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  1. WHY? MAKING SENSE OF GOD’S WILL Now we will continue to try and make sense of the relationship between God and suffering

  2. Consider three categories of suffering and how we think about the relationship of the God of love, justice, and mercy to these realities. • Natural disaster and wide spread human suffering • Suffering caused by human decisions • Suffering caused by sickness

  3. 3. Suffering Caused by Sickness When some people get sick, they ask Why me God? As though human sickness is a punishment from God. Is it fair to blame God for our sickness? Do you believe that God punishes us by making us sick?

  4. Sickness challenges one of our most cherished presumptions, the presumption that we are or at least can be in control of our existence. How do you feel about that statement? How would you feel if you found out that you are not in as much control of your life as you thought you are?

  5. Our bodies are not indestructible. Disease, injury, sickness, and death are all part of having a physical flesh and blood body. Is it OK to get angry with God when illness or death come into our lives? What part does God play in death and illness?

  6. God can give us strength and comfort. God can help us find love and compassion. God has given doctors and nurses the ability to heal. Some people have the gift of healing. Some of these things may come from our friends and family. What do you provide when a friend or family member is facing an illness or death?

  7. Why does it bother us so much when a baby or young child gets sick and dies? Possible answers – child did not have a chance to live up to potential or child did not have time to develop a life story.

  8. When you are standing before Christ and he asks for your life story in terms of what acts did you do in my name, what will you share? Just because we are older does not mean our life story is complete. It does not mean that we no longer have the potential to do good in the name of Jesus Christ. What is keeping you from reaching your potential in serving God? What is keeping you from finishing out your life with some stories of doing for others?

  9. Sometimes we hear: I’m too old to be of use I’m too tired to be of use I’ve been (or am) sick I’ve served my time now let others take over. Are these any more than excuses, rationalizations, or copouts. Would you be willing to stand before Christ and give Him one of these responses?

  10. In this world, we are either living or dead. If we are living then we have opportunities to serve. God asks only that we use what gifts and talents we have been given. Even though we are older, we can still do good even if it’s only writing a card or praying for someone.

  11. Read Matthew 4:23 Read Acts 3:1-9 Read 1 Corinthians 12:7-9

  12. How do you feel about some of us having the gift of healing just like Christ? Read James 5:13-15 If you became ill would you do this?

  13. Some concluding thoughts from Chapter 1 Rejecting God in the face of suffering doesn’t change the situation. What it does is remove the greatest source of hope, comfort and strength we have. Christianity doe not promise that we will not suffer, but it does promise that suffering will not have the final word.

  14. Read Romans 8:18 How does a verse like this help you get through times of suffering?

  15. WHY? MAKING SENSE OF GOD’S WILL Now we will continue to try and make sense of the relationship between God and suffering

  16. Some concluding thoughts from Chapter 1 We need to remember that when a person is healed, even if it is a miraculous healing, it is not a pardon, but only a reprieve. In the end, there will be death. If you somehow cheated death in the past, did you change the way you are living? The question for everyone is what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

  17. One the best things we can come out of our own suffering is to learn compassion for those who are currently suffering, especially those who are suffering from an illness or a problem similar to the one we have been through.

  18. Taking God out of the suffering equation we get Suffering = natural causes +/- human decisions So much of the suffering in the world is because of the decisions we make and others make that affect us. When you think about the decisions you make, do you stop and think whether or not your decisions will cause or alleviate suffering?

  19. God IS active in this world through each of us. We are the His body, His hands, His feet, His eyes, His voice, and His heart filled with love empowered by the Holy Spirit.