engr 4060 001 technology of northern italy l.
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ENGR 4060.001 Technology of Northern Italy

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ENGR 4060.001 Technology of Northern Italy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ENGR 4060.001 Technology of Northern Italy. May 2009 (Summer Session) Instructors: Drs. John Veensta (CIVEN) and John Nazemetz (IEM) Open to All Majors -- http:// biosystems.okstate.edu/ENGR4060. Agenda. Welcome Introductions Course Goals and Logistics Location of Visit/Tours

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engr 4060 001 technology of northern italy

ENGR 4060.001Technology of Northern Italy

May 2009 (Summer Session)

Instructors: Drs. John Veensta (CIVEN) and

John Nazemetz (IEM)

Open to All Majors --


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Course Goals and Logistics
    • Location of Visit/Tours
    • Course Schedule and Requirements
      • Pre-Trip, Trip, Post-Trip
  • Logistics
    • Costs/Scholarships, Sign-Ups, …
    • Travel Logistics/Responsibilities
  • Q & A
course goals
Course* Goals
  • Provide On-Site Glimpse of Italian Technology and Culture
    • Visits to Industrial and Cultural Sites
      • Technology Visits (Tentative)
        • Plastics, Construction, Glass Manufacturing, Wine Production, Shoe Manufacture, Olive Oil Production, Information Sciences/Product Identification, Food (Cheese) Processing, Cabinet/Furniture Manufacture, 15th and 21st Century Corn Mills, Water/Wetlands Management, Automobile, Oil and Gas, Manufacture, Textile/Clothing Manufacture, …
      • Cultural And Architectural Visits (Tentative)
        • Ca’Tron Architecture, Art Museums, Science Museums, Palaces, Canal/Barge Travel, Walking Tours of Florence/Venice, …
        • Immersion in Italy (Public Transportation, Restaurants, Cafes, …
        • Student Selected/’Free’ Time Activities

* NOTE: Course meets all OSRHE standards for Course/Credit Hours

engr 4060 001 technology of northern italy4

ENGR 4060.001 Technology of Northern Italy

Area for Visit

We plan an “open C” tour/loop from the US through central and northern Italy We will fly to Rome and travel by train to Florence, Bologna/Milan and Venice areas, and depart from Venice – students may extend trip to other cities, … after class ends.


http://worldatlas.com/webimage/ countrys/europe/itfacts.htm

costs and sign ups
Costs and Sign-Ups

Sign-up by February 2, 2009 (a $400 non-refundable deposit is due at sign-up)

The balance of the local expenses will be billed to your bursar account in the middle to end of March, 2009.

Contact: Nancy Rogers (Nancy.Rogers@okstate.edu) or Dr. Ron Elliott (ron.elliott@okstate.edu ; 111 Ag Hall)

Tuition1 $ 750

How Much: The estimated cost is: Course Expenses2 1,550

Meals, In Country Expenses3 500

Air Fare4 1,100


+ Personal5 $$$


1 Paid for in Summer Semester. No fees and no additional charges for out of state residents

2 Paid in Advance - Local expenses include lodging, most of your meals, local transportation

(train, bus, and boat), and tours. Will be finalized by Feb 2, 2009.

3 Paid as you go in Italy – Will vary by student taste/preferences,

4This is the currently offered economy fares, you may find better/worse prices.

5 Cost of souvenirs, personal trips, etc not included.

This is an estimate, actual cost may differ (slightly).

scholarships available
Scholarships Available
  • International Experience Scholarships
    • OSU

There was an offering of such scholarships in the fall, with all of them being spoken for fairly quickly, but this is ADDITIONAL funding that has been made available.  I believe that the scholarships are in the amount of $500 for short-term study abroad (such as the May ENGR 4060 courses in Italy, Brazil, China, and Germany).

For more information, go to http://studyabroad.okstate.edu/ieo.aspx?page=120 and/or stop by the Study Abroad Office in 060-G Student Union – Applications open January 21, 2009, 8:00 a.m.

    • CEAT Schools

As of the time of this writing, there are still $500-1000 scholarships available for students in the following majors (first come / first served ‘til the numerical limit of scholarships in each major is reached):

      •             Biosystems Engineering
      •             Civil & Environmental Engineering
      •             Electrical & Computer Engineering
      •             Fire Protection & Safety Technology
      •             Industrial Engineering & Management
    • Student/Financial Aid Can be Used for the Course
possible probable cost
Possible/Probable Cost

Trip Total Estimated Cost $3900

Less Study Abroad* 500


Less CEAT Assist** 500


Less Tuition Scholarships 750


* Form Available on line Search OSU site for “Provost Study Abroad”

** May be limited availability -- FCFS – limited # available each School

course logistics 1
Course Logistics (1)
  • Pre-Trip
    • Six (6) Class Meetings Planned for Spring Semester
      • Tentatively Planned for Five (5) Monday Evenings and One (1) Saturday – Day of Meetings Subject to Change to Accommodate Students in Course
        • Feb 16 – Short Pre-Class, Passport, … checks, as needed
        • March 9– General (Group) Travel and Journal Writing
        • March 23 – History and Culture of Italy
        • March 30 – Italian Language
        • April 4 (Sat.) – Trip (Vineyard/Winery, Dinner) – Practice Touring and Journal Writing
        • April 13 – Italian Architecture
        • April 20 – Italian Art
        • May 4 – Short, Final check/Questions, …
        • as needed
course logistics 2
Course Logistics (2)
  • During Trip (Arrive May,10/11, Trip - May 11-23, Depart May 24)
    • Visits to Industrial and Cultural Sites
      • Prearranged Group Tours/Presentations
      • Travel by Charter Bus, (Public) Trains, Boats/Ferries, and Busses
      • Students Will Keep/Write Journals of Experiences and Observations
        • Daily Journal Entries Expected
        • Each Student Will Research A Site/Industry before Leaving US and Will Provide ‘Expertise’ to Other Students Regarding Site/Industry during Trip
course logistics 3
Course Logistics (3)
  • Post-Trip
    • Journal Completion/Compellation
      • Add Pictures
      • Edit as Needed
      • Summary Paper on Experiences
        • Technical Observations
        • Comparisons to US Culture and Technology
        • Lessons Learned
      • Due by mid-July (for Summer Grade Submission)
        • Grade Based on Pre-Trip Participation and Research, Trip Behavior, Journal, and Post-Trip Summaries
wine production
Wine Production

A Prosecco grape and wine producer

florence waste recycling
Florence Waste Recycling

Technology in solid waste management - Florence

le torri
Le Torri

Making olive oil with a cold press

grain mills
Grain Mills

Power behind an Old Grain Mill

Power behind a New Grain Mill

museo dela bonifica
Museo dela Bonifica

San Dona di Piave

Learning how the Veneto was reclaimed from swamp land

venice flood gates construction
Venice Flood Gates Construction

Taking a boat ride to visit the construction of the Venice flood gates

florence duomo
Florence: Duomo

Florence from hilltop

(Duomo in Distance)

Duomo Basilica

florence history of science museum
Florence: History of Science Museum

Da’Vinci Drawing of gears

Galileo’s objective lens

Retrieved from: http://www.imss.fi.it/

bologna university of bologna
Bologna: University of Bologna

Group outside U of B Engineering Campus

Departmental sign

in building


Medici Library

Medici Library

Two Towers

travel logistics 1
Travel Logistics (1)
  • Passports and Visas
    • All Travelers MUST Obtain Passports
      • Begin Process NOW !!
      • Passport Offices – Department of State -- http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html
      • First Passport ? http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_832.html
      • Passport Photos Can be Taken and Assistance Provided by the Study Abroad Office in 060-G Student Union
    • US Citizens Do Not Need to Obtain Visas
    • Foreign Nationals May Need Visas
visas non us citizens who needs one http www esteri it visti home eng asp
Visas – Non-US CitizensWho Needs One -http://www.esteri.it/visti/home_eng.asp
  • Visas – 35 - http://www.esteri.it/visti/rilascio_eng.asp
  • Selected Sites
    • Kansas City - Honorary Vice Consulate Address: New Brotherhood Building, 753 State Ave. Suite 102 - Kansas City, KS 66101Tel.: 0019132812222Fax: 3216525E-mail: rserra@wycokck.org
    • Denver - Honorary Vice Consulate Address: 7325 South Jackson Street - Centennial, CO 80122Tel.: 0013032249927Fax: 2249930E-mail: italyconsulcolo@msn.com
    • Houston - General Consulate Address: 1300, Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 660 - Houston, TX 77056Tel.: 001713 8507520 Fax: 8509113Website: www.italconshouston.orgE-mail: houston.italcons@itwash.org
travel logistics 2
Travel Logistics (2)
  • Air Travel
    • Students will schedule and pay for their own flights, but we will provide help with reservations if needed.
      • We will pick up students at Rome airport and provide travel to depart Venice airport or train station.
      • Students are free to spend additional time in Europe following the completion of the class, and may choose to fly out of a different city.
travel logistics 3
Travel Logistics (3)
  • Lodging
    • All Lodging During Course will be Pre-arranged
      • Double Occupancy
      • Ca’Tron Campus and Overnight Stays in Rome, Florence, Bologna/Milan (tentative)
  • Meals
    • Many (but not all) Meals will be Pre-arranged During Course
      • Some Evening Meals Will Be At Student’s Discretion
      • A Listing of Meals (and at who’s expense) Will Be Provided in Final Itinerary ( ~ March 1)
      • All Alcohol will be at Individual Expense
travel logistics 4
Travel Logistics (4)
  • Packing and Luggage
    • Pack Light – Laundry Facilities Will Be Available
    • Be Prepared to ‘Tote’ All of Own Bags
    • Additional Advice at Course Meeting 1.
  • Medical Considerations
    • Proof of Internationally Valid Health Insurance Will be Required for Trip
    • Fitness – Touring Requires Walking (~ 2-3 Miles per hour of walking tours)
      • Should Begin Fitness Program to Assure Ability
    • Bring All Needed, Likely Needed (Prescriptions, Non-Prescription)
    • Not All Medical Conditions May be Able to Be Accommodated
      • Participants Will be Asked to Self-Reveal Medical Conditions Prior to Trip
travel logistics 438
Travel Logistics (4)
  • Communications
    • Internet/e-mail Available in Ca’Tron Facilities
      • Most, if not all Hotels will have (may be a charge)
      • Often Best to Use Asynchronous Communication Methods
    • European Cell Phones are Different Frequencies than US
      • Can Rent Phones, if Needed
      • Phone Cards May be Best
      • Parents (if you tell them) will Have All Phone Numbers, Itinerary
travel logistics 5
Travel Logistics (5)
  • Dress
    • Industrial Tour Preparation
      • Closed-Toe Shoes, Safety Glasses, No Dangling Clothing/Accessories, No Skirts, Shorts
      • Some will be ‘Dirty’, Some May Smell Like Money
    • Cultural
      • Cathedrals May/Will Ban Visitors in Short Skirts, Shorts, Short Shorts, Bare Shoulders,… May Require Head Covering (Women)
      • We Will Respect

their Rules/Culture.

travel logistics 542
Travel Logistics (5)
  • Language
    • Learning Some Basic Italian Will Help
      • Language Will Be Addressed in Class
      • Additional Preparation is Recommended
        • Rosetta Stone (Both Dr. Nazemetz and Jones Have)
        • Other Materials (OSU Library)
      • Many (Younger) Italians Will Speak English
        • Best if you Try to Speak Italian, Be Polite, Patient, Humble
  • International Travel
    • Do NOT Expect US Culture and Behavior
    • You are a Visitor/Guest, Be a Good One
    • Speaking Louder in English Won’t Help Communication
    • Embrace the Differences, Enjoy the Culture
  • Group Travel
    • Meeting Schedule/Plans Will Be Expected
      • Need to be ‘On-Time at Location’
    • Flexibility/Compromise is Key to Group Harmony
      • Pre-Plan/Carry Snacks/Water, …
    • Individuals Compromising the Group’s Experience Will be Dropped from Class/Accommodations

ENGR 4060: Italy

Goal: Provide a foreign learning experience with a strong technical component to engineering students, which may be applied to graduation requirements.

  • Study historical and current engineering and technology in northern Italy
  • Develop a familiarity with the general history and culture of northern Italy
  • Become proficient in European travel
in 2005 2006
In 2005 & 2006
  • 6 Pre-trip classes, withassignments.
  • 13 days in country,12 of organized activities.
  • 15 students in ’05

16 students in ‘06.

  • About even split between technical and cultural.
  • Technical tours stressed food, manufacturing and environmental engineering.
  • Students graded on journal and written assignment.
  • Venice – 9 days
  • Florence – 3 days
  • Bologna – 1 day