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APPLICATION WORKSHOP 2009-2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  3. OBJECTIVE: • To help each applicant clearly understand how to maneuver within the application and answer each question completely and appropriately.

  4. SUBMISSION DEADLINE • Applications are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 9th, 2009. • Faxes or electronic applications will not be accepted. • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and/or considered.

  5. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS • One (1) original application (including attachments 1, & 2) PLUS four (4) copies of the application must be submitted to the Community Development Dept. • Three (3) copies of the required documents listed on the bottom of Page 9 should accompany the original application. • Signatures on Page 10 should be in BLUE INK!

  6. OPENING THEAPPLICATION • The application is in Microsoft Excel (MSExcel) format. • Open MSExcel program. • Go to File, then Open. • Click on “HOME Program Application for 2009-2010 Funding.xls” • Then click on open. • A pop-up window should appear advising the user that the file contains macros, click on “enable macros.”

  7. USING THE APPLICATION • There are 13 worksheet tabs at the bottom of the screen • Click on each tab to access each worksheet. • The formulas and formatting are password protected! • Users will only be able to edit those cells highlighted in GREEN. • Use Tab key keep to move forward, Use Shift & Tab keys to move backward.

  8. Section A Applicant Information • Project Name • Legal Name • Federal Tax ID Number • DUNS Number • Mailing Address • City/State/Zip • Work Days • Work Hours • Name of Executive Director • Telephone with Area Code • Fax Number with Area Code • Email Address • Preparer’s Name • Telephone with Area Code • Fax Number with Area Code • Email Address • Financial Officer’s Name • Telephone with Area Code • Fax Number with Area Code • Email Address

  9. What is a DUNS Number? • Stands for Data Universal Numbering System • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) now requires all grant applicants to have one.

  10. How is a DUNS Number used? • To track entities receiving those awards and their business relationships • Also to validate address and point of contact information • Only way the government can determine hierarchical and family-tree data for related organizations • To apply for federal funds including HOME funds, you MUST have a DUNS number.

  11. How do I get a DUNS Number? • Apply for one online: • APPLY NOW-DO NOT WAIT! • It can take up to 30 days to receive your DUNS number in the mail. • They are FREE!

  12. Section B.Capacity Information • 1. Agency’s Mission/Goals, please limit to 50 words or less to avoid losing points • 2.a. Enter # of years agency has been in business • 2.b. Enter # of years agency has operated as a 501 (c) (3) • 2.c. Answer Y or N, if Agency has operated under another name, list names to avoid losing points • 2.d. Enter # of years agency has conducted the program for which funding is being requested

  13. Section B. Continued… • 3.a. Thru 3.f., Answer Y, only if you have written policies covering the listed topics. • If your agency does not have these written policies, you should take steps to develop and adopt these policies before the 2009-2010 begins. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY DELAY OR SUSPEND ANY CDBG/HOME GRANT AWARDED. • 4. Answer Y, if the agency has been involved in any lawsuits

  14. Section B. Continued… • 5. Answer Y, if there outstanding judgments against the agency • 6. Answer Y, if the agency has filed a petition for bankruptcy or petition for bankruptcy has been filed against the agency • 7. Answer Y, if any conflicts of interest apply. • If Agency answered Y, to any of questions 7.a. thru 7.f., BE SURE TO PROVIDE AN EXPLANATION!

  15. Section B./Questions 7.a. thru 7.f. • Answering Y to questions 7.a. thru 7.f., will not disqualify a project. HOWEVER, FAILURE TO DISCLOSE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST WILL BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION and will result in a loss of points for all of Section B.

  16. Conflict of Interest • WHAT IS IT?--“Conflict of interest” means that because of other activities or relationships with other persons, a person may be unable or potentially unable to render impartial assistance or advice, or the person’s objectivity in performing the contract work is or might be otherwise impaired, or a person has an unfair competitive advantage. • Example: If your Board Member is on the Community Development Advisory Board-A CONFLICT EXISTS! • If one of your Board Members is an employee of the City of Harlingen-A CONFLICT EXISTS!

  17. Section C. Project Information • 1. Indicate what type of project you are seeking funding for… Homebuyer, Rental, TBRA, or Homeowner-Occupied Rehab

  18. Section C. Project Information • 2. Briefly describe the program for which you are seeking funding. • 3. Define the area (location) where housing will be provided.

  19. Section C. Project Information • 4a. Indicate whether there are other organizations providing similar projects or services. • 4b. Fill in table using actual data and waiting list from fiscal year 2007-2008.

  20. Section C. Continued… • 5. Enter the estimated number of individuals or families that will be assisted in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.

  21. HOME-Section D. Project/Beneficiary Eligibility • To be eligible for HOME funds, project personnel must keep source documentation on its beneficiaries. Please indicate which type(s) of source documentation, project staff will use to determine whether beneficiaries are eligible to receive HOME funds. • Indicate whether your agency can provide the required documentation for each individual/household benefiting from HOME funding.

  22. Section E.Logical Model Continued… 1. Enter Legal Name of Organization 2. Enter Project Name 3. Use pull-down menu to choose a Priority Need Category: Affordable Housing 4. Use pull-down menu to choose an specific Objective: to provide decent housing 5. Use pull-down menu to choose a service activity.

  23. Section E. Logical Model Continued… • Type in the number of households to be served, or housing units to be created or rehabilitated. • Use pull-down menu to choose an Accomplishment Type (units/households) • Use pull-down menu to choose a Performance Indicator. If you do not see an indicator that matches your service activity, use the OTHER (TYPE IN) fields to type in a performance indicator. • Use pull-down menu to choose an evaluation tool(s).

  24. Section F. Budget/Leveraging • 1. Attachment 1-Attach copy of Applicant’s Current Budget for Fiscal Year 2008-09 (10-1-08 – 9-30-09) or Calendar Year 2009 (1-1-09 - 12-31-09). This is your current budget. • 2. Attachment 2-Attach copy of Applicant’s End of the Year Budget for Fiscal Year 2007-08 (10-1-07 – 9-30-08) or Calendar 2008 (1-1-08 – 12-31-08). • BE SURE TO LABEL EACH ATTACHMENT ACCORDINGLY.

  25. Section F. Continued… • 3.a. Will fill in automatically once applicant completes table 3.b. • 3.b. Indicate what HOME funding will be used for. Enter specific line items, quantities, and dollar amounts.

  26. Section F. Continued… • 4. Show that you have solicited funds from other sources to support the project for which you are seeking HOME funding. Be specific by listing type, funding source, dollars requested/awarded, and use of funds. • 5. List the type of, date of, dollars anticipated, dollars raised as a result of, and designated use of funds resulting from fundraising events held during the past year.

  27. Section F. Continued… • Personnel salaries and benefits can be requested as part of your budget but must meet the following: • Personnel must be directly linked to the administration of an eligible program activity • Must be able to provide a Job Description listing the primary duties of funded position • Positions such as Executive Director, Finance Director, and/or Secretary are not eligible.

  28. Section F. Continued… • Mileage can be requested as part of your budget but must meet the following: • Mileage reimbursement is less than or equal to the City’s mileage policy; • Mileage is incurred visiting with eligible City of Harlingen beneficiaries; • Mileage is signed by the employee and authorized by the director; • Mileage request is accompanied by cancelled check.

  29. Section F. Continued… • The purchase of equipment is generally not an eligible expense • Since funds must directly benefit low to moderate income persons, check with staff before including purchases in your request. Keep in mind: • Purchases up to $500, must have 3 to 5 verbal quotations that are documented in a written format • Purchases over $500 but not exceeding $24,999.99, must have 3 written quotations on vendor letterhead. • Purchase of $25,000 or more, require formal bids.

  30. Section F. Continued… • Total administrative costs cannot exceed 10 percent of each year’s HOME allocation

  31. Section G. Project Budget 1. List anticipated Project Revenues for FY 2009-2010. Indicate whether funds are committed or not. Type “Y” if dollars are committed, “N” if they are not. Leveraging Ratio will fill in on its own (protected field.)

  32. Section G. Continued… • 2. List of Project-Related Staff—List project personnel, identify as Full-Time or Part-Time, list their estimated salary and indicated whether their salary will be City-funded or not. • 3.a. List of project expenditures and indicate whether expense will be City-funded or not. • 3.b. If City funds are to be used for equipment purchases, explain your bidding process or procurement procedures.

  33. Section H. Checklist/Certification • Use the checklist as your tool to ensure that all sections of the application have been completed and all attachments and required documents are included with your submission. • Be sure that all boxes are either checked Y or N. If any boxes are checked N, it is possible that your application is incomplete.

  34. Section H. Checklist/Certification • Be sure that you have attached three copies of all required documents. • BE SURE THAT APPLICATION IS SIGNED BY DIRECTOR AND CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD IN BLUE INK!!!

  35. Required Attachments • Attachment 1 – 2008-2009 Fiscal or 2009 Calendar • Attachment 2 –End of the Year Budget-Fiscal 9-30-08 or Calendar 12/31/08. • 1 original application (including attachments) and four copies of the application (including attachments) • Plus 3 copies of the required documents

  36. Required Documents • IRS Tax Determination Letter of 501 (c) (3) Status or proof of public nonprofit status • Most recent auditwith Management Letter (2006 or later) • If audit contains findings or reportable conditions, applicants should also submit a statement of corrective action as well. • Most recent IRS Tax Form 990 Tax Form • Organizational Chart identifying key personnel and their titles • Board of Directors Listing with mailing and email addresses • Commercial Liability Insurance Certificate • Capacity Statement • Letters of support from 2 agencies/businesses that youragency collaborates with. (project-specific AND current)

  37. Other Required Documents • If funded, Agency may also be asked to submit the following: • By-Laws • Articles of Incorporation • IRS Tax Form 941 (Quarterly)/with proof of payment • Certificates of Insurance (Auto & Commercial Liability) • Conflict of Interest Affidavit for Executive Director • Copy of Personnel Policy w/ Job Descriptions • Copy of Purchasing Policy • Copy of Financial Procedures Manual

  38. TIPS • Double check word limits. • All policies listed on page 2 (Section B.3.) will be required, if funded. • The City is required to show leveraging. Therefore, agencies must show a vested interest in their programs by actively soliciting donations, fund raisers, etc. • DO NOT embellish your revenues or expenses. Falsifying information does not lend itself toward more funding. Look closely at what you have presented as your financial need.

  39. TIPS • Fiscal Responsibility – Is the agency monitoring revenues versus expenses? • Are pay raises given even though the agency is over budget ? • Are services duplicated? • Are expenses reasonable and necessary? • Are administrative costs increasing and services decreasing? • Are there surplus funds at the end of each year, year after year? • Are budgets submitted an accurate accounting of the agency’s financial status?

  40. Audits • What is a Management Letter?ANSWER: It a letter that addresses the content of the audit such as internal controls, material weaknesses, compliance violations and non-reportable conditions through comments or recommendations by the auditors. • Responses by the Agency to the Management letter may also be included. • If funded, you must submit your audit within 90 days of the end of your program year.

  41. Monitoring Reviews • The City will conduct an onsite monitoring review at least once annually if you are funded. • The City will conduct desk reviews monthly to ensure compliance with all provisions of the executed agreements.

  42. OTHER REQUIREMENTS • Fair Housing, Executive Order 11063 • Section 109 of the Act (no discrimination)* • Labor Standards • Environmental Standards* • National Flood Insurance • Displacement/Relocation • Employment and Contracting Opportunities* * APPLIES TO ALL ORGANIZATIONS

  43. OTHER REQUIREMENTS • Lead-based Paint • Use of debarred contractors & sub-recipients* • Uniform administrative requirements and cost principles* • Conflict of Interest* • Executive Order 12372 • Sec. 85.42 Retention & access requirements for records. * * APPLIES TO ALL ORGANIZATIONS

  44. QUESTIONS??? • Tammy DeGannes will be your primary contact for policy/regulatory guidance. All questions about the application should be directly sent to her attention via email and a copy to Brandy Garza: • If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please call us at 216-5180!

  45. The End