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Latest VR News - All VR Info

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  1. Experimental ART and Physics based game mechanics by “BLARP!” Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401

  2. VR has an untapped fountain of potential. VR has the capability to take us into a new world of virtual space in real time. VR is not just an entertainment source but correct experiments with VR can take us into new worlds. Experimental artist Isaac Cabbibo Cohen has been playing around with VR from a very long time hence creating a game or a creation which can change the course of VR usability.

  3. We had a chance to see him play around with a variety of Vive Art Experiments and then talk to him about his intentions behind designs. An experiment cum simulation in form of a VR app has been released by Cabbibo. This app has been priced at $3. BLARP is a physics based game which has its challenges. Once users get calibrated to its controls, it’s one of the most fun VR games ever. VR game BLARP has been released on steam.

  4. Cabbibo has also written his experience with VR. He has written an article called ten quick things cabbibo has learnt in VR. It is worth reading to. Cabbibo is vocal about his designs and all and he posts most of them on his twitter too.

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