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Application Workshop

Application Workshop

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Application Workshop

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  1. Application Workshop National Honor Society Co-Advisors: Ms. Elliot & Ms. Wray Go to “News” or Clubs/Activities and Omega NHS for application materials on Edline.

  2. ApplicationForm • Show evidence of Service, Leadership, Character. • Review all pages of application materials. Pay attention to scoring criteria, all directions and signatures. • Application must contain accurate info • Incomplete applications will not score well. • Well-written, typed application will be more favorable than sloppy work.

  3. Deadlines • Submissions of Application: Thursday, March 3, 2011. Must be in Ms. Elliot’s box in main office no later than 3:00 pm. • Decision letters mailed after spring break. • MANDATORY Induction Ceremony for accepted applicants: Thursday, April 28th, 7 p.m.

  4. ScoringCriteria • Applications will be scored on this 4 point scale • Score will be added to GPA making max. 16 • Applicants achieving combined score of 12+ from 3 or more of 5-member faculty committee will be invited to OMEGA NHS • Those not meeting minimum scores who continue to achieve will be invited to reapply for next year

  5. ScoringCriteria • Key Values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character • Demonstrate evidence of strength 4- Clearly demonstrates strong evidence of values 3-demonstrates some evidence of values 2-demonstrates limited evidence of values 1-demonstrates little or no evidence of values 0-incomplete

  6. Leadership The student who exercises leadership: • Is resourceful in identifying problems, applying principles, and making suggestions • Demonstrates initiative in promoting school activities • Exemplifies positive attitudes • Inspires positive behavior in others • Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted

  7. Service The student who serves: • Volunteers and provides dependable assistance, is gladly available, and is willing to sacrifice to offer assistance in some activity outside of school, for example, Girl or Boy Scouts, church groups, volunteer services for the elderly, poor, or disadvantaged • Mentors persons in the community or students at other schools. • Shows courtesy to others in and out of school.

  8. Character The student of character: • Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously • Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability) • Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability • Manifests integrity by obeying rules, avoiding cheating, and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

  9. Application Part I For each activity you provide: • Indicate year(s) involved • Rate your level of involvement (ABCD) • Include brief explanation of accomplishments and connection(s) to key value(s) • Note: you may add additional pages if needed

  10. Application Part II • Write a succinct, interesting essay highlighting how you embody characteristics of NHS values • You may address 1 or more key values described in scoring guide. • Please limit to space provided. • This is your opportunity to fill any gaps that might exist in Part I