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ENGR 4060 Italy

ENGR 4060 Italy

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ENGR 4060 Italy

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  1. Pistol Pete goes to Italy ENGR 4060 Italy Travel Tips 2/12/07

  2. ENGR 4060 Italy You can never be too prepared! Passport Shots Forms Insurance Airlines

  3. ENGR 4060 Italy You can never be too prepared! Luggage What to take Clothing Language Money Journal Know where you’re going Common knowledge issues: How long is a kilometer, how much is a Euro, how big is a hectare

  4. ENGR 4060 Italy Passports Start NOW You will need… Application form filled out but not signed Present Proof of US Citizenship Previous passport (if you have one) OR Certified birth certificate from city, county or state with seal (not the hospital) If you don’t have these, check the website for options. Present proof of identity Current valid driver’s license 2 passport photos Available at Walgreen’s or in 060 Student Union Applicable Fee Social Security Number Where to apply: Payne County Court House 606 S. Husband St. Ste 203 606 S. Husband St. Ste 203

  5. ENGR 4060 Italy Passports Fees $67 application Fee $30 “execution” Fee You will need 2 checks Expedited service is an extra $60….so start now to save money!!!! Ask Matt G. for his experience…. No Visas are required for US Citizens What’s a visa? No immunizations are required

  6. ENGR 4060 Italy Forms (packet) OUTREACH Admission/Registration Already filled out when you paid your deposit Personal Health/Medical History Fill out and give to instructors before our last pre-trip class Liability Release Fill out and give to instructors before our last pre-trip class Copy of your passport Give to instructors before our last pre-trip class(in case of loss, it’s easier to deal with if we have a copy)

  7. ENGR 4060 Italy Airlines Book your ticket as soon as possible Your ticket name must match your passport Suggested sites are: and the list goes on….. Be at the Venice Marco Polo airport on May 7th Give your schedule to instructors before our last pre-trip class, we’ll pick you up at the airport Things to consider in booking your flight Where do you want to leave from How early or late do you want to leave Give yourself plenty of time between flights (one hour ++++)

  8. ENGR 4060 Italy Will there be changes….Probably Just go with the flow, ask questions, do what they tell you, and PAY ATTENTION Get there early (2 hours is early enough) Check in at the ticket counter International flight passengers generally cannot use the self check-in machines. Talk to the attendant at the counter Documentation you will need at the airport… Credit card Driver’s license Passport Keep these handy until you get through security, then keep you boarding pass handy Some cash for snacks Something to read or do, there’s lots of waiting time

  9. ENGR 4060 Italy To take on board 2 carry-ons, 22” x 14” x 9” (one for the overhead and one must go under the seat in front of you)… 1 carry-on is better if possible Pack in one carry-on a couple days of clothes (underwear, etc.) in case luggage is lost or delayed Medicines (prescription and OTC) Pack in other carry-on On-board things…electronics, cameras, phones, snacks, inflatable pillow, book, ear plugs, eye shades You will need to sleep during the trip over the Atlantic so that time transition is easier.

  10. ENGR 4060 Italy To take on board Liquids, pastes, gels in 3 oz. bottles all in 1 quart size Ziploc bag (1 bag per person) Have it handy to take out at security What can you take: The screening experience:

  11. ENGR 4060 Italy Luggage to check Everything that you don’t absolutely need on board during the flight Can check 2 bags Each bag must weight less than 55 lbs. Each bag must have a luggage tag Locks must be TSA approved locks Pack so you can carry your own luggage Wheels are wonderful!!! Note: Always good to pack a photocopy of passport inside of each bag that is checked - write address of where staying on back (date it as well). Include US return address on back.

  12. ENGR 4060 Italy What NOT to pack in the checked luggage: Your passport Any personal ID Computers or electronics, phone, PDA, iPOD, etc Valuables, check book, credit cards, identification other than passport copy Delicate breakable items

  13. ENGR 4060 Italy What to take: A set of underwear and socks for each day Three sets of durable pants/shirts/blouses suitable for plant visits, museums, etc One set of better clothes for meeting other professionals One light jacket One sweater of sweat shirt One pair of good walking shoes One pair of light weight casual shoes One light rain jacket or poncho (optional) Note: Select sets that can be used throughout the day - visits during the day as well as out at night - packing extra evening clothes may not be the best idea less is better…an hour or two at a laundromat halfway through is a good thing to do/plan on. -- Some folks pack a plastic bag filled with styrofoam 'peanuts' to assure soft sided luggage is filled/tight (less damage) and this assures room for souvenirs, etc on return trip.

  14. ENGR 4060 Italy You might be an American if… You wear baggy pants with holes, oversized tee-shirt, and a cap with “Monster Truck Fanatic” or “I Love Bud” on the front! Natives wear regular cut jeans, poloshirts or blouses.

  15. ENGR 4060 Italy Other things to bring: Tickets, passport Bank or credit card with PIN number Journal, pens, pencils Camera and storage media Toiletries in a zip lock bag (regular toiletry bags are very heavy) Medicine and hygiene supplies (keep prescriptions in their original bottles)

  16. ENGR 4060 Italy Other things to bring: Student ID card (discounts might happen) Small Italian phrase book and/or travel guide Sunglasses (optional) Compact umbrella (optional) Electric appliances (optional…220V) Travel clock/alarm Book/cards to pass extra time Spare batteries…they are available in Italy, too Luggage: Large checked bag with wheels Carry-on that can be strapped to the big bag Daypack Passport carrier

  17. ENGR 4060 Italy DON’T bring: Computer: too heavy and you will have access at Ca’Tron. If you bring one, don’t leave it in the hotel. You will need to carry it with you always! Valuable jewelry Non-European cell phones

  18. ENGR 4060 Italy MONEY : ATM machines are the way to get cash in Italy. Many merchants don’t take cards but you can get to an ATM almost everywhere Bring a credit card or ATM card and KNOW YOUR PIN!!! Check with your bank to make sure your card will work in Italy Suggest you get 100 EU in the Venice Airport when you land (use the ATM) You’ll need some $ at the US airports for meals, drinks, etc. US airports take credit cards as well.

  19. ENGR 4060 Italy Know where you’re going: Know the name of the airport: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson DFW Bush International or Hobby (Houston) O’Hare (Chicago) Venice Marco Polo

  20. ENGR 4060 Italy Filling out customs forms

  21. ENGR 4060 Italy

  22. ENGR 4060 Italy Filling out customs forms More info. available at:

  23. ENGR 4060 Italy Journal: Purchase a suitable notebook Use it just for this class Good specs: 5.25” x 8.25” (13 x 21 cm) Hard cover or moleskine Acid free paper 100-150 pages Page style: squared, lined or blank Optional: ribbon book mark, band closure, pockets…

  24. ENGR 4060 Italy Journal: Put your name in the front cover and… ENGR4060 Biosystems Engineering 111 Ag Hall Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK 74078 USA If found, please mail to this address. Thank You.Se trovato, spedisca prego a questo indirizzo. Grazie.

  25. ENGR 4060 Italy Journal, Format: What to put in the journal What format… Enter…Dr. Brown

  26. ENGR 4060 Italy Journaling and Geography: Journaling assignment Geography assignment: Next pre-trip class period When: March 12 6:00 – 7:30 pm Where: 225 Ag Hall

  27. ENGR 4060 Italy On the map… Where is Ca’Tron? Where is Venice? Where is Florence? Where is Bologna? What will the weather be like, generally, in May in Italy? Due next pre-trip class meeting.