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Pinterest Marketing Free Ebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Pinterest Marketing Free Ebook

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Pinterest Marketing Free Ebook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pinterest marketing power: Your Free Essential Guide to Making Your Business a Success on Pinterest. Generate a ton of traffic to your website, and Dramatically Increase Sales by following the advice outlined in this free guide. Every aspect of your business pinterest account is covered, from naming your profile, to pin and board optimization, creating amazing pins, and analytics. So click the link, and download your Essential Free Guide to Pinterest Marketing Power TODAY....... Also, as a special Christmas bonus, I will be sending you another FREE GIFT every week up to Christmas. So, click the link today...

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Why use Pinterest to market your business?

Pinterest is still a relatively new kid on the block, but there has been an awful lot of buzz around the fact that it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever. It also generates far more revenue for the businesses that use it, than if they were marketing through Facebook, Twitter, or Googleplus.

According to Semiocast, Pinterest now has over 70 million users, and with a push to increase user numbers across Europe, it will continue growing. Many US brands have expressed an interest in advertising through the platform, and with more relevant promoted pins planned, and detailed analytics for advertisers, it won't be long before Brands across Europe will also be using it as part of their advertising strategy.

This all sounds great, but how do you get started as a business on Pinterest, or improve your marketing efforts to get more visitors to your website?

This e-book gives you all the advice and information that you require to get started on Pinterest, and drive traffic to your products or services.

Social Bees Media


Business account

Make sure you have a business account on pinterest, not a personal account. To setup a business account, go here. You can also change your personal account to a business account.

With a business account, you can verify your website and also have access to Pinterest analytics.

Profile name

Use your business name if you are a brand. If you as a person are your brand, I would suggest using your name, and then your business name.

Profile image

As with the above, use your brand logo if your business is a brand, if not, then use a photo of yourself. People are always happier to interact with a real person!


About section

Include keywords related to your business, and how you can help people.

Connect to Facebook and Twitter

This will help you gain followers, and links to these social media platforms.

Link to your website

If you verify your website, the full URL will show in the page description. It also makes it easier for people to click through to your website, resulting in more traffic. There is a comprehensive article about how to verify your website here.


Board names

Keep board names short, include keywords to enable them to get found in searches.

Board descriptions

Include a lot of keywords, and a good description of what the board is all about.

Do not include hashtags, as these are not searchable by Google.


Board Ideas

Here are some ideas for what types of boards you can create as a Company, to encourage more engagement and interaction from your followers, and also improve your brand image.

Company board

Highlight the activities of your business, and your core values.


Show clients how to use your products or services. You could create long "user guide" pins showing the different stages, or create videos.


To Receive the Rest of This Free Guide to

Pinterest Marketing Power

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Start Increasing Sales, and Generating Tons of Traffic to Your Website TODAY!

As an Extra Bonus – every week leading up to Christmas, I will be sending you another FREE GIFT!