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Geodesic Domes

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Geodesic Domes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geodesic Domes. Geodesic Domes future – now !. Lightweight Rigid All-weather Quick installation Self chilling Attracts attention Saves heat Ad media Countless ways of use. , e-mail: . Geodesic Domes future – now !.

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Geodesic Domes

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geodesic domes future now
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Lightweight
  • Rigid
  • All-weather
  • Quick installation
  • Self chilling
  • Attracts attention
  • Saves heat
  • Ad media
  • Countless ways of use, e-mail:

geodesic domes future now3
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Lightweight structure made of aluminum tubing or conduit will withstand immense loads and will serve forever.
  • Modern shell materials will shelter from wind, snow, rain, and other undesirable weather conditions., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now4
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Installation and dismantling takes a few hours, not requiring any special tools or machinery. Not needing heavy foundations nor traditional construction site preparation.
  • All of the structural elements are unified and color coded for easy assembly and dismantling., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now5
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • When an updraft of heated exterior aircauses lowered atmospheric pressure near the ground, air from inside the dome is sucked from under the lower edge into the updraft, thus lowering the pressure inside the dome. The cooler air from high above the dome is pulled down through the relatively small apex opening. As the speeding, cooler air enters interior, it expands suddenly into the dome, further cooling it by the Bernoulli effect. It causes temperatures inside to be 15% lower then the outside., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now6
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Preserves the heat like no other structure. Great aerodynamics prevent draughts. The warm air inside is evenly distributed and circulated.Even the single ply domes allow being inside the dome without the warm clothes even when it is -30º C outside. Heating equipment takes 2/3 of usual power to supply enough heat per volume unit., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now7
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Attracts attention from far away. Polls show that many people were peeking inside of the dome out of pure curiosity. Shell, designed with brand name, slogan and color scheme of the company allows 160 m² of the advertisement media while total floor area of the dome is only 78,5 m². The shells can be stylized as balls, fruits, Earth globe, or anything else imagination suggests., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now8
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Various packages come equipped with an array of tools and features. Domes for cold locales, windy areas, extreme heat, humid or dry areas, equipped with different windows, vents, heat exchangers, entry, chimneys, anchors, insulation, clear walls etc…, e-mail:

geodesic domes future now9
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Designs allow for total creative freedom for the interior decorators. There are no load baring walls nor columns. All the floor area is available with no limitations. Rigid structure will handle any sound, lighting, decorating and technologic equipment. Unified installation modules and connectors will simplify the interior remodeling., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now10
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Multiple dome advantages include the ability to transform your business model instantaneously. This way the breakfast diner in the morning becomes a soup kitchen during lunchtime, and a karaoke bar at night.Quick installation possibilities attract event managers, as an irreplaceable shelter for seasonal and temporary events such as exhibitions, festivals, ceremonies, corporate presentations, arts performances and weddings., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now11
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Many people choose the geodesic dome as a home. It can be built with different materials such as wood, concrete, aluminum, steel or even canvas. We offer complete kits for untrained installers, or full-serve construction. Construction companies and architects are benefiting from purchasing the know-how, which enables them to market, mass-produce, and customize the domes for their clients., e-mail:

geodesic domes future now12
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • Swimming pool cover, winter garden, warehouse, office, café, press centre, conference room, store, casino, exhibition hall, gym – that’s just the beginning of the long list of uses for the geodesic domes. We’ll be glad to hear out your most unusual request, and find and excellent solution for you and your business., e-mail:

geodesic domes snow wind loads and technical data by model
Geodesic DomesSnow & wind loads, and technical data by model

* at winds up to 210 km/h

** with dome anchored to avoid elevation

geodesic domes future now14
Geodesic Domesfuture – now!
  • We are capable of building geodesic dome of any size for any purpose.
  • We have the tools to calculate and manufacture domes of any eccentricity and any ratio (full sphere, ½, 2/3, ¾, 3/8, 5/8 etc…)
  • If you feel strongly about being able to manufacture domes yourself – we provide calculations and complete know-how., e-mail: