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Emergence of VR headsets PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergence of VR headsets

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Emergence of VR headsets
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Emergence of VR headsets

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  1. Emergence of VR Headsets

  2. With the way technology is evolving, 2017 will be the year of virtual reality. Gone are the days when you used to view things in 2D or 3D style. The disorienting and blocky experiences of the past are gone and technology is making huge leaps in terms of processing power and display quality. Virtual reality is the most accessible technology these days. VR headsets have been introduced and compatible with most of the Android and iOS devices. The high power smart phone VR headsets give you the ability to access virtual reality applications, games and movies in a different realm all together.

  3. Home Headsets When it comes to home VR headset then there are three type of major players in the market namely PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus rift. These are some of the most commonly known expensive VR headsets available to choose. The popular VR headsets consist of position tracking technology, advanced technology and even better dedicated external processing units. The new innovative games can be used for various purposes.

  4. Oculus Rift Another popular Android VR headset used in various Android OS phones is Oculus Rift device. The headset company Oculus is sold to Facebook in 2014 and has been released in the market at a reasonable price. Oculus Rift supports high definition OLED display with 2160x1200 and display of 90 Hz refresh rate. Rift also tracks head movements while allowing you to move in all directions while playing and also keeps track of your position as well while moving.

  5. HTC Vive Another popular type of VR headset available is HTC Vive. The company has introduced different VR headsets such as MWC 2015 and MWC 2016. The HTC vive is quite similar to that of Oculus rift and can be used for both laptop and handheld devices. Unlike Oculus, HTC vive is a great option for those who are looking to develop games.

  6. Other Options Available Another type of option available is PlayStation VR. It is a compelling choice for those people who are looking for better alternative options. Samsung gear VR is another good option while you are looking for VR headsets. It is an innovative option available and can be used with Galaxy series mobile handsets. LG 360 VR is also a good option when you are looking for lightweight VR headsets.

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