europeans explore the east l.
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Europeans Explore the East

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Europeans Explore the East - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Europeans Explore the East. God Gold Glory. Turks = Ottomans. What is the Problem for Europe and the West with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire?. Search for New Trade Routes Due to the Ottoman Turks. Why go? God- spread Christianity to non-Christians

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search for new trade routes due to the ottoman turks
Search for New Trade RoutesDue to the Ottoman Turks
  • Why go?
    • God- spread Christianity to non-Christians
    • Gold- get rich from items found in Asia
      • Spices, silk, ect.
    • Glory- Pride for and from your country
      • Portugal, Spain, England, France, Netherlands
    • HOW? - New technology – New Information
      • Compass, sailing boats (caravel), astrolab
  • Prince Henry-
    • Conquered parts of N. Africa found gold, silver and spices
    • Founded a navigation school
    • Determined to find a route to Asia
  • Bartolomeu Dias
    • Spread Christianity
    • First to go around S. Africa’s tip, “Cape of Good Hope”
  • Vasco da Gama
    • Followed Dias’s path, but made it to India
    • Found the direct sea route to India
  • Christopher Columbus-
    • An Italian sailor wishing to find India/China
    • Spain sponsored him (Ferdinand & Isabella)
    • “Discovered?” the Americas
  • Cortes & Pizarro

- Cortes conquers the Aztecs – How?

- Pizarro conquers the Inca – How?

  • Treaty of Tordesilla-
    • Tensions were on the rise between Portugal and Spain
    • Pope Alexander VI suggested a Line of Demarcation
      • A line that ran north and south in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. All the land west belonged to Spain and all the land east belonged to Portugal
      • They both signed
here come the northern europeans
Here Come the Northern Europeans….
  • The fight for the Indian Ocean
  • Dutch (Netherlands)-
    • Dutch were much stronger and richer and gained control of much of the valuable Asian trade from Portugal. (Dutch East India Company)
  • England/France- Last to join in the race for expansion
  • English-Fought with the Dutch and Portuguese to have dominance over the Asian trade - British East India Company
  • England and France quickly gain control of American and Asian trade by the mid-eighteenth century.
  • The Seven Years War (1756 – 1763) – Britain is dominant in North America and Asia (India), by end of 18th century.