketing infrastructure.
nfc consumer applications
NFC Consumer Applications
  • NFC phones have many applications across multiple sectors:
    • Transport & ticketing
    • Events & leisure
    • Retail
    • Payments
    • Telecoms & media
    • Social networking & more
  • Some examples:
    • Faster contactless payments
    • Collect/redeem vouchers
    • Rate/review products & services
    • Purchase goods from a smart poster
    • Access control & virtual queuing
    • Obtain local info
nfc smart posters5
NFC Smart Posters
  • A poster combined with an RFID tag becomes “Smart”
    • RFID tags can store up to a few KB of data:
      • URL
      • Promotion data
      • Location data
      • Security data
  • The RFID tag provides a link to the internet from the physical world:
    • Touch phone to tag to connect to URL
    • Tag authenticity can be verified by phone application
    • Browse URL, get info, sign up/login, purchase goods, get vouchers etc
    • Limitless applications
example use cases
Example Use Cases

Download media content from poster

Send links to friends

Purchase a product from a poster

nfc competing technologies
NFC: Competing Technologies
  • There are currently four ways that a person can obtain virtual information from a physical advertisement:
    • Phone number / e-mail address / URL
      • Cheap to deploy as part of print image
      • Impulse response is lost, majority are forgotten
    • SMS Message to a short-code
      • Long range (users don’t need to be within arms reach)
      • Compact (no tags, just text characters)
      • Cost can be high, many users weary of hidden charges & spam
      • Has to be remembered if no coverage (eg on tube)
    • Bluecasting
      • Bluetooth widely adopted in Handsets
      • Intrusive, invasion of privacy, costly to deploy
    • Scan/snap barcode
      • Most handset have hi-res screen and camera
      • Time consuming, unreliable, specialist scanners
nfc technology advantage
NFC Technology Advantage
  • NFC compliments existing SMS marketing campaigns
    • a cheaper, more convenient and more novel service discovery channel
  • Simple user experience
    • touch & follow instructions
  • Inherent security
    • Can be enhanced further with tag-level security
  • NFC gives the user control
    • Users must physically opt in to get data (or Blue-cast)
  • NFC/RFID infrastructure
    • Can work with existing readers & cards
    • With secure element can store ‘virtual’ payment/loyalty cards
nfc consumer research
NFC Consumer Research
  • Glue4 funded an NFC usability trial with our partner Foolproof
    • Two focus groups:
      • Early adopters of technology
      • Late adopters of technology
    • In-depth Interviews:
      • 8 people of varying experience with technology
    • Respondents were given Nokia 3220 phones with the Glue4Touch NFC application installed and a variety of smart poster scenarios to play with
    • Overall response was very positive
      • Biggest concerns were security and cost. Some were worried that data could be extracted from the phone without their knowledge. Estimates of how much it would cost to touch a poster varied widely. Education essential.
      • Users like the idea of collecting data on their phone (e.g. product info) for later consideration
glue4touch smart posters
Glue4Touch: Smart-posters

A click through model for the physical world

  • For the consumer:
    • Confidence in security of tags
    • Store favourite tags
    • Store history
    • Relevant promotional offers
    • Simple m-payments
    • Send tags to friends
      • Via SMS or NFC
  • For the brand/operator:
    • Skinning & customisation
    • Analysis of user behaviour
    • Click-through rates
    • Conversion rates
    • Recommendation rates
    • Understand the effectiveness of the campaign

Glue4Touch: A full NFC smart-poster

management service including data collection

glue4touch benefits
Glue4Touch Benefits
  • Trust and security
    • Glue4Touch tags are controlled by digital signatures and there’s a complete validation chain for online and offline use. The tags are compliant with NFC Forum specifications.
  • Measurability and ROI
    • Interaction with tags is traceable to a specific tag at a specific location. Tag sharing is also traceable making it simple to track viral marketing success.
  • Complete customisation and branding
    • The Glue4 smart poster solution covers customisation of the handset application, tags and supporting mobile internet sites.
  • Dynamic Update
    • The focus of a smart poster campaign can be refined, changed or completely re-branded post launch without the need for reissuing tags.
  • Partner Integration
    • We have teamed up with specialist service providers for payments and transaction processing enabling us to deliver a tried and tested end-to-end service.
uk nfc adoption roadmap
UK NFC Adoption Roadmap
  • 2007
    • First consumer NFC phone available in May. O2 starts trials at O2 dome.
    • Barclaycard/Visa deal with Transport for London – Oyster credit card
    • London launch of retail cash replacement in September/October
  • 2008
    • Start of national roll-out of cards and Merchant POS systems
    • Bank trials with new form factors (watches, key fobs, etc)
    • Campus/closed pilots/roll-out of NFC phones driven by leisure/ents sector
  • 2009
    • NFC phone deployment driven by virtual network operators
    • Bank/Transit operator issuance of ‘’virtual cards’ to mobile phones viable
    • Smart-poster interactive advertising being used by agencies/brands
  • 2010
    • NFC phones becoming mass-market (50% new phones have it)
    • NFC loyalty/voucher redemption retail infrastructure becoming available
  • 2011
    • 80%+ credit-/debit- cards migrated to include contactless interface
    • 80% of relevant Merchants have contactless POS
glue4 contact us
Glue4: Contact Us
  • Neil Garnerr
  • Web:
  • Phone:
    • T: 01603 283422
    • F: 01603 283434
    • M: 07740 305110
  • Glue4 Technologies Limited
  • The Royal
  • 25 Bank Plain
  • Norwich
  • NR2 4SF
  • UK