application of vr l.
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Application of VR

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Application of VR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Application of VR. VR for Engineering Design VR for Architecture VR for Science VR for Scientific Visualization . VR for Engineering. Mainly use in mechanical, civil, electrical, aeronautical and space engineering

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application of vr

Application of VR

VR for Engineering Design

VR for Architecture

VR for Science

VR for Scientific Visualization

vr for engineering
VR for Engineering
  • Mainly use in mechanical, civil, electrical, aeronautical and space engineering
  • To simulate material to be use in a construction/prototypes before failure, based on data of materials using computer aided simulation.
vr for engineering3
VR for Engineering
  • Enable to simulate a complex and accurate design to ensure safety.
  • Implemented before actual construction/production.
vr for engineering4
VR for Engineering
  • To translate from traditional drawing…
vr for engineering5
VR for Engineering

to more quicker design and modification

vr for engineering6
VR for Engineering
  • In Civil Works

Each beam is design including material properties, concrete grade, wire grade before failure or degradation

CAD/CAM enable beam design like this to be tested whether it will fail or not under certain weight applied.

vr for engineering7
VR for Engineering
  • In Mechanical engineering

Each colors represent different aspect of design to test any changes is Force is applied. This enables engineer to detect type of failures due to fatigue, shear and stress about material used in the design

vr for engineering8
VR for Engineering
  • Advantages
    • Cut cost
    • Save time
    • Easy modification
    • Error free design save human faulty
vr for architecture
VR for Architecture
  • To convey your design ideas.
    • From digital photos or blueprints
    • A fully navigable “walkthrough” of the 3D model can be created
    • Interior and outer design and construction
vr for architecture10
VR for Architecture
  • General process
    • A series of digital photos are taken.
    • Then they’re stitched together and imported into a VR software - QuickTime VR software.
    • Panorama is then mapped onto a cylinder that can be viewed or panned 360 degrees .
    • Add texture mapping, lighting and reflection .
vr for architecture11
VR for Architecture
  • Interior design
    • Arrangement of furniture or decorative to be applied in a room
    • modeled to convey a particular look or motif without changing the room size
vr for architecture12
VR for Architecture
  • Superstructure design
    • To know whether the desired housing plan can fit into a certain place or location.
    • Later involves in construction. (the room is not constructed yet)
vr for architecture13
VR for architecture
  • Advantages
    • If client has a change of mind, the models can be easily updated.
    • Modification is quick and at low cost - wall color and molding textures
    • Better understand how the layout will look
    • To spot potential problems before they arise.
vr for architecture15
VR for Architecture
  • Other purposes
    • Institutions such as museums, art galleries, amusement parks, schools, etc have used CDs to distribute virtual tours for advertising or education.
vr for science
VR for Science
  • Many different type of field, such as in factories, medical, education, astronomy, marine science and etc.
  • To monitor systems, project possible outcome, complex calculations, display real time status on working machines
vr for science17
VR for Science
  • Tool for presenting scientific information
  • Mathematical calculations to simulate heat pattern, waves pattern etc. using 3D representation.
  • In medical field, can be use for remote surgical operations.
vr for scientific visualization
VR for scientific Visualization
  • Visualization
  • process of representing data as images that can help understand the meaning of a set of large data
  • Scientific visualization
  • is the use of data-driven computer graphics to aid in the understanding of scientific information
vr for scientific visualization20
VR for Scientific Visualization
  • - process of selecting and combining appropriate graphical representations and packaging this information in understandable presentations
  • Virtual reality for scientific visualization/large data-set visualization
  • - virtual reality allows a set of large data to be converted into graphics, to give new insights and understanding to that particular data.