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Wheeee PPC! An Intro Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Wheeee PPC! An Intro Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing

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Wheeee PPC! An Intro Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is an introductory presentation about pay per click marketing disusing topics like: What is PPC? When do you use it and if PPC good for you?/nThis presentation is by Elizabeth Marsten from Portent Interactive.

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Wheeee PPC! An Intro Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing

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Presentation Transcript
what is ppc
What is PPC?
  • Stands for: pay-per-click
  • Also known as CPC or cost-per-click
  • Ads appear on search engine result pages (SERPs)
how ppc works
How PPC Works
  • Advertisers visit the search engine’s PPC login page.
  • Advertisers create ads to show and list out the keywords they want associated with that ad.
  • Advertisers set how much they want to spend each day and how much they want to spend every time an ad is clicked.
  • Search engines then show the ads when relevant searches that match the advertiser’s keywords are shown.
ppc pros
PPC Pros
  • Results come in quick
  • Cost is easy to control
  • You decide what words to bid on
  • You write the ads
  • Changes are easy to make and upload fast
  • There’s an on/off switch
  • No contracts
  • There is customer service/tech support for most issues
  • It can be the cheapest form of advertising
  • Visitors are a targeted user- they searched for you!
ppc cons
PPC Cons
  • It’s not for every industry
  • Assume that whatever money you set aside for it, is spent
  • It can be confusing
  • If your industry is competitive, it may not be any cheaper than any other method of advertising
  • Competitive industries require competitive budgets to match
  • Have to be aware and watch for click fraud
is ppc right for you
Is PPC Right for You?
  • Consider your advertising budget.
  • If a lead or sale is worth $100 to you now, how much can you spend to get that sale?
  • Is that amount enough to buy the clicks you’ll need?
  • Can visitors actually convert?
  • Do you have tracking set up?
  • Do you have the time set aside to really give it a try?
how to pick keywords
How to Pick Keywords
  • Start with a single product or service that you want advertise for.
  • Ask yourself how you would search for that item or how someone else might.
  • Search under a few of queries in Google and see what else comes up. Are the results related to what you’re going to be advertising for?
  • If so, then you’ve found your niche
  • From there, build a keyword list of keywords that are similar to your chosen keyword.
keyword niche example
Keyword Niche Example

I am selling a book, both as a download and as a paperback for parents about the internet and safety for their kids.

My chosen search term to start with is “internet safety for kids”


“internet safety” is too broad, same with “internet,” “kids” or “safety for kids.”

I need to add qualifiers to make sure I show up for relevant searches and filter out users that are searching for something else.

example keyword list
Example Keyword List

Internet safety for kids

Internet safety rules for kids

Internet safety tips for parents

Internet safety for children

Teaching kids internet safety

Internet safety for parents

Internet safety activities for kids

Child internet safety

Internet safety facts for kids

Online safety for kids

Internet security for kids

Online internet safety for kids

Online internet safety for children

Keeping kids safe on the internet

Web safety for kids

Kids internet safety help

tools to generate keywords
Tools to Generate Keywords
  • Google, Yahoo & MSN-Each search engine has a keyword generation tool in it. Search by keyword or URL to generate keyword ideas and add right to your account
  • 22 Free Keyword Tools
  • http://www.portentinteractive.com/blog/22-free-keyword-tools-to-gener.htm
  • Examples:
  • Search suggest
  • Google’s Wonder Wheel, Trends or Insights for Search.
  • Wordtracker’s Negative Keyword tool.
  • MSN AdCenter Labs’ Keyword Mutation, Grouper and Funnels tools.
  • SEMrush
keyword match types
Keyword Match Types

Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative

  • http://searchengineland.com/understanding-keyword-match-types-42789
  • Broad- shows for plurals, singulars and well, everything related.
  • Phrase- shows for plurals, but also pays attention to word order.
  • Exact- shows for exact and that’s it.
  • Negative- all the keywords you don’t want your ads to show for.
  • Modified Broad- uses an “anchor” keyword, more exposure than phrase match, but more controlled than broad match alone.
ppc account structure
PPC Account Structure




Ad Group

Ad Group

Ad Group

Ad Group

Ads/ KeywordList

Ads/ KeywordList

Ads/ KeywordList

Ads/ KeywordList

cardinal ppc rules
Cardinal PPC Rules
  • Each search engine will try and differentiate itself by using different names for features, roll out tools and best practices but the basics of PPC remain the same across all of them.
  • Always separate out Search, Content and possibly Partner networks.
  • Always set a budget you are comfortable with.
  • Double check the setting for WHERE your ad is showing, geographically speaking.
  • Add negative keywords.
  • Do NOT set it and forget it. Always check in.
  • Send users to the best page possible, don’t dump them off on the home page for every ad.
campaign set up
Campaign Set Up
  • The campaign is the vessel for your ad groups and where most of the settings are. Budget, geography, networks, negative keywords, time of day/days of the week and devices.
  • Pick a category, place or brand that you want to group you ad groups under.
  • Go narrow enough so that you’ll need to have a few ad groups under it, but not so narrow for only one ad group and not so broad that you’ll need 3,000.
ad groups
Ad Groups
  • Use the keyword niches you plan on targeting to determine how many and which ad groups you’ll need to create.
writing ads
Writing Ads

Headline: 25 characters

Body: 70 characters

Display URL: 35 characters

  • Test, test & test!
  • Always have a call to action.
  • Experiment with offering different benefitsor features
  • People love the words: Free, Fast, Quick, Now and Shop
  • Ask yourself- “Would I click on this?”
  • Make the message in the ad match the message on the landing page.
  • Write for your audience
  • Use a keyword from your list in the headline and in the body
ad examples
Ad Examples

Need Some Inspiration?

Test that Ad and Writing Killer Ad Copy