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Writing. Development and Instruction. Quick reading check. On a piece of paper, describe each of the following as it is explained in Chapter 9: One of the components of writing workshop 2. One of the types of rubrics. Sulzby’s stages of emergent writing. Drawing as writing

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Development and Instruction

quick reading check
Quick reading check

On a piece of paper, describe each of the following as it is explained in Chapter 9:

  • One of the components of writing workshop

2. One of the types of rubrics

sulzby s stages of emergent writing
Sulzby’s stages of emergent writing
  • Drawing as writing
  • Scribble writing
  • Letter-like units
  • Nonphonetic letter strings
  • Copying from environmental print
  • Invented spelling
  • Conventional spelling
spelling development
Spelling Development
  • Prephonemic stage – letter strings; do not understand alphabetic principle
  • Early phonemic stage – MNMDF = me and my daddy fishing
  • Transitional stage – invented spelling
  • Correct spelling – spell nearly all words conventionally
  • Know that Bear and Templeton are the researchers who have done much work with spelling development.
what is writing workshop
What is writing workshop?
  • Associate Donald Graves with writing workshop.
  • Components:

Focus lesson

Writing Time


  • Recordkeeping with writing workshop has to be well organized. Why?

Writing process

Mechanical skills lessons

assessing writing
Assessing Writing
  • Rubrics
  • Analytic scoring
  • Holistic scoring
  • Primary trait scoring
writing process
Writing Process
  • It’s recursive, meaning you can go back and forth.
  • Know and use the editing symbols consistently.
  • Prewriting, writing or drafting, revising, editing, final draft or publishing
learning the mechanics of writing
Learning the mechanics of writing

In seven small groups, describe how




punctuation, or


may be taught and are embedded in writing workshop.

Or, tell how special needs are met authentically through the writing workshop approach.

Or, describe how and why spelling should be taught directly as well as authentically.